Revival: SE.RA.PH - ENCORE Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
Revival: SE.RA.PH - ENCORE Quests
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ENCORE Quests are unlocked after the Main Quest line has been completed. Note they are also time-locked, and will become available after 2/25/2021 20:00 PST. Completion of the ENCORE Quests are necessary to satisfy specific Missions:

ENCORE Quest-related Missions:

  • 80: Clear [NAMELESS BATTLE]. *Counts as Sentinel Servant
  • 81: Clear [MICOOON BATTLE]. *Counts as Sentinel Servant
  • 82: Clear [TYRANT BATTLE]. *Counts as Sentinel Servant
  • 83: Defeat [BB/GO].
  • 84: Defeat 3 Sentinel Servants.

Raining Encounter is separate, and is unlocked as soon as all missions are completed.

Of these quests, the Encore Finale (vs BB/GO) and Raining Encounter are a bit more difficult. Please find links to their associated boss guides below.

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