Team Composition and Strategy Guide

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In Fate/Grand Order, team composition and tactics when approaching battle is a very important aspect of being successful in the game. Not only within the basic level of ensuring your deployed Servants possess class advantage versus the enemies present in a quest, but also in which Servants to use at all, and how to use them together.

In FGO NA’s current state, such talk isn’t particularly a requirement – clearing the story up until the Rome singularity can be done with just a decently leveled team and a good Jeanne support, regardless of strategy. However, as was made evident by the Nero Festival Grand Finals quest, the game does not remain this way for long – FGO is a game which constantly seeks to challenge its players and encourage diversification of both Servant pool and strategy. As a result, understanding how to branch into such diversification is important to succeed.

The Basics

Team composition and tactics fall to three important W’s:

  • Who: you use, and why they are a good servant to utilize for your strategy.
  • Why: they, as a team, work effectively and complement each other with their own kits.
  • What: you need to do in battle to utilize their abilities effectively.

The factors which contribute to those three W’s are primarily base stats and card set combined, skill set, and Noble Phantasms. 

Although as players you are free to test and formulate team compositions as much as you like, there are primarily five different archetypes of a team. This is because there are only a few select ways in which one can aim to defeat every enemy in a quest and win the battle, and no matter the team composition it’ll usually follow a similar modus operandi to accomplish this.

With little further ado, here is a full guide to each archetype: