[High Difficulty] Exhibition III: Stellar Rainfall (Arash)

AP Cost 1
Bond Points 915
QP 9,400
Quest EXP 38,190
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

This quest can be attempted as many times as the player would like even after completion. However, drops and rewards will only be given upon first completion.

No party revive options may be used in this quest (neither 3 Command Seals nor Saint Quartz)!
No Duplicate Servants may be taken in this quest.

See below for an in-depth guide on this encounter!

Enemy Details

Part 1
Battle 1/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl
10,110 42
20,845 47
16,450 55
Fatal Battle 2/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl

Active Buff 1: Apply Ignore Invincible to self - This only applies to Stella! Regular Invincibility/Evasion can still avoid his card damage between NPs. (Unremovable)
Active Buff 2: Apply Guts to self (Recover 2,100,000 HP, 3 times). (Unremovable)
Active Buff 3: Increase own Buff Removal Resist. (Unremovable)
Active Buff 4: Apply Incapacity Immunity to self. (Unremovable)
Active Buff 5: Increase own NP Strength (1 time). Is reapplied after Stella uses 1, 2, and 4. (Unremovable)
After 3rd Stella: Apply Guts to self (Recover 2,100,000 HP, 1 time). Also charge own NP Gauge to MAX. Used after 3rd Stella once initial 3 Guts have been consumed. (Unremovable)

5,308,480 90

Quest Drops