Tokugawa Part 2 - Tier List Change Log

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Article by NorseFTX Meliran
Tokugawa Part 2 - Tier List Change Log
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  • EDIT: 4/2/2021 - April Fool's, below tier list changes are not permanent.
  • This tier list change log represents some important changes for certain Servants in the tier list.
  • Note that all tier list placements are completely objective.
  • Critique for tier placements is welcome, but may not be heeded.
  • We reserve the right to refuse accepting Mana Prisms from any customer, but we might accept Rare Prisms.
Scoring Method Details

Tier List Movements

4 Star Servants

Tier B -> EX

After much soul searching on the parts of the staff, we have come to the enlightenment of the Mahatmas. Indeed, Helena has always been underrated. The EX tier casters are capable of only boosting 1 card type, yet Helena is able to boost all three. Even more, she is capable of damaging enemies herself. She is truly the best Servant in the game, and is only unable to ascend to EX+ tier because the site's coding will not allow it. Her cute ribbons may put her even higher than this.

Helena Blavatsky: B -> EX (Avg Score: 10) - [Everyone - EX]

Tier B -> EX

B tier is mistaken, given it is based on her being Shuten-Douji. Rather, she is the Dharmapala Girl, or Magifender Girl, and therefore should actually be EX Tier. Not a single episode has aired in which she loses to the opponent, thus she is invincible.

Shuten-Douji (Caster): B -> EX (Avg Score: 10) - [Everyone - EX]

5 Star Servants

Tier EX -> D

Conversely, Waver has been removed from the upper echelons. His Noble Phantasm does close to nothing, and his skills only charge the party up 10% at a time. He's also sets a very bad example for Masters, being a chain smoker and all, so should not even be looked at. Burn him on sight.

Zhuge Liang: EX -> D (Avg Score: 6) - [Everyone - D]

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