Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - The Crimson Anomaly Parts Review

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  • The Crimson Anomaly brings us the Arche Gundam
  • The Arche Gundam is from Gundam 00
  • The Crimson Anomaly parts reviewed!

Arche Gundam Parts Review

Hello Pilots! It's your favourite underwater guru back again this week with another parts review article! This week we have the Arche Gundam from Gundam 00, a big ol tall & wide boi. We have a full set of parts this time around, so let's jump into the review, shall we?

Head - C

Average stats, Close Combat and For Computers word tags, and a trait we haven't seen anywhere since the Gouf Custom, a slow recovery when you're below 50% health. This is just slightly worse of a trait than the Gouf, but the part itself is better. Like the Gouf, the trait is too low impact currently, but it might become good in the future, so this might be something you want to keep in your back pocket just in case.

Torso - D

Average stats, Close Combat and For Computers word tags, and a trait that reduces Enemy EX Piercing by 22% when you're using an In-Fighter Pilot. This is a cute alternative to some of the higher end parts that reduce Enemy Melee or Shooting Power, but is significantly worse than them. I would pass unless you're desperate to make that kind of Tank build work.

Arms - B

Well speak of the devil! This part boasts average stats again, Close Combat and For Computers word tags, and a trait that reduces Enemy Melee Power by 25% when Power Attribute. This conflicts with the previous event parts of a similar type, like the Kabakali Head, but is a nice option to diversify your tank builds. If you are looking for this kind of effect, definitely grab these and max them out.

Legs - D

Average stats, Close Combat and High Mobility word tags, and the GN Fangs, our first Melee Funnel skill. Sadly, like all the other Funnels, these are bad. I would pass.

Back - S

Here we have some spice. Average stats, Close Combat and High Mobility word tags, and a part trait that increases Melee Power by 25% while Close Combat is active. This is an event alternative to the Age Titus Back, and quite a good one at that. While the Age Titus tends to win out overall, given that Arena's word tag restrictions might lead to you not being able to activate the Arena tag and Close Combat at the same time, this is still an equally powerful option, if a little less versatile, for people who don't have a maxed out Age Titus Back.  Likewise, even if you do have the Age Titus Back maxed out, I would still grab this and max it out for when we finally get good Beam Melee attacks for Arena.

Melee Weapon - F

I'm sad that such a nice looking sword is so awful. Low melee ATK, Close Combat and High Mobility, and a trait that gives a 12% chance to penetrate super armor. The ol' mystery trait. Sadly, I see literally zero reason outside of aesthetics to use this over the Arondight.

Ranged Weapon - D-

Low shot ATK, Close Combat and For Computer word tags, and a trait that increases Job Gauge by 13% when Power attribute. The only use I see for this is for a Close Combat ranged weapon for Melee suits for people who don't have one. Pick up a single copy for that, skip if you already have a Close Combat ranged weapon.

Shield - C

These sure are some stats! I know I say this for literally every shield, but until the game makes defensive stats worth caring about, any shield that doesn't have ATK stats is basically going to get the same treatment in that regard. Anyways, this one comes with Close Combat and For Computers, it also comes with the first ever Shield with an Awakening skill. Sadly, the skill isn't great, it only boosts Speed by 20% and Shot Defense by 49%. Gives a neat graphic though, with a GN Field around your suit. The GN Field doesn't do anything, but it's cool looking. Anyways, I wouldn't bother maxing this out, but if you need a Close Combat shield, grab a copy.

Well, that's it for the Arche Gundam. We have a couple of interesting pieces, so better than last week at least. I'll be seeing you all next week with another event review, so for now, I'm signing off!


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