Revival: New Year 2021 Challenge Guide #2 - Operation Secret Hot Springs Takeover (Yang Guifei)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1
Yang Guifei
Yang Guifei
Yang Guifei

Boss Statistics

Yang Guifei
Yang HP
Class Foreigner
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Humanoid, Female, Servant, Threat to Humanity, Divine, Hominidae, Weak to Enuma Elish, Chaotic Good
Special Skill "Hot spring♪ Hot spring♪": Restore 15,000 HP each turn (3 turns), increase own ATK and DEF by 20% (3 turns), and increase Debuff Success Rate by 30% (3 turns).
Break "Ouchie...I'm getting burned up!": Increase own NP Gauge to MAX.
Special Skill
Post 1st break
"Crackle crackle ~!": Apply bonus debuff when attacking to self [Unremovable]: Inflict Burn when attacking (1,000 dmg/turn, 3 turns).
Break "Come...let's get even more fired up...": Multiple effects:
- Inflict Burn on all enemies (500 dmg/turn, no turn limit).
- Increase own NP Gauge by 1 each turn [Unremovable].
- Apply effect on self [Unremovable]: Inflict Burn on an enemy when attacked (1,000 dmg/turn, 3 turns).
Special Skill
Post 2nd break
"Turn into charcoal...": Inflict Burn Damage Up by 100% on all enemies (no turn limit).
Skill 1 Favors of Three Thousand Concentrated to One A: Apply Invincible to self (1 turn). Increase own NP Gauge by 1 every turn (3 turns). Increase own Critical Rate (2 turns). Apply Target Focus to self [Male enemies only] (1 turn).
Skill 2 Ruinous Beauty A: Decrease NP Gauge by 20% for all enemies and increase own NP Gauge by 1 per enemy drained. Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turns).
Skill 3 Sun of a Malignant Star A: When attacked, apply DEF down by 10% to an enemy (3 turns). When attacked, apply Burn to an enemy (3 turns). Increase own DEF (3 turns).
NP Rainbow Feathered Robe, Vow of Eternal Love: Deal significant damage to a single enemy. Apply Burn for a single enemy (3 turns). Deal supereffective damage to [enemies with Burn].


  • This is a new challenge quest for the rerun that unlocks after completing the first challenge quest for Revival: Sparrow's Inn!
  • Single Enemy: Face off against the new Foreigner Servant, Yang Guifei, in her bid to take over the Enma-tei's Hot Springs! She has three health bars, with each HP bar having more health than the last. The encounter is a rather standard boss rush, and is relatively simple so long as decent ST damage options are available.
  • Burn Status is the central gimmick: She comes with plenty of Burn-affliction gimmicks throughout her special skills and break effects, although thankfully the burn debuffs can be cleansed. Without cleansing though, many of the burn debuffs she can inflict have no turn limit, which can quickly pile up for the unprepared!
  • On first break, she will fully charge her NP Gauge, so watch out for her ST NP! Her NP will deal bonus damage to targets that are inflicted with the Burn status effect, which she will apply generously.
  • On second break, she gains an extra NP charge each turn, along with inflicting Burn while also adding an effect to herself that further inflicts more Burn stacks when attacking her.
  • She can gain up to 3 NP Charge in one turn using her normal second skill, which will give her 1 NP bar per Servant who has 20% NP Gauge drained from the skill, so be wary. She will not always use the skill, although it may happen randomly.
  • This battle can technically be soloed by some Servants (see Video section).

Team Recommendations

  • Alter Ego ST damage dealers are the best option, provided they have both offensive and defensive class advantage against Foreigners.
  • Trait-bonus against Divine, Threat against Humanity, Female, or Chaotic also can be options, although in these cases they will not have class advantage.
    • Enkidu is a particularly good trait bonus option, given their NP deals bonus damage to Threat to Humanity trait enemies, while also stunning Divine enemies, both of which apply to Yang Guifei.
  • Taunt Support such as Mash Kyrielight is highly recommended, given the boss's ST NP and max NP Gauge break effect. For the first break bar, it's helpful to have a Taunt Servant swapped in to tank her NP to protect the other supports and damage dealer.
  • Evade or Invincible is an alternative, given the boss has no way to circumvent Evade or Invincibility buffs. Several options are available such as Merlin, Skadi, David, and Tristan.
  • NP Gauge Support is helpful as usual, with Merlin, Skadi, and Tamamo all being excellent choices depending on the selected damage dealer's preferred card color.
  • Debuff Clear Support can be helpful to prevent the Burn effects from becoming too overwhelming.
  • As a bonus: A certain summer Servant is entirely immune to Burn (BB (Summer)). Although she may not be the best option as a damage dealer given she is an AoE Servant without class advantage or trait bonus, she essentially nullifies the primary gimmick of this encounter.

Video Links

Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
ST Alter Ego DPS
ST Trait Bonus DPS
Taunt Support
Offensive Support
Defensive Support
Debuff Clear Support
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