Revival: FGO Summer 2021 Las Vegas - Free Quests

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  • Free Quests during this event cost QP to attempt in addition to AP, which will not be refunded if the quest is not cleared! Masters will want to be cautious about attempting high difficulty quests if not confident they can clear it for this reason.
  • Previous Difficulties must be cleared first before higher difficulty Free Quests can be accessed.
  • Bonus enemies have a base spawn rate of 25% according to crowdsourced drop data from the JP version. This can be further boosted by equipping the 5* Event CE obtained from Event Missions, up to a maximum of 100% (guaranteed spawn).
Free Quest Unlock Conditions
Location Quest Other Unlock Requirements
HIMEJI - Beginner Clear Opening
HIMEJI - Regular Clear Free: HIMEJI - Beginner
HIMEJI - VIP Clear First Casino Pt3
& Free: HIMEJI - Regular
Pharaoh - Beginner Clear Opening
Pharaoh - Regular Clear Free: Pharaoh - Beginner
Pharaoh - VIP Clear Second Casino Pt3
& Free: Pharaoh - Regular
Requin - Beginner Clear Opening
Requin - Regular Clear Free: Requin - Beginner
Requin - VIP Clear Fifth Casino Pt3
& Free: Requin - Regular
Requin - Millionaire Clear Free: Requin - VIP
Camelot - Beginner Clear Opening
Camelot - Regular Clear Free: Camelot - Beginner
Camelot - VIP Clear Sixth Casino Pt6
& Free: Camelot - Regular
Camelot - Millionaire Clear Free: Camelot - VIP
Suitengu - Beginner Clear Third Casino Pt3
Suitengu - Regular Clear Free: Suitengu - Beginner
Suitengu - VIP Clear Third Casino Pt6
& Free: Suitengu - Regular
Rakuichi - Beginner Clear Fourth Casino Pt1
Rakuichi - Regular Clear Free: Rakuichi - Beginner
Rakuichi - VIP Clear Fourth Casino Pt3
& Free: Rakuichi - Regular
Rakuichi - Millionaire Clear Free: Rakuichi - VIP

Drop Rate Notes

  • Drop rates are sourced from the below:
  • Drops from the original run and rerun are statistically similar and have identical drop tables, so both OG and Rerun rates are pooled (The primary difference in the rerun is the presence of an additional difficulty, which isn't available in the original run).
  • Misc_RareSpawn: Indicates drop for this stack can be increased with Rare Spawn bonus (Base: 25%; CE Heavenly Demon Princess +15% [Non-MLB] or +30% [MLB], Max 100%).
  • Note that drops with small sample size are left blank.

The English FGO community also maintains a community drop rate sheet to crowdsource drop rate data as events progresses (maintained by the Atlas Academy)! More data is always appreciated; you can contribute [Here] ! The NA drop rate sheet is your best source for up to date Drop Rate information.

Free Quests

Himeji Survival Casino
Himeji Survival Casino

Pharaoh Casino
Pharaoh Casino

Cirque du Requin
Cirque du Requin

Free Quests: Casino Camelot

Casino Camelot
Casino Camelot

Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens
Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens

Rakuichi Rakuza
Rakuichi Rakuza
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