Return of Nero Fest 2018: Act IV - Demonic Dragon Descends Again

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Boss Statistics

Siegfried2 HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn (acts 1x per turn when the two Wyverns are alive)
Brynhildr's Beloved, Dragon, Humanoid, King, Male, Riding, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
Passive Blood Armor of the Evil Dragon: 200% Defense and 90% Damage Reduction, Increase NP gain of all enemies (Demerit), non-removable
Infinite Gold: Increase Charge by 4 at start of turn 1
Skills Golden Rule: Increase Charge by 1.
Disengage: Heal for 2,500 HP, remove all debuffs.
NP Effect Balmung: High AoE damage with bonus damage against enemies with Dragon attribute.
Battle 1/3





Wyvern Dread

Battle 2/3



Wyvern Dread


Wyvern Dread

Fatal Battle 3/3



Wyvern Evil


Wyvern Evil

Boss Analysis

Note: We kept the writeup from last year relatively intact, but Masters can basically bypass this whole Challenge Quest by letting Sherlock unleash his NP and have an Archer kill Siegfried.
  • This challenge quest is a draconic melee with a Siegfried empowered by Fafnir's protection. Success will depend on dealing with Siegfried's incredible defense.
  • Siegfried will start the final wave with a fully charged hard-hitting AoE Noble Phantasm at the ready. Plan ahead and bring invulnerabilities / Evasion or stall for more time through stuns, charms and NP drain. Alternatively, let his NP kill one of your Servants to apply on death CEs like 500-Year Obsession.
  • Siegfried has a passive demerit that increases the NP gained from hitting him. This is fantastic for Servants with a high innate NP generation rate as they can continuously spam their Noble Phantasm.
  • Siegfried’s main gimmick is his 200% unremovable Defense buff and further damage reduction. There are still several ways to deal damage to him, by either using Defense Ignoring Noble Phantasms (Sakata Kintoki, Okita Souji, Emiya), stacking attack up buffs and defense down debuffs, Damage over Time (Burn, Curse, Poison damage), or flat damage passives (such as Divinity or from Craft Essences such as Volumen Hydrargyrum).
  • Siegfried can instantly increase his NP bar by one with his Golden Rule skill, and can clear debuffs with his Disengage. Both can be quite annoying, particularly Disengage for any team that relies on Damage over Time. Siegfried's Golden Rule will not lead to unpredictable NPs for as long as the Wyverns remain alive.
  • However, the two Wyverns can be dangerous if left alive as they deal critical damage often. Even though leaving them alive will reduce Siegfried’s actions per turn, the Wyverns can cast a skill that instantly kills the targeted Servant. The Wyverns will be more prone to using this skill once Siegfried falls, but Masters should be careful about leaving these Wyverns alive for too long even if Siegfried is alive. Killing them would remove a random element from the fight.

Team Composition Recommendations

  • One of the fastest way to deal damage against Siegfried is to use Servants with Defense Ignoring Noble Phantasms.
    • Defense Ignore will remove the Defense Up aspect of Siegfried's protection, but will not bypass the additional special 90% protection he has. It is recommended to stack multiple layers of damage buffs on top to maximize damage output.
    • Thus, the easiest way to gain access to enough damage to obliterate Sumanai, is to stack plenty of damage buffs on top of a defense-ignoring Noble Phantasm wielding Servant. The resulting damage will be high enough to take out a significant chunk of Siegfried's HP.
    • Preferably, this team composition would be made up of one main damage dealer (the one with a Defense Ignoring Noble Phantasm) and two dedicated supports who can provide buffs and protection.
    • The Event Craft Essence (Two Gods Three Legs) should be equipped on the main damage dealer of the team.
    • With strong enough buffs and Servants, the fight can be over relatively quickly. But make sure to bring some protection/measures for Siegfried's first NP such as a stun from the Chaldea Combat Uniform or a well-timed Invincibility/Evasion.
    • Alternatively, field the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and laugh as his NP will allow any Servant (especially your favorite Archer) to obliterate Siegfried.
  • Flat Damage effects(Divinity, CEs, etc.), Damage over Time, and Angra Mainyu will also bypass Siegfried's defense (a la the Summer 2018 Rerun Challenge Quest). It is however slow and unnecessary.
  • Abusing Buster Chains is another way to circumvent Siegfried's defensive threshold.
    • All cards in a Buster Brave Chain gain bonus damage equal to 20% of the Servant’s attack stat. Notably, this bonus damage is flat, meaning that it is unaffected by defense buffs/attack buffs, or class advantage. The added flat damage is a good boost to keep an eye on, but assembling 3 Buster cards can be reliant on drawing the right cards.
    • These Buster chains are excellent ways to chip away at any remaining HP, but generally relying only on Buster chaining isn't enough.
  • Budget Team Recommendations

    • General Strategies:
      • As per usual, make sure to abuse the first two waves to charge NPs and have skills at the ready.

      • While there are various ways to pierce Siegfried's defense, the easiest and most straightforward way is to use (buffed) defence-piercing NPs.

      • Newer Masters with small rosters and/or low level skills should aim to borrow Kintoki as he can single-handedly carry the fight with the event CE.

      • Meanwhile, Masters with a strong Servant of their own can borrow Sherlock and clear the quest with their own roster.

      • For Masters looking for more (damage) support, stacks as many different damage type buffs as possible to one-shot Siegried (multiplicative stacking!). Note that NP Damage Up/Critical Damage Up is additive to the Event CE, so focus on Card Performance and Attack/Defense (de)buffs.

      • Make sure to bring some defense options to counter the first NP if one-shotting Siegfried isn't an option.

      • A triple Buster Servant like Heracles can still do some damage to Siegfried in a last man standing scenario.

    • Strategy 1: Sherlock - Observe and Learn
      • Sample Composition: Sherlock + Chloe + David

      • Sherlock is hilarious here as his Defense Piercing team buff will also allow any basic Command Cards to deal decent damage to Siegfried and Masters do not have to use NPs to kill him.

      • The main objective is to deal with Siegfried's first NP (hence someone like David), and to just clean him up afterwards as he will only have his Special Defense buff to help him survive.

      • Strategy 2: All Aboard the Kintoki Train
        • Sample Composition: Kintoki + Stheno + Merlin

        • Sample (f2p) Composition: Kintoki + Mash + Shakespeare (David backline)

        • Kintoki is a downright incredible pick for this quest. He ticks all the anti-defense boxes. Not only is a he divine Servant, he has 3 Buster cards to do Buster-y defense-pierce goodness with. His NP pierces defense and his main steroid is an impressive 50% attack boost. Furthermore, a 50% NP gauge boost ensures his NP is ready when it needs to be. A buffed up NP-BB chain from Kintoki and Siegfried may well die immediately depending on the amount of buffs and NP levels.

        • Kintoki is fragile though and newer Masters may find that they need multiple Kintoki NPs to finish Siegfried off. Bring some protective measures (Mash, taunts, David's team-wide Evasion, etc.) to keep him alive.

        • Charge Kintoki's NP on the wave 1 and 2 Wyverns and launch it on the first turn. Between Siegfried's NP gain weakness and Kintoki's soon-to-be-off-cooldown NP gauge boost, a 2nd NP can be launched again soon.

        • Consider debuffing Siegfried on turn 1 of wave 3 with various NPs like Waver's or Saint Martha's before launching Kintoki's powerful NPBB chain on turn 2. Use the stun from the Chaldea Combat Uniform to buy time and to swap in more buffs (don't forget about the Ox-demon King CE).

        • For Masters without good Servants to swap in for buffs, both the basic Mystic Code Chaldea (more damage) and the Atlas Academy Unform (cooldown reduction for faster 2nd NP) are excellent picks to support Kintoki with. Both Mystic Codes can protect Kintoki.

        • Recommended one-shot Composition: Kintoki + Offensive Support + Offensive Support + (Order Change) Ox-demon King Offensive Support.

        • Recommended budget Composition: Kintoki + Defensive Support + offensive/mixed support.

      • Strategy 3: Other defense-ignoring Servants
        • Sample Composition: Lu Bu + Waver + Shakespeare

        • For a list of the at least decent Servants with a defense-piercing NP, see the table.

        • By borrowing a powerful support, these Servants can still take down Siegfried but will require more effort. Except for Lu Bu, none of them are capable of doing a Buster chain by themselves nor do any of them possess Divinity. Instead they can abuse the increase NP gain rate to spam their NP in quick succession.

        • Forming a team with two defense-piercing Servants (for example fielding both Nero and Okita) is perfectly viable too although a max limit-broken CE is preferred for this node.

        • Try to bring at least a couple of defensive measures as the fight will generally take a bit longer.

        • Both the Mystic Code Chaldea and the Chaldea Combat Uniform perform well.

        • Recommended Composition: Combination of one or two defense-ignoring damage dealers and supports.

    Soloable for New Masters?

    Certainly, although it's easier to simply to support a Kintoki friend with some damage buffs.

    • When soloing, Masters field lvl 1+ Servants with a Taunt (Georgios and Leonidas) to draw fire for 2 turns (one at a time) and then leave the borrowed maxed Servant on their own. 
    • Cu Chulainn (Alter) is the best option for a complete solo mainly due to his high Attack stacking well with Triple Buster card combinations to whittle down Siegfried's HP. 
    • There is some RNG involved, mainly by not being the target of the Instant Death effect on the Wyverns.
    • As such, the budget options listed above are more reliable and require only a little bit of extra Servant investment. 

    Video Links

    Note that these videos are not affiliated with GamePress, but showcase some lineups that are effective in clearing the final challenge. These can serve as a good reference for how to rotate skills during this quest or simply to have a look at the encounter before diving in.

    Team Recommendations Table

    - Recommended
    I want to get back to farming the lottery, please.
    Sherlock Holmes
    DPS options with Defense Ignore Noble Phantasms
    EMIYA (Alter) Elisabeth Bathory (Brave) Spartacus
    Strong Buster Last Man Standing Options
    King Hassan
    For Brave and Edgy Masters
    Support – NP Charge for DPS
    Support – Balmung Protection
    Damage Supports
    Minamoto no Raikou (Lancer) PenthesileaPaul Bunyan
    Wu Zetian