Solomon - Tier List Change Log

Tier List Change Log for December 21, 2018

The release of the Final Singularity, Solomon, heralds the arrival of perhaps the most-discussed Servant in all of Fate/Grand Order. The Magus of Flowers makes his grand entrance onto the NA server, and he gets the spotlight all to himself. His initial tier placement is explained below.

5* Servants

Placed into Tier 1: There is little to be said about Merlin’s placement, as his skillset speaks for itself. His release is widely considered one of the biggest meta shifts in the history of Fate / Grand Order, and his Grand Caster candidacy is definitely not for show. He shines in both challenge quests and most farming content, though not on the same level of Zhuge Liang for the latter, and is the MVP of many high profile battles for most players due to his all-encompassing skillset. As his value to players, new and veteran alike, is only matched by Zhuge Liang, he is placed into Tier 1 alongside the trusted Chinese tactician to reflect his incredible prowess.