Revival: Rashomon - Raid Quests

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  • Raid Quests are high difficulty battles against Ibaraki-Douji.
  • Conditions for finishing the Raid Quest:
    • Ibaraki-Douji is defeated (Arms do not need to be defeated): Drops from Arms are lost if the arms were not defeated; EXP+QP+DP from quest are awarded.
    • 15 turns pass during 2nd wave: All drops obtained are kept; DP is awarded; EXP+bond points+QP from quest are awarded in full
    • Party falls: Same as above. This is new in the rerun; in the original run of the event, if the party wiped, all rewards and drops were lost.
    • Give Up is selected from the menu: Nothing is awarded, any BP spent to start the battle is lost. It is better to wipe or run out of time than to give up.
  • Ascension Materials and Skill Gems now can drop from Raids! There is now more incentive to farm Raids in the rerun.
  • Consider saving Rice Balls for Raid Days with desired drops!
Day Class Raid Material Drops Duration
Day 1 Archer Warhorse's Young HornGhost Lantern Secret Gem of ArcherMagic Gem of ArcherGem of Archer ~1.5 Days
Day 2 Caster Tearstone of BloodChain of Fools Secret Gem of CasterMagic Gem of CasterGem of Caster 1 Day
Day 3 Assassin Lamp of Evil-SealingProof of Hero Secret Gem of AssassinMagic Gem of AssassinGem of Assassin 1 Day
Day 4 Lancer Spirit RootOctuplet Twin Crystals Secret Gem of LancerMagic Gem of LancerGem of Lancer 1 Day
Day 5 Saber Phoenix FeatherVoid's Dust Secret Gem of SaberMagic Gem of SaberGem of Saber 1 Day
Day 6 Rider Claw of ChaosForbidden Page Secret Gem of RiderMagic Gem of RiderGem of Rider 1 Day
Day 7 Berserker Heart of the Foreign GodEternal Gear Secret Gem of BerserkerMagic Gem of BerserkerGem of Berserker 2 Days

Drop Rate Notes

Drop rates were pooled across days within each of the four difficulties due to smaller sample sizes for runs on each individual day. This has led to accurate data for the Oni Gourds drop, but the drop data for normal ascension material drops were rather inaccurate.

Update: We've removed the old pooled data to avoid misleading data, the old farming advice in the guides is still correct.

We'll update the current nodes periodically with data from the Atlas Academy Drop Data Sheet!

Drop Rate Sources

Compiled a total of 242 runs; pooled across the different classes, the total is:
300k HP: 22 runs
1M HP: 26 runs
3M HP: 81 runs
6M HP: 119 runs

Exhaustive Source List

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