Summer 2018 Part 1 Revival Lite Compact Farming Guide

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  • This guide is a summary of all the farming information for Part 1 of the Summer 2018 Event
  • The main objective for this event is complete the Main Quest to access Part 2 of the event, and to buy all 4 Ascension Items for Scathach (Assassin) from the Event Shop.
  • Unlocking Scathach (Assassin) requires completion of the Main Quest of Part 2, and additional copies of her can be acquired in Part 2 as well.
  • Masters are highly advised to finish all Part 1 Event Farming before Part 2 is unlocked on the 19th as Part 2 has different ideal Servant and CE combinations.
  • Buy the Event CEs from the Event Shop only after the Main Quest is completed as unlocking higher difficulties earlier is more rewarding.
  • Only returning Masters from last year should MLB Summertime Mistress.
  • Finish farming for Lumber / Stone / Iron first as their ideal farming locations all drop Food / Water.
Event period expires in:

Automatic Efficiency Calculator

Note for Masters from last year

Fielding an MLB Summertime Mistress of your own is always more efficient than fielding a non-MLB gacha CE while farming Lumber, Stone or Iron.

Thus for a (very slightly, the difference is only 1-2 runs) more optimal route, Masters with an MLB Summertime Mistress should only enter 4 non-MLB copies for, say, Shining Goddess in the calculator even if they have 5 copies.

An MLB gacha CE is still always better.

Enter in the total currency you need from the shop below.

Enter in the CEs you own below. Check the box if you have a friend with an MLB CE.

CEMLBNon-MLBFriend MLB Support?

Press the button to generate your personalized walkthrough to clear the Event shop!

Drop Bonus Table

ClassEvent CE Event Bonus (MLB)
Gold ShielderGold ArcherGold Caster Fresh Water Fresh Water +1 (+2)
Gold BerserkerGold Ruler Food Food +1 (+2)
Gold LancerGold Avenger Lumber Lumber +1 (+2)
Gold SaberGold AssassinGold Alter Ego Stone Stone +1 (+2)
Gold RiderGold Mooncancer Iron Iron +1 (+2)

Storm Difficulty Farming Quests

Farming Locations

Once you clear Chapter 8, these are the best Event resource farming locations.

Resource Area Notes Enemy Classes

Beach 6
Saber Class

Primeval Forest 6
Berserker Class
Boss: Assassin Class

Jungle 6
Optimal with 5+ bonus and higher.
Archer Class
Boss: Berserker Class

Grasslands 6
Optimal with 5+ bonus and higher.
Rider Class
Boss: Lancer Class

Cave 6
Optimal with 5+ bonus and higher.
Berserker Class
Boss: Archer Class

Mountain 6
Optimal with +1~4 // bonus if you wish to farm all three resources.
Rider Class
Boss: Rider Class

Servant Recommendations

  • Not all Locations can be farmed easily with full bonus. The Cave area in particular can be slow to farm with full Event Bonus as Lancers cannot be used without losing out on an Event bonus drop. 
  • Either way, Masters can make a trade-off of their own whether they should prioritize full bonus or speed. 
  • Masters with a lot of Event CEs should especially consider dropping 1 bonus for a more ideal farming Servant. 
  • The below recommendations are mainly Recommended Servants to borrow or Servants that are particularly effective due to a trait bonus (Rama, Proto Cu, Martha, etc.)
  • If the Drop Rates from the original run are similar, then there are no outstanding Free Quests worth farming after clearing the Event Shop, especially with a lottery on the horizon.
Event Drop Area Advice /
Suggested Servants

Drops: Saber Class
IshtarChloe von EinzbernAltria Pendragon (Archer)ArashZhuge Liang (El Melloi II)

Primeval Forest
Drops: Secret Gem of AssassinBlack Beast GreaseSeed of Yggdrassil Berserker Class
Boss: Assassin Class
Saint Martha (Ruler)Sakata KintokiPenthesileaMinamoto-no-RaikouZhuge Liang (El Melloi II)

Drops: Secret Gem of BerserkerClaw of ChaosSerpent JewelShell of Recollection Archer Class
Boss: Berserker Class
Altria Pendragon (Lancer)KarnaJeanne d'Arc (Alter Santa Lily)Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter)Cu Chulainn (Prototype)Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

Drops: Secret Gem of LancerWarhorse's Young HornPhoenix FeatherShell of Recollection Rider Class
Boss: Lancer Class
Lancelot (Saber)RamaNero Claudius (Bride)Miyamoto MusashiScathach (Assassin)Shuten-Douji

Drops: Secret Gem of ArcherTearstone of BloodOctuplet Twin CrystalsShell of Recollection Berserker Class
Boss: Archer Class
OzymandiasSakata Kintoki (Rider)QuetzalcoatlScathachBrynhildZhuge Liang (El Melloi II)

Drops: Secret Gem of RiderDragon's Reverse ScaleShell of RecollectionDragon Fang Rider Class
Boss: Rider Class
Jack the RipperSessyoin KiaraKing HassanShuten-Douji
CleopatraRyougi Shiki (Assassin)Scathach (Assassin)

Drop Rate Calculator

Estimated Total Drops

Beach 4 - - - - -
Beach 5 - - - - -
Beach 6 - - - - -
Grasslands 4 - - - - -
Grasslands 5 - - - - -
Grasslands 6 - - - - -
Cave 4 - - - - -
Cave 5 - - - - -
Cave 6 - - - - -
Jungle 4 - - - - -
Jungle 5 - - - - -
Jungle 6 - - - - -
Mountain 4 - - - - -
Mountain 5 - - - - -
Mountain 6 - - - - -
Forest 4 - - - - -
Forest 5 - - - - -
Forest 6 - - - - -

Note: Drop Rates estimates are sourced from the datamine from Kazemai.