Section 9: Cleo Pouts

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 396
QP 4,200
Quest EXP 4,910
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

Clear Mission 33: Defeat [Drone] x25 to unlock.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Mecha Eli-chan
Guest Servant: Berserker of El Dorado
Guest Servant: Carmilla
Guest Servant: Assassin of Shinjuku
Battle 1/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl
13,520 24
20,849 19
13,520 24
Fatal Battle 2/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl

Battle Start: Glory of 2018: Decrease ATK of all enemies (3 turns).

60,399 38

Upon Break: Beauty of the Former Lead: Apply Debuff Immune to self (lasts indefinitely). Increase own Critical Rate (3 turns).

80,532 38

Quest Drops

Quest Reward