Summer 2018 Part 2 Revival Lite Compact Farming Guide

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  • This guide is a summary of all the farming information for Part 2 of the Summer 2018 Event
  • The main objective for this event is to complete the Main Quest to permanently unlock Scathach (Assassin), then gather Gae Bolg replicas to turn in for copies of Scathach (Asssassin).
  • Scathach (Assassin)'s Ascension Materials can only be acquired in Part 1. 
  • Note: Demolishing and rebuilding each different option of Development Quest 12 will reward additional (cheap) Crystalized Lore!
  • Buy the Event CEs from the Event Shop only after the Main Quest is completed as unlocking higher difficulties earlier is more rewarding.
  • Only returning Masters from last year should MLB Chaldea Lifesavers.
  • Chaldea Lifesavers can be useful for an upcoming Instant Death Challenge Quest and all copies will pay for themselves if Masters need at least around 5500/6000 Oil and Cement. 
  • Finish farming for Realta / Eadrom / Uisce Alloy first as their ideal farming locations all drop Cement / Oil.
Event period expires in:

Automatic Efficiency Calculator

Notes on Automatic Efficiency Calculator

The Automatic Calculator assumes a Masters will farm with the maximum amount of ideal Servant class bonus available. 

Note for Masters from last year:

  • Fielding an MLB Chaldea Lifesavers of your own is *always* more efficient than fielding a non-MLB gacha CE while farming any of the Alloys
  • Thus for a (very slightly, the difference is only 1-2 runs) more optimal route, Masters with an MLB Chaldea Lifesavers should only enter 4 non-MLB copies for, say, Shining Goddess in the calculator even if they have 5 copies.
  • An MLB gacha CE is still always better.

Enter in the total currency you need from the shop below.

Enter in the CEs you own below. Check the box if you have a friend with a MLB.

CEMLBNon-MLBFriend MLB Support?

Press the button to generate your personalized walkthrough to clear the shops!

Drop Bonus Table

ClassEvent CE Event Bonus (MLB)
Gold ShielderGold SaberGold Assassin Oil +1 (+2)
Gold LancerGold BerserkerGold Ruler Cement +1 (+2)
Gold ArcherGold Mooncancer Realta Alloy +1 (+2)
Gold CasterGold Alter Ego Eadrom Alloy +1 (+2)
Gold RiderGold Avenger Uisce Alloy +1 (+2)

Annihilation Difficulty Farming Quests

Farming Locations

After completing Chapter 7 these are the best Event resource farming locations.

The following cutoff points do not take into account any bonus to Oil or Cement drops. For the best total possible currency drops, you can use the Event Drop Rate Calculator at the bottom of the page as cutoff points can fluctuate.
Resource Area Notes Enemies

Restored City 6
Drops OilCement
Archer ClassGold Rider
Boss: Archer Class

Shore 6
Drops CementOil
Gold LancerGold Rider
Boss: Berserker Class

Ruins 6
Drops Realta AlloyOil
Optimal with 6+ Realta Alloy bonus and higher.
Saber ClassBerserker ClassBoss: Avenger Class

Underground Factory 6
Drops Eadrom AlloyCement
Optimal with 6+ Eadrom Alloy bonus and higher.
Gold AssassinCaster Class
Boss: Caster Class

Cave 6
Drops Ishka AlloyCement
Optimal with 6+ Ishka Alloy bonus and higher.
Caster Class
Boss: Caster Class

Contaminated Area 6
Drops Realta AlloyEadrom AlloyIshka Alloy
Optimal with +1~5 Realta Alloy/Eadrom Alloy/Ishka Alloy bonus if you wish to farm all three resources.
Saber Class
Boss: Saber Class

Obtain by clearing the Post Event Quests, after completion of Main and Brilliant Summer Quests!

Servant Recommendations

  • Not all Locations can be farmed easily with full bonus. In this part, the Restored City and Shore areas do not have fully optimal Servants as the class counter.  
  • For these two locations, bringing 1-2 Servants with the secondary drop bonus will boost clear speed immensely.
  • Restored City is not a map to slowly clear as Tesla is just the worst. Bring Lancers who can quickly dispose of him.
  • Shore is a bit more dangerous to clear with full bonus especially as Raikou and Jack(Rider) are a dangerous combination, consider bringing a Saber to speed up wave 1 and 2. 
  • Ruins can also be annoying to farm with Jeanne d'Arc (Alter). While BB is a safe option, she's not exactly fast, NP spam from Archers or MHX(Saberface!) will work just as well.
  • Underground Factory is completely countered by Alter Ego Servants, especially with support Casters having full bonus. 
  • Cave is, unlike in Part 1, fully countered by the Riders. Make sure to include some Rider offensive support such as Alexander or Ozymandias for a faster clear. 
  • Contaminated Area: Easily countered by Archers, especially as Support Casters are also available.
  • If the Drop Rates from the original run are similar, then there are no outstanding Free Quests worth farming after clearing the Event Shop, especially with a lottery on the horizon.
Event Drop Area Advice /
Suggested Servants

Restored City
Drops: Chain of FoolsVoid's Dust Archer ClassGold Rider
Boss: Archer Class
BrynhildTamamo-no-Mae (Lancer)ScathachAltria Pendragon (Lancer)Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)

Drops: Secret Gem of LancerEternal GearVoid's Dust Gold LancerGold Rider
Boss: Berserker Class
ScathachKarnaSaint Martha (Ruler)Sakata Kintoki
Jack the RipperMinamoto-no-RaikouNero Claudius (Bride)Mordred

Drops: Shell of RecollectionChain of FoolsVoid's Dust Saber ClassBerserker ClassBoss: Avenger Class
GilgameshBBChloe von EinzbernAltria Pendragon (Archer)IshtarMysterious Heroine X

Underground Factory
Drops: Secret Gem of CasterHeart of the Foreign GodHomunculus BabyShell of Recollection Gold AssassinCaster Class
Boss: Caster Class
Sessyoin KiaraPassionlipMeltryllisZhuge Liang (El Melloi II)MerlinXuanzang Sanzang

Drops: Secret Gem of CasterSpirit RootShell of Recollection Caster Class
Boss: Caster Class
OzymandiasSakata Kintoki (Rider)QuetzalcoatlFrancis DrakeUshiwakamaruAlexander

Contaminated Area
Drops: Secret Gem of SaberLamp of Evil-SealingForbidden PageShell of Recollection Saber Class
Boss: Saber Class
GilgameshIshtarChloe von EinzbernAltria Pendragon (Archer)Zhuge Liang (El Melloi II)Merlin

Drop Rate Calculator

Estimated Total Drops

Shore 4 - - - - -
Shore 5 - - - - -
Shore 6 - - - - -
Ruins 4 - - - - -
Ruins 5 - - - - -
Ruins 6 - - - - -
Factory 4 - - - - -
Factory 5 - - - - -
Factory 6 - - - - -
Cave 4 - - - - -
Cave 5 - - - - -
Cave 6 - - - - -
City 4 - - - - -
City 5 - - - - -
City 6 - - - - -
Area 4 - - - - -
Area 5 - - - - -
Area 6 - - - - -

Note: Drop Rates estimates are sourced from the datamine from Kazemai.