Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - 100 Day Anniversary and More!

  • Gundams F91 and Buster are back with a returning banner, and a new Premium version!
  • A new weeklong event of free 10x Standard Capsule Part draws to celebrate the game’s 100 day anniversary!

Well this is a great surprise to see; a new 10x daily Part draw from the Standard Capsule pool is a welcome sight to see, and then we had F91 and Buster dropped right back into our laps.  The Event Capsules have returned, alongside a Premium version that has a limited number of pulls you will be able to make.  So we’re here to give you the low-down on how to not miss out on the currency you’ll need for 3 guaranteed Parts from Buster or F91.



I felt like this may be a recurring theme where we see somewhat-frequent celebrations that award us with seven days of free 10x draws.  Free stuff is free stuff, and I’m not going to complain at those shots at new Parts.  I’ve been both lucky and unlucky on these free weeklong draws, and it all really evens out in the end.

Remember though… This banner started 7 hours after the daily reset and will reset tomorrow at the regular time of 12:00 PM PST.  Be sure to log in before that time so that you don’t miss out on one of these pulls.

The event runs from 11/12/2019 7:00 PM (PST) – 11/19 11:59 AM (PST), and on the last day it will reset one minute before the daily reset, so there will not be an additional pull after that time.  Good luck to everyone on their free draws!



Honestly I was expecting that we may get a different set of Gundams for the next Event Capsule but… I’m not going to complain about this.  We’ve got a repeat of the original Event as last time, where you can earn Capsule Medals as random drops for completing Event Missions of any difficulty (though 35EN and 45EN have the most value).  There’s nothing really different at all about this part of the event, but it’s great to see that it wasn’t going to be a completely limited banner.  Good stuff.


This, however, is something new, and something pretty interesting.  Here we’ve got a “Premium” variant of the F91/Buster banner, with each Capsule draw costing you 1x Premium Capsule Medal.  As far as we know so far, you can only receive a total of 12 Premium Capsule Medals over the course of the event.  That’s right, you’re only going to end up with 4 draws against the Premium Event Capsule… But!  The drop rate for the banner is 5% chance of F91 and 95% chance of Buster Gundam.  You’re guaranteed something, and three somethings at that.

The trick here, though, is that you have to complete every Scenario Mission throughout the course of the Silver-Red Psycho Frame Event, and you need to login at least 5 days during the event to get the ninth Premium Capsule Medal.  That’s only two days more than you need to get your fourth [002] Premium Material, so that’s not really a big deal! The last 3 Premium Capsule Medals can be found in the Silver-Red Coin Exchange store for 500 coins apiece.

This is a great thing to see for those of us who didn’t land any F91 or Buster parts last time, and gives us a great shot to get something good.

Speaking of… Don’t forget to complete your Event Missions to obtain your 2x [002] Premium Materials this week.  After this week, you should be at 4x Materials; two from last week, one from logins this week, and one from your Event clears.  Who knows… maybe that Heat Rev Sword from the Marsfour Gundam Banner may be exactly what your heart desires for your 4* Part Selection at the end of the month!


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