Choco Coin Gathering Royale (Rider/Caster/Assassin/Berserker) (Revival)

AP Cost 40
Bond Points 915
QP 9,400
Quest EXP 38,190
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

  • For this quest, Gold Ascension Material drops depend on the enemy that spawns in the second wave.
  • If a specific material is desired, the corresponding Choco Mold can be used to force the enemy that drops the material to spawn.
    • Rider Choco MoldGold RiderDragon's Reverse Scale
    • Caster Choco MoldGold CasterHeart of the Foreign God
    • Assassin Choco MoldGold AssassinBlack Beast Grease
    • Berserker Choco MoldGold BerserkerCursed Beast Gallstone

Enemy Details

Part 1
Battle 1/3
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Rider

Alternative spawns:
Invisible Choco Hand Lv43 (Caster) 18,348 HP
Invisible Choco Hand Lv43 (Assassin) 18,275 HP
Invisible Choco Hand Lv39 (Berserker) 17,800 HP

18,713 43
Francis Drake

Choco Servant (Rider)
Alternative spawns:
Choco Servant (Thomas Edison) Lv80 (Caster) 42,281 HP
Choco Servant (EMIYA (Assassin)) Lv80 (Assassin) 42,113 HP
Choco Servant (Sakata Kintoki) Lv54 (Berserker) 41,019 HP

43,123 76
Door of Saints - Silver Rider

Alternative spawns:
Door to the Choco Realm Lv50 (Caster) 19,146 HP
Door to the Choco Realm Lv50 (Assassin) 19,070 HP
Door to the Choco Realm Lv42 (Berserker) 18,574 HP

19,527 50
Battle 2/3
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Great Dragon - Gold Rider

Sugar Dragon Bavarois
Alternative spawns:
Heartbroken Heart Breaker (Arch Daemon) Lv42 (Caster) 122,650 HP
Choco Eater (Soul Eater) Lv54 (Assassin) 122,162 HP
Giant Choco Demon Boar (Giant Demon Boar) Lv41 (Berserker) 118,989 HP

125,091 58
Fatal Battle 3/3
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Queen Medb

Valentine, My Love (Rider)
Alternative spawns:
GO WAIST! (Xuanzang Sanzang) Lv75 (Caster) 227,642 HP
108 Lusts: Shinpen Choco (Shuten-Douji) Lv84 (Assassin) 226,736 HP
Mother's Choco (Minamoto-no-Raikou) Lv66 (Berserker) 226,510 HP

232,172 90

Choco Servant (Rider)
Alternative spawns:
Choco Servant (Leonardo da Vinci) Lv70 (Caster) 56,485 HP
Choco Servant (Fuuma Kotarou) Lv70 (Assassin) 64,634 HP
Choco Servant (Nightingale) Lv60 (Berserker) 56,204 HP

57,609 64

Choco Servant (Rider)
Alternative spawns:
Choco Servant (Nitocris) Lv80 (Caster) 56,145 HP
Choco Servant (Hassan of the Serenity) Lv70 (Assassin) 55,921 HP
Choco Servant (Asterios) Lv60 (Berserker) 55,865 HP

57,262 70

Quest Reward