Will there be a new davinci shop CE that can be bought by mana prisms?

Title. This is in NA btw. Also does this mean we'll just have rare mana prisms rerun CE from this point on?

Asked by chise11 months 2 weeks ago


by Leyl 11 months 2 weeks ago

To my knowledge there are only a total of 5 Mana Prism CEs. Mona Lisa, Personal Training, Personal Lesson, Chaldea Lunchtime and in JP Chaldea Teatime. I assume you know what all of the others do so I'll only explain Teatime. In a similar way to Lunchtime it increases bond gained, but when you are using it when it is equipped on a friend's servant it increases the bond gained by 15% rather than the 5 it normally gives. Normal MLB Lunchtime is 10%. If you really wanted bond you would have your Chaldea Lunchtime and 2 Chaldea Teatimes for a total of 30% extra bond points.


There is also Elegance - it works in a similar way for Mystic Code exp as Teatime does for Bond. 10% MLB Mystic Code EXP but 15% when used as support.