Shinjuku Questions

Hey, with the Valentine's event in full swing, I figured that if Shinjuku were to drop soon or right after, I'm wondering:
Which of the new servants would be worth rolling for? (EMIYAlter, Archer, Assassin, Avenger, etc)
How difficult is it compared to previous singularities?
Which servants should I prepare for Shinjuku?

Asked by arim4121 year ago


I don’t know much about the upcoming battles, but none of the Shinjuku servants are worth rolling for *right now*, in my opinion.

Yan Qing (Assassin) is a lot of people’s husbando but not an amazing unit. But he gets plenty of rate ups after this so I’d wait if you want to pull him.

Emiya Alter is like Squirtoria Lite minus the value on the skills and the stupid NP refund. Not awful, but not a standout. He’s on a lot of banners after this (like Kiara’s banner in May) so I’d wait on him.

Archer of Shinjuku isn’t very good, but he is limited. (That’s right—LIMITED.) So definitely a rare unit to have.

Avenger is an ST Quick 4*...think the Dantes to Jalter’s Gorgon. Not awful, but again, not a standout. He’s story-locked, so again, a rare unit to have.

Salter is a great unit but there will be other opportunities to roll her with a 5* on rate-up, so this isn’t her best banner.

March, April, and May will bring is Arthur, Gil, Bride, Passionlip, Melt, Kiara, Okita...those are probably units more worth your quartz.


by YoT 1 year ago

Just a quick little correction for above, Emiya Alter is the story locked servant, not Shinjuku Avenger. Outside of Angra in the FP gacha, I believe this marks the first Avenger to be openly obtainable during event banners that don't include any limited(JAlter, Dantes) or story-locked(Gorgon) avenger servants. Expect plenty of spook stories with him during JAlter rate ups from here on out.


Moriarty (Archer Servant) has an interesting niche against evil servants of which there are quite a few in this game. He's single target as well so if you're missing out on that role he's a nice choice. Plus, have you seen his NP? It's freaking cool as hell!