Section 8: Flowers Bloom in the Abyss (1/3)

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 815
QP 8,400
Quest EXP 29,690
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

Enemy Details

Part 1
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Shadow Servant - Berserker

Evil Gallû Spirit (Shadow Darius III)
Battle Start: Sunspot: Increase own NP Gauge to MAX.
Skill 1: Burning Thirst: Decrease ATK and DEF for a single enemy (3 turns).
Skill 2: Curse of Sunset: Remove Buffs from a single enemy. Inflict Curse on a single enemy (500 dmg/turn, 5 turns).
NP: Anthanaton Ten Thousand: AoE damage. Decrease ATK and DEF for all enemies (3 turns).

400,608 66

Quest Drops

Quest Reward