Visitor on a Misty, Moonlit Night - Flowers of the Underworld -

AP Cost 30
Bond Points 715
QP 7,400
Quest EXP 22,190
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

There can be multiple copies of each Surprise Quest, but each copy can be completed only once.

If you feel the odds are in your favor, consider checking the drop logs (top right chest) before the last enemy falls and withdraw for quest redo.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Battle 1/3
Enemies Class HP Lvl
10,613 18
8,686 40
10,613 18
Battle 2/3
Enemies Class HP Lvl
137,107 42
Fatal Battle 3/3
Enemies Class HP Lvl
12,726 60

Great Wife Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster)

230,492 70

Quest Reward