-Finale- 3 (Main Interlude)

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 915
QP 9,400
Quest EXP 38,190
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

BB Slots does not activate during this quest.

This quest will end automatically on the 4th turn.

Dialogue: Battle Start

Sessyoin Kiara: Dim the radiance and mingle with the dust; the truth is perfection...
This is mercy. Now, come play with me.

(Turn 1)
Sessyoin Kiara: Feast your eyes upon lovely color. Feast your ears upon whispered words.

(Turn 2)
Sessyoin Kiara: Taste sweet nectar on your lips. Taste fragrant scents in your nose.

(Turn 3)
Sessyoin Kiara: Bathe in radiant heat.
Your final destination is the paradise that is Sessyoin.
They say even a worm will turn. But...fufufu...
No matter who they are, no one can escape me now.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Sword, or Death 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Beast III/R

This battle automatically ends on the 4th turn.
Kiara will not attack throughout the first three turns of the battle and takes no damage.

500,000 100

Quest Drops

Quest Reward