Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Dance of Red and White Parts Review

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  • Dance of Red and White brings us the Mack Knife
  • Mack Knife is from Gundam Reconguista in G
  • Dance of Red and White parts reviewed!

Mack Knife Parts Review

Hello Pilots!

This is finally out, yay! This week we have the Mack Knife, which was not a suit I knew existed. Spoiler alert, I never watched Reconguista in G, which is odd as I typically love Kenichi Yoshida's work. Anyways, let's get into it.

Head - F

Average Melee ATK, stupidly low Shot ATK, Transformer and High Mobility word tags, and a trait that reduces Shot Spread by 15% while using a Middle Shooter pilot. This head is bad and should feel bad. Pass.

Torso - F

Average ATK stats, high Armor, Transformer and High Mobility word tags, and a trait that gives you a 14% chance to survive a fatal blow while Speed Attribute. This Torso is also bad and should feel bad. Pass.

Arms - S

Average Shot ATK, extremely low Melee ATK, Transformer and High Mobility word tags, and a very spicy B+/B+ EX Skill. Plasma Claw is the first 30 (8) Shot EX Skill to actually out damage the Crossbone Torso. Now, being a non-Mag skill, you need Initial Cooldown traits to use it immediately, but the existence of this skill, as well as the fast firing animation and travel time, means there is finally a reason to start exploring Shooter builds that don't have the Crossbone Torso. Grab these as gold and max the EX Skill out, as they could very well be the Shooter equivalent to the Gusion Rebake Shield.

Legs - B

Average stats across the board, Transformer and Commander word tags, and a good EX Skill overshadowed by the strictly better Arms skill. These are still a decent filler skill, though not Arena viable. I wouldn't pick these up unless you need some Shot skills for PVE purposes.

Back - F

Same stats as the legs, same word tags, just swapped RES stats, and a trait instead of an EX Skill. Well, the trait is that while Transformer is active, you boost Shooting Damage by a flat 20, which is just plain awful. Skip this.

Well, that's the Mack Knife. Mostly completely a dumpster fire, but then the spiciest Shot EX Skill since the Crossbone Torso itself, so you know, you win some you lose some. If you want to find me, join up at our discord server


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