If you can have only one part 9: Martha (rider) Vs Marie Antoinette (rider)

*You can only have one Servant on your roster and never the other
*Decisions can’t be based on waifu/husbando material. It’s all about their skills, teamwork and all that
*Keep it friendly as usual
*I’ve seen some posters say they were late to the debate on some, but I don’t count the votes till the next one goes up. And if people jump in now they may look back at the old ones, so please feel free to add your vote whenever!

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Asked by capize0111 months 2 weeks ago


Decided to do a battle between two of the starter servants. I think it could be interesting since through re-rolls, you could be certain to get the one you want and just be stuck without the other. Also it could be an interesting battle for brand new players I suppose.

For me this one may be a bit more about where you are in the game or who your other servants you like to use are. Early on, Marie May serve a more useful roll. She is hard to kill and can slot in well for a stall team. While most of her skills are centered around keeping herself alive, her male only charm has its uses, especially at higher skill levels. While not very significant until her NP interlude or you have her up to higher NP ranks, her team heal effect from her NP is a decent bonus.

Both are pretty weak attack wise and don’t offer any attack steroids to themselves or the team. Martha really relies on having the team Debuff cleanse. That’s by far her most important skill. If you use Jeanne, Tamacat or servants like Frank, Martha is a huge help. While her NP is weak, it does at least reduce the entire enemy line ups defense to go along with her single target defense down.

In the long run I think Martha is the better servant for her ability to wipe debuffs from your team. While not always useful and it’s not gonna earn her a spot in a lot of battles, it still makes her more unique in my opinion.


I believe that Martha would be a better choice, and this is a rather close choice, given both of their viability.

Marie has an edge in her sheer durability shown through her Invincibility skill, which lasts three times and simultaneously triggers a small healing effect on her, which stands on par with Cú's Evade skill. However, the rest of her skills slightly bring her down as one of them consists of a charm for males, and the other as a means of raising the charm's success rate. Her NP cleanses debuffs, heals, and can be chained with her Quick cards, but overall, she completely lacks in offensive power, even less against non-male enemies.

Martha on the other hand, is a support-based servant that provides a multitude of uses for her team. She may lack in offensive power much like Marie, but her triple Arts deck enables her to charge her NP at a quicker rate, and her NP itself decreases defense for the enemy team while also dealing a moderate amount of damage as a Buster. Two of her skills involve healing: one for herself which increases her debuff resist and another for the whole team which cleanses all debuffs, a skill that is unique to herself. Finally, she also possesses a skill that removes buffs and decreases defense on a single enemy.

Overall, neither servant packs much of a punch, but Martha wins out over Marie's more selfish and specialized moveset due to her supportive capabilities and comparatively higher damage output.


As much as I love the Thug life queen of France, it's definitely Martha for this one. She has pretty much better everything besides survival. Her heal being on a skill rather than an NP is incredibly valuable, especially given how awful Marie's NP gain is. Martha's ability to remove both buffs from enemies and team debuffs is incredibly useful, whereas Marie just kind of is there, not dying, and might NP once if you really put some work in to do so.


I'd have to go with Martha on this one.

Marie's niche is that of a very sturdy tank due to her 3-time Invincibility and heals. Unfortunately, she lacks a taunt skill in order to contribute to the team as a whole by drawing away an ST NP or an attack during what could be a fatal turn for another Servant. Her NP's heal also doesn't amount to much unless it's overcharged fairly high (1k at 100% AFTER her rank-up quest next year). I'd much rather use her as a backline servant than front line but, even then, there are better choices. And while she can debuff the party with her NP, the inability to use it on call could be very crucial.

Martha has a team wide heal and debuff remover (which she can use whenever it's needed provided it's not on cooldown) and an additional heal for herself for longer survivability. While her ATK isn't really worth talking about much, she can hit the enemy with both an ST and AoE debuff down (skill-wise and NP-wise respectively) to support a heavier hitting Servant.

Marie may be able to last longer due to her Invincibility, but Martha has better value as a team player since there are options to help her survive an AoE NP.

So Martha gets my vote.


Unquestionably Martha. One skill is team debuff cleanse while another is a single target buff removal/defense down. Neither of them are stellar servants but these two skills set Martha apart from Marie in making her super useful for hard challenges.


Lol the memes are strong in this one * Kira Kira Thug Life Turtle Queen intensified *

I choose Martha, because her kits support the entire team except for her Rider Star Weight.
Having an almost maxed Marie Rider lvl 80 that doesn't mean i would choose Marie easily. Mostly, her place is on the backline and she's one the best DPS if we're going through the battle of attrition or harder battles.
High HP stat, Sheer Invincibility and healing power to win the battle lol.

Marie Durability and staying power is far above Martha but mostly this game is about teamworks and tactics.
Overall performance and non-selfish kit, Martha win this battle.

Bonus : Marie is a Tank that looks nothing like a tank, when i got her first on my FGO NA acc more than 1.5 years ago, i'm totally confused a servant like this even exist. I thought she's a very fragile and squishy DPS type but i was wrong................she even can take care of herself and solo lots of battles.

In FGO, sometimes looks can deceive someones.

One of my joke battle was Nero Fest vs Herc 11 lives using Rider Marie Antoinette and OG Chu and Heracles Bond CEs and OG Nero and Proto Chu and friend bond 10 Heracles.
Not even a sweat because all of my teammates was solo servants and very2 tough last man standing.
Solo human form Goetia using my Marie Bond 10 + MLB Holy Shroud of Magdalene and i would call it's totally a one sided battle, a nightmare for Goetia. Marie pretty much can cheese the battle like it's a daily quest.

Btw, Rider take less damage - 50 % from Caster + Caster 0.9 damage modifier + MLB Holy Shroud of Magdalene Def vs males + 30 % + Marie high HP.
That's more or less 90 % permanent damage reduction for the entire battle, combined with her 3 times Invincibility with just 6 turns CD and anti-male kit and heals overtimes and debuff cleanser, she's almost totally unkillable there, human Goetia will use his NP when his HP is below 200K, her Invincibility can be used again because the skill CD is very short and Goetia hits weaker than a wet noodle.
I used Atlas Academy MC to increase her Durability even further.

But still my vote still goes to Martha because solid and consistent teamwork > strong and selfish playstyle.


by kire 11 months 2 weeks ago

Marie is a decent tank but a horrible attacker. Especially in the late game there are few situations where she is actually useful, particularly considering that other stallers or tanky servants like Mash or Cu Chulainn are available and at the same time easily the better choices.

Martha is also terrible when it comes to attack, but she has skills that can be useful in niche situations that give her the edge over Marie. She has high HP as well so I don't have to worry much about her dying. She's not close to being a survivalist like Marie but is more than sufficient.

Of all the "You can only have one" questions I find this to be by far the easiest. Martha is my pick here.

PS: I have both of them on lvl 80 but I don't use either of them, despite having no 5* rider in my Chaldea. That's how useless they both are to me lol.