Rabbit's Reviews #283: Karna (Santa) (4* Saber)

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Rabbit's Reviews Santa Karna
NA Release Date: 12/2022

This has been much-delayed due to a sequence of internet outages and holiday goings-on, but… the Christmas 2020 welfare is also our first male Santa, in the form of Saber Karna. Karna’s in a similar position to Summer Yu in that he’s slightly outclassed by a comparable Arts-leaning welfare, but he’s still a silly good Servant in his own right. For anyone who has Skadi and not Castoria, who prefers Karna to Hokusai, or who just wants a strong non-Arts alternative who’s more reliable than Caesar, Karna’s excellent. He has great NP gain, decent sustained steroids, powerful crits, and a battery. He hits all the right notes for a Quick Servant, more or less.

Servant Data


Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Divinity A

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +200).

Hard Puncher EX

Increase own Buster Critical Strength by 12%.

Card Hits 4 3 3 5 8
Per Hit 0.78% 0.78% 0.78% 0.78% 0.78%
NP per Hit (%) 0.78%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 99
Star Generation per Hit 10.2%
Material Requirements
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm
Usage Tips
Grail Potential

The only thing that keeps Karna from being extremely exciting is the fact that Saber Hokusai exists and is better. That said, Karna’s powerful crits are something that Arts Servants in general can’t replicate well (if at all), and he’s more than sufficient as a green Lancer-killer. He’s an excellent addition to the game overall, and he’s well-worth raising.

Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings

Overall: 9/10
Single-Target DPS: 10/10
Survivability: 6/10
Offensive Utility: 2/10
Defensive Utility: 2/10
Farming Usefulness: 6/10
Ken: 10/10

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