Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Blazing Shoulders Parts Review

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  • Blazing Shoulders brings us the Efreet Custom
  • Efreet Custom is from Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Blue Destiny
  • Efreet Custom parts reviewed!

Efreet Custom Parts Review

Hello Pilots!

Today I bring you a review of the mean, lean, red machine, the Efreet Custom! Okay, so only the shoulders are red, sue me. The suit comes with 6 parts, so let's get into it.

Head - A-

Average stats across the board, Zeon and For Desert word tags, and the EXAM Awakening skill we've seen before on the Blue Destiny Unit 1 Head. The EXAM System will boost Speed by 20% and Melee ATK by 39%, putting this skill on par with Combat Stance and Offense Up from older heads like the Tallgeese II, Mobile SUMO and Age-1 Normal. This is a slightly worse version of the BD1 head, since it doesn't have Close Combat, but otherwise it's effectively the same. Grab this as a 5* piece if you don't have the BD1 Head and max out the EX Skill, it's good for general use on Melee suits and may one day be useful in Arena again.

Torso - C+

Above Average Melee ATK, average Shot ATK, low armor, above average Shot DEF and average DEF/RES. It comes with the Zeon and For Desert word tags, and a trait that boosts Buff EX Skills up 15% when using an In-Fighter. This is a very, very good piece, that unfortunately does not have a meta that supports it. +15% to Buff skills is a big increase to your ATK stats when using Buffs, but Arena has no time to waste on Buff skills. If Buffs ever become viable again, this is definitely something Melee users want to have on hand. Grab this at 5* and max it out if you're Melee, skip otherwise.

Arms - D+

Above average Melee ATK for a 3*, low armor and average the rest. Zeon and For Desert word tags, and a pierce based magazine EX skill. Grab these if you have a specific shield you want to use, otherwise just use the Artemis Arms.

Legs - C

Average stats across the board, Zeon and Close Combat word tags, and a physical shot skill with B power. Pick up a copy if you need Close Combat Legs and have nothing better, otherwise skip.

Back - C

These are identical to the legs, except the filler EX skill is worse, being a Pierce based skill. Once again, pick this up if you absolutely need a Close Combat back, otherwise skip.

Heat Saber (Efreet Custom) - C

The highest Melee ATK of a 3* weapon ever, and some average stats otherwise, this part comes with Zeon and Close Combat, as well as a trait that boosts Strong Melee Crit Rate by 17% when using a Zeon suit. I just can't get behind this. I know a lot of people are excited for a 3* Melee weapon with over 2500 ATK, but why would anyone use this over Arondight outside of aesthetics? The trait is bad, the ATK doesn't justify using it over better weapons, and there isn't even Dual Saber synergies to make you want this over something better. Like, these are sweet for aesthetic builds, but for regular builds, the Arondight is just so much better. Grab a copy to use for looking cool, skip otherwise.

Well, that's it for today folks! Not the best suit, but it's got some usable pieces, and being a card event, we have extra goodies to farm for anyways. I'll see you all next week.


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