"Save! CEO Crisis 2022" Pre-release Campaign

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Article by NorseFTX

Campaign Period

1/13/2022 20:00 - 1/22/2021 15:59 PST

Unlock Requirements

  • All campaigns are available to all Masters!

Login Campaign

  • Log in any time during the campaign to receive 5x Golden Fruit!
  • * Logins are based on login period; missing the period will miss the obtainable reward.
  • Requirements: All Masters Eligible
  • Period: 1/13/2022 20:00 - 1/17/2022 19:59 PST
Login Period Login Reward
1/13/2022 20:00 -
1/17/2022 19:59 PST
Golden Fruit x5

Daily Quests All Available

  • For a limited time, all EXP Dailies and Class Dailies will be available!
  • Daily Quest list with drop information here.
  • Masters can take the opportunity to gather EXP materials and various Ascension Materials during this time to prepare for the upcoming event.
  • Period: 1/13/2022 20:00 - 1/22/2022 15:59 PST
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