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It's been a long journey for the global server of Fate/Grand Order. From a surprise localization to a messily translated release, from the "oh, look, a Wyvern" Singularities, all the way to thunderous Babylonia. History has been set right, and the King of Mages will wait no longer. The climax for Part 1 of Fate/Grand Order is here with a vengeance.

But what is Fate/Grand Order without farming!? This final Singularity will not disappoint in that regard, as it combines lucrative grinding opportunities with story content, story bosses and the answers to some of the final unanswered questions of Part 1.

This (as spoiler-free possible) write-up hopefully helps clear up some questions about what to expect, what is worth your time, and how to prepare your Servants in the short period left to us. Some preparation for the final Singularity does help immensely, and knowing in advance what to farm will make a big difference.

Final Singularity Pre-Release Campaign

Pre-release Solomon banner

Until the Final Singularity is available at 20:00 PST on 12-20, there is a massive 30 Saint Quartz reward for all Masters who clear Babylonia in time to participate in the Final Singularity.

Furthermore, the Main Quest AP Cost 1/2 reduction is extended and includes Babylonia as well now. 

As a general reminder, any Master who can clear through Camelot should have no problem with Babylonia. Even using a Saint Quartz for the hardest bosses (in Camelot) to be able to get the entire pack of 30 Saint Quartz is well worth it, if time allows it. 

Overview Singularity Solomon

The best way to describe the initial release of Solomon, is that it's a combination of an Event and a Singularity. As part of the story, raid bosses a la Onigashima and Rashomon will be available. Each specific raid boss has a massive health bar that is shared across all global FGO accounts, and all FGO players work towards exhausting the "lives" of the raid bosses. 6 out of 7 raid bosses will be available from the get-go.

Each kill of a specific raid boss is added to their total HP counter, and once that counter hits 2,000,000 the raid boss perishes. The raid boss will not return, and instead a new story segment becomes available. Progression of the story is thus tied to clearing the raid event together as a group. There is no grace period whatsoever, so make sure to do as much of the farming as possible while that raid boss is still alive. 

Raid Boss Class Standard Drops Unique Drops
Flauros Raid
Forneus Raid
Barbatos Raid
Halphas Raid
Amon Ra Raid
Sabnock Raid
Activates/Appears after 4 Raid Bosses are down.
Andromalius Raid

The drops for each raid boss are plentiful and all monster materials and skill gems can be acquired in this event. Furthermore, each raid boss drops plenty of QP to boot. There's no turn limit when fighting raid bosses, and Command Seals can be used.The only lose condition is a full party defeat. 

In terms of story content and bosses, expect some tough bosses. Luckily, a bond mechanic exists to boost the performance of your favorite Servants, and there are some easy solutions available from an overpowered friend support if problems do arise.

The story sections of the Final Singularity are permanent additions to the game and can be cleared once at any time. Masters unable to access the Final Singularity will only miss out on the farming fiesta. 

Preparing Bond Levels

One of the main mechanics of the Solomon Singularity is the inclusion of a bonus damage buff based on the bond level of the Servant in question. The stronger the bond, the stronger the buff. The bonus damage buff scales as follows:

Bond Damage Boost
Bond 5 +20% Damage
Bond 6 +40% Damage
Bond 7 +60% Damage
Bond 8 +75% Damage
Bond 9 +90% Damage
Bond 10
and Mash
+100% Damage

The higher bond levels go a long way towards clearing a raid boss that much faster. Those with fully maxed Servants, high bond levels and the right supports can destroy the raids bosses even within a single turn.

Still, the bonus damage benefits increase relatively less and less at the highest bond levels. Thus, a Servant will already perform quite well even at bond 6 & 7.

Increasing a Servant's bond level takes a long time past level 5, and exclusively farming bond points is both time consuming and AP-intensive. The best thing to do is to round off any remaining Servants that are close to reaching their next bond level, preferably by farming a specific material while doing so. 

Either way, the new Bond Points Farming Guide should be a useful page for any Master looking to grind some extra bond points. 

The bonus damage buff is an additive modifier to any NP Damage up Craft Essences. Craft Essences like Holy Night Supper and The Black Grail are thus a bit less effective than usual.

Special Raid Mechanics

A special mechanic unique to the Solomon Singularity are the buffs and debuffs that the raid bosses throw out to support each other. As long as a raid boss is alive, it has a random chance of casting its corresponding buff or debuff at the start of any of the Solomon quests.

All of the listed buffs and debuffs only affect the boss or the frontline. These effects do not expire on their own. To remove them, either cleanse them, dispel positive buffs from the boss, or field the key Servant in the backline and use the Order Change ability from the Chaldea Combat Uniform. 

If a raid boss dies, their nasty buff/debuff will no longer trigger as well. The order in which the community clears the bosses thus affects the difficulty. 

Raid Boss Class Raid Clears While alive, may cast:
Flauros Raid 2,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly inflict a 50% Arts Performance Down debuff to frontline.
Forneus Raid 2,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly inflict a 50% Buster Performance Down debuff to frontline.
Barbatos Raid 2,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly buff the boss with Pierce Invulnerability.
Halphas Raid 2,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly buff the boss with a 20% increased chance to critical hit.
Amon Ra Raid 2,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly inflict a 50% Quick Performance Down debuff to frontline.
Sabnock Raid 2,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly inflict a 50% Healing Reduction to frontline.
Activates/Appears after 4 Raid Bosses are down.
Andromalius Raid 6,000,000 At the start of any Raid Battle, may randomly buff the boss with a 1-time buff removal protection.

Apart from these special mechanics, the raid content also has the following characteristics

  • All Raids are a single boss affair, thus Single-target Noble Phantasms are preferred. 
  • There is one raid boss of every standard class.
  • Each Raid boss has their own NP and their own set of personal skills. 
  • All bosses have the Sky trait. 
  • Bringing a form of debuff cleanse for the card-type demerits is very useful, preferably on a Servant. 
  • There are no event Craft Essences, therefore the most powerful Craft Essences can be used.
  • For clearing speed, Hybrid Craft Essences and Kaleidoscopes are extremely effective. 
  • Similarly, Servants with their own NP Gauge boosts are amazing for farming this Singularity

Drop Rates / Farming Order

In practice, the clearing order of the Raid Bosses depends not on what buffs or debuffs they grant. It depends on what they drop. The Masters of F/GO are the true monsters and naturally veer towards the Raid Boss with the most useful and lucrative drops. 

The first raid boss may fall in hours or in a single day! 

As so many materials, QP and gems can be farmed from the same node, the return on AP is actually really good. Don't be confused by the low drop rates for specific materials, but see it as a complete package. Using apples is highly recommended!

The drop rates are listed below and based on the work of a single person from the Reddit & Atlas Institute community who manually put the raw data together from screenshots and streams from the other localizations. A really impressive piece of work from Dprovine/Lyinne that can be found in this Reddit thread or in the raw data here.

Once the NA drop sheet is available, please consider helping out with collecting drop data to both verify the data and to see how the event progresses! 

Raid AP per Drop Table
Flauros Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
137.2 197.9
37.7 118
24.2 60.9
864,100 / 30 AP 27.2
Raid AP per Drop Table
Forneus Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
122 91.1
42.3 72.4
23.8 69.7
738,400 / 30 AP 33.5
Raid AP per Drop Table
Barbatos Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
153.4 193.7
38.7 48.6
25.8 51.2
893,000 / 30 AP 50.5
Raid AP per Drop Table
Halphas Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
126.1 235.2
39.2 122.2
22.2 60.9
912,200 / 30 AP 26.4
Raid AP per Drop Table
Amon Ra Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
130.9 208.5
31.8 135.2
24.5 44.9
880,100 / 30 AP 30.8
Raid AP per Drop Table
Sabnock Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
110.6 175.2
36.7 146.8
23.8 61.7
803,400 / 30 AP 27.9
Raid AP per Drop Table
Andromalius Bond: 865 30 AP
Drop AP/D Drop AP/D
114.8 110.7
38.6 134.2
22.9 44.9
860,600 / 30 AP 33.4

We can make some educated guesses based on the drops and the kill order of other servers as to in which order the bosses will be killed. Take all this with a massive grain of salt:

  1. Barbatos is dead meat first and drops Hearts of the Foreign God. Farm it before it dies.
  2. Forneus will probably follow after. 
  3. Either Halphas or Sabnock (Anything is possible) 
  4. Either Halphas or Sabnock (Anything is possible) 
  5. Flauros
  6. Andromalius
  7. Amon Ra

This would closely follow the Taiwanese order - which makes more sense considering the shared Clairvoyance and desirability of certain materials. 

Final Checklist

A full Guide on the various sections of Solomon will be available around the time of release. The various tables will also be put into their specific sections rather than lost in all this text. 

Good luck preparing, and see you next week.

Complete babylonia!
Check Bond Levels and increase the bond of Servants close to the next level.
Rolling for Merlin? Stock up/Farm his materials to skill/level him instantly.
GamePress is not responsible for extreme bad luck in the gacha after farming all those materials
Merlin is extremely effective at boosting the sheer damage Buster Servants can put out compared to Waver, but cannot directly NP charge as much.
Level powerful CEs like Golden Sumo, Partake with the King, Kaleidoscope (etc.) in order to farm the Raid Bosses quickly with the extra Attack Stats.
Prepare powerful ST Servants(or borrow one) for each of the raid bosses. Level skills, etc.
Prepare one Servant who can cleanse debuffs. Saint Martha is perfect, but Medea (Rank Up), Sanson, etc. are all viable too.
Level up the main skills of offensive Support Servants to reach higher damage benchmarks.
Determine which Raid Boss to farm first ahead of time.
Dust off any Mona Lisa CEs for extra QP.
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