Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Dual-Bladed Demon Parts Review

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  • Dual-Bladed Demon brings us the Susanowo
  • Susanowo is from Gundam 00
  • Susanowo parts reviewed!

Susanowo Parts Review

Hello Pilots! This week, we have the Susanowo from Gundam 00 gracing our parts boxes. Oh, and let's not forget the pilot, The Alpha Weeb himself, Mr. Bushido! How good are these parts? Let's find out.

Head - D

Not a strong start. Average Melee ATK, low Shot ATK, average other stats, Close Combat and For Space word tags, and an EX Skill that's totally not just Head Vulcans pretending to be yellow frisbees flying from your head. In the frisbee's defense, they do lower the enemy's defense and resistance stats by more than the standard Vulcans do. Still awful though. Looks sweet, stats are rough, pass on this.

Torso - D

Decent Armor, average defenses, average ATK stats,  Close Combat and For Space word tags, these come with a Beam Magazine skill that seems very familiar. It's the same stats, on paper, as the infamous Crossbone X1 Torso's Beam Gun. However, this isn't the second coming of the XB1 Torso, as this skill does significantly less damage, and in fact functions more like a Vulcan skill, in that the hits come over time and can miss after the enemy is destroyed. Honestly, I'd skip this.

Arms - A+

Great Melee ATK, low defenses and Shot ATK, Close Combat and For Space word tags, and a part trait that boosts Melee Power by 25% when using Dual Saber weapons. This is a great budget Barbatos 4th Form Arms, and very similar to the Gelgoog Arms in the Arena Shop. The advantage here is these can be used on S or P Attribute suits, since they are tied to a weapon type rather than an Attribute like the Gelgoog Arms. Definitely pick these up and max them out, even if you have the Barbatos Arms, as there could be some corner case builds where these turn out better.

Legs - A+

Average stats all around, Close Combat and For Computer word tags, is! Trans-Am Raid! This is effectively an Overkill skill, though it only has B+ damage instead of A. Still, it increases your Melee ATK by 39% when used, which is huge. It's also Physical and not Beam, like the Exia's Trans-Am Raid, which works nicely with the Age Titus back. Definitely grab this and max it out, even if you already have some Overkill skills. I wouldn't be surprised if this at lvl 10 outdamages the A damage Overkill skills at lvl 1.

Back - D

Identical stats to the Legs except for swapped RES stats, the same word tags, and a trait that gives a 15% chance to prevent vernier Consumption. Pass on these unless you desperately need a Close Combat Back.

Shiranui/Unryu - A+

Great Melee ATK, being a new record for 3* parts, Close Combat and For Computers word tags, and a trait that reduces Initial EX Skill CD by 12% when using an In-Fighter Pilot. These are budget Heat Rev Swords, and while the Melee ATK is still on the low side for the slot, at 2800 compared to the 4000 that the best Melee weapons can bring, the trait is amazing enough to potentially make up for it. Pick these up and max them out even if you have the Heat Rev Swords already, as like the Arms, there are probably corner cases where this is better.

Mr. Bushido - B+

High Melee ATK, average stats otherwise, Close Combat and High Mobility, as well as a trait to reduce EX Skill CD by 15% when Power Attribute. This isn't Initial EX Skill CD, so the trait isn't good for Arena, but Mr. Bushido is a very solid In-Fighter for anyone who doesn't have one of the great 4* In-Fighters. Pick up at least one copy, max him out if you can, as you never know when the trait could become good.



Well, that's the Susanowo reviewed. This is the best event suit since the Crossbone X1, by far, and offers a lot of really unique, really strong pieces. Get farming folks, because you definitely don't want to miss out! If you need me, you can find me over at the GamePress Discord Server.


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