Revival: Christmas 2021 - Santa Battle Royale Quests

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Article by NorseFTX Ceui
Revival: Christmas 2021 - Santa Battle Royale Quests


  • Santa Battle Royale quests are optional quests that provide a good number of Mana Prisms as well as some Ascension Material rewards.
  • Battle Royale quests unlock based on the total number of Lottery Boxes opened by all Masters, which will be kept track of in a counter visible during the event.
  • Unlock conditions for each battle royale are listed below:
Santa Battle Royale Quest Unlock Conditions
Quest Unlock Requirements Total Boxes*
Battle Royale 1 Clear Main: Verse 1 330,000
Battle Royale 2 Clear Battle Royale 1 1,000,000
Battle Royale 3 Clear Battle Royale 2 1,500,000
Battle Royale 4 Clear Battle Royale 3 1,750,000
Battle Royale 5 Clear Battle Royale 4 2,000,000
Battle Royale 6 Clear Battle Royale 5 2,250,000
Battle Royale 7 Clear Battle Royale 6 2,500,000
* Total boxes is the grand total number of lottery boxes opened across all Masters participating in the event.

Santa Battle Royale Quests

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