Return of Nero Fest 2018: Act V - Mother of All Warriors

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Boss Statistics

Medb2 HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Earth, Female, Humanoid, King, Riding, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
Passive Increase debuff resistance by 17.5%.
Skills Activated once at the start of the third wave,
-500% chance to Charm all [Male] enemies [Removable], frontline only.

-Apply the following to herself [Non-Removable]:
Buster Resist +90%
Quick Resist +90%
Arts Resist +90%
3 Defense Up buffs

One buff is removed from Medb when a Celtic Soldier or Druid is defeated.
Fill allies’ NP gauge to full (except self).
Apply Taunt (1 turn) on a single enemy.
Heal allies for 20,000 HP (except self).
Apply Debuff Immunity to self for three turns, gain 1 additional NP charge, recover own HP by 1000 for three turns.
80% Chance to charm a male enemy for one turn.
Increase allies' attack for three turns, double for [Male] allies, recover own HP by 2000.
NP Effect Chariot My Love: High single target damage which deals increased damage against Male enemies and applies a mental debuff resistance debuff (3 turns).

Boss Analysis

  • Enemy Composition: While most of the stage’s enemies consist of Riders, beware of the 2 Caster-class Druids in the final wave, who can potentially oneshot your assassin.

  • Enemy Skills: Medb will cast a 500% Male-only Charm upon entering the third wave. It is permanent but can be cleansed or avoided, with debuff removal or immunity, respectively. It only affects Servants on the front line.

  • Celtic Soldiers and Druids in the final wave possess the following skills:

    • Apply ATK Up to all allies [Removable] (Used once when entering the battle, except for the first two Celtic Soldiers)

    • Charge Medb’s NP bar by 2.

  • Killing each Celtic Soldier/Druid removes one of Medb’s initial defensive buffs. Each of them is assigned a specific buff, meaning that the player can kill them selectively and finish Medb earlier, leaving her back-up to fend for themselves. Open the Quest Link for a full list of which Celtic minion has what protection.

  • Enemy AI: Medb will always act before her soldiers. If there is only one soldier on the field, she will act twice, alternating actions with her soldier. If there are none, she will have three actions.

  • Throughout the fight, Medb will usually prioritize casting either her unique NP Charge, Heal, or Enemy Taunt if there are any allied soldiers on the field. If her NP is up, she will use that instead. Medb will often fill her allies’ NP gauge, so be prepared.

  • If Medb is by herself or gets a second action, she will either attack, use one of her unique skills or use her normal skills.

  • Beware of when Medb has three charges and one soldier - if Medb doesn't charge its NP, the soldier can potentially enable Medb's NP.

  • Tactics: As the fight goes on, Medb gains up to five ATK Ups from reinforcements, meaning that she will pose a threat even to Assassin Servants when she is by herself. Fortunately, these attack buffs are removable.

  • Medb's NP can kill unprotected Assassin Servants, and will be up often due to her soldiers' np charge skill. Make use of dodges, Invincibility, guts, and other forms of protection to survive the onslaught.

Team Composition Recommendations

  • Servant Options: As the stage is filled with Riders, Assassins are highly recommended.

  • Due to the last two Caster druids, it is recommended to bring along a couple of non-Assassin Servants in the backline (preferably Riders) to deal with them.

  • Alternatively, field Alter Ego Servants instead to counter both the Rider and the Caster Celtic minions at once.

  • Try to bring female Servants in the frontline team to avoid the Charm. If a male Servant is brought along, either put them in the backline or have debuff removal prepared.

  • Cheesing Medb: Assassins with defense-ignoring NPs (Jack the Ripper, Ryougi Shiki) are especially recommended as the primary damage dealer, as they can ignore Medb’s defense buffs (not the card performance protection though) and kill her earlier. Kintoki can work as a strong backliner as well, while Sherlock can apply this capability to every Servant.

  • AoE Assassins/Alter Egos/Berserkers can be utilized to kill the Celtic Soldiers faster. However, keep in mind that Medb has 3 actions when left alone.

  • Defense buff granting supports are invaluable for mitigating soldier NPs and late-stage Medb's attacks. Supports with Taunts are also invaluable for directing Medb's NP towards a shielded ally.

  • CE Recommendations: The event CE is highly valuable for this stage in particular, as the damage increase allows Celtic Soldiers and Druids to be eliminated much faster. Otherwise, damage versus humanoids (Art of Death) is also very good for offense. If you aren't taking the Atlas Academy Mystic Code, Vessel of the Saint or Heroic New Year are possible Debuff Immune CE options for supportive/non-event ce male Servants in the frontline.

  • Mystic Code options: Mystic code options are flexible. If a Male Servant is included in the front line and no debuff-clearing ally is available, then the Atlas Academy Uniform Mystic Code should be used. Alternatively, the Chaldea Combat suit is excellent for switching out Servants and stalling Medb's NP with its stun.

Recommendation Explanations

  • Jack and Shiki are the prime friend support picks for main DPS. Jack makes this fight much easier due to her information erasure (buff removal), female damage bonus/defense ignore on NP, and Evasion. 
  • However, it is Shiki Ryougi (Assassin) who can clear Medb in a single turn rather easily. Masters can take out the Celtic Warrior that spawns behind Medb, removing her Arts Protection. Shiki's Defense-piercing NP and Invincibility Pierce will cause Medb to take the full damage of Shiki's NP. With an MLB Divine Three-Legged Race and a slew of support buffs, Medb will be a goner. 
  • Kiara is also a darkhorse option, as she has access to both Invincibility Pierce and Defense-Ignore on NP. She will clean up the entire fight rather quickly. 
  • Of course, that also means Sherlock Holmes can apply the above tactic to all Servants - remove the Invincibility and Card Protection, and watch Medb fall rapidly. 
  • Both Cleopatra and Shuten are also powerful options to quickly rid the field of any Rider Celtic Warriors, while First Hassan (if cleansed) is only really threatened by Medb's NP or the Druids. 
  • Any of the Alter Ego Servants are excellent picks here as well, especially as the (MLB) Divine Three-Legged Race CE will cover their 1.5x class advantage. Melt is especially useful as she can remove Medb's Attack buffs as well.
  • Berserker-wise, Raikou brings massive AoE-damage and enough steroids to comfortably kill Medb although she might die to a charged attack without protection. Kintoki, much like with Siegfried, can delete Medb after her Buster protection is removed. Finally, Cu Alter is actually very durable because the enemy often only attacks twice per turn.
  • Mash and Jeanne d'Arc are fantastic non-caster defensive options. Both provide ways to survive multiple NPs in a short period of time.
  • If more offensive buffs/NP gauge are needed, Waver and Merlin are still viable options if you can cleanse them. Ozymandias can provide offensive team-support as well and delete the Casters.
  • Bringing someone like Kintoki (Rider) in the backline is a great idea to deal with Casters. Ushiwakamaru is likewise a decent budget pick here as well.
  • If killing Medb early is not an option, bringing a dispel for Medb is heavily recommended. See the table for details on dispel options as well as options for removing the charm debuff.

Soloable for New Masters?

  • Certainly, although Masters open up the male options if they at least have access to the Atlas Academy Uniform.
  • When soloing, Masters field lvl 1+ Servants with a Taunt (Georgios and Leonidas) to draw fire for 2 turns (one at a time) and then leave the borrowed maxed Servant on their own. 
  • The key here is to never assume Medb does not one-turn your Servant with her Crits (i.e. always have guts/protection up) and to use NPs or AoEs to quickly and meticulously kill the most important Celtic minions. 
  • Use the Quest information to pinpoint which Celtic Servant to kill, or simply replicate one of the videos linked below. 

Team Recommendations Table

Assassin ST DPS options
Wu Zetian
King Hassan (If Cleansed of Charm)
Other DPS options - AoE Assassins
(Backline) Rider options
Non-Assassin DPS options
Sessyoin KiaraMeltryllis Passionlip
Sherlock Holmes(If Cleansed of Charm)
Support – Debuff Cleanse (for Charm)
Minamoto no Raikou (Lancer)BB
Recommended Buff Removal Options
Meltryllis Frankenstein (Saber)
Support – Defense Recommendations
Support – NP Charge and Damage Support
Merlin (if Cleansed of Charm)
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