Rabbit’s Reviews #392: Alice Kuonji (5* Caster)

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Rabbit's Reviews Alice Kuonji
NA Release Date: 05/2026

After Soujuurou and Aoko, Alice looks positively ordinary. She’s our first AoE SSR Quick Caster, and she has several new mechanics of her own, but in comparison to the two Servants with whom she shares an event, Alice is extremely straightforward: she’s a standard Quick looper with reasonable damage, very good loopage, and some neat utility. She’s a conventionally strong unit who by and large shares the weaknesses of most high-end Quick AoEs—that is to say, she’s mostly stapled to the Skadis, who do less for Quick Servants than Koyan does for Buster and Castoria does for Arts. If you like Quick, though, she’s a good pick, and if you like Alice, she’s more than strong enough to feel good to use—and she’s one of the very best Quick Servants at playing the long game. No objections.

Servant Data
Territory Creation A

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.

Item Construction A

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 10%.

Folklore Protection B

Apply Damage Cut by 400 to self. (Does not apply to Noble Phantasms)
Additionally apply Damage Cut for Poison, Burn, or Curse by 400 to self.

Yumina C

Apply Guts vs Instant Death to self (5 times, Revives with 1000 HP).
Restore own HP by 2000 when Guts triggers.
[Hidden effect: Starts with 13 [Robin Counter] stacks]

Card Hits 5 5 4 5 7
Per Hit 0.51% 0.51% 0.51% 0.51% 0.51%
NP per Hit (%) 0.51%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 51
Star Generation per Hit 10.6%
Material Requirements
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm
Usage Tips
Grail Potential

Alice is really good. She has very strong loop specs by Quick standards, and while her damage isn’t remarkable, it’s good enough for clearing 90++ nodes with class advantage and niche at reasonable levels of investment, which certainly isn’t a given for all SSRs. More importantly, though, she’s great for long fights, and while her kit isn’t all that unique, it comes together in such a way as to make her an interesting Servant with her own game plan. She’s not quite a top-tier unit—her damage is too low, her loop specs not quite good enough, her NP too green—but she’s only a notch below, and if you’re a fan of the character you’ll have a good time letting her loose on things. Hard to complain about that.

Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings

Overall: 9/10
Single-Target DPS: 3/10
AoE DPS: 7/10
Survivability: 9/10
Offensive Utility: 2/10
Defensive Utility: 8/10
Farming Usefulness: 7/10
Ploys: 10/10

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