Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Full Throttle Revolution Parts Review

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  • Full Throttle Revolution brings us the Gundam Virtue
  • Gundam Virtue is from Gundam 00
  • Full Throttle Revolution parts reviewed!

Gundam Virtue Parts Review

Hello Pilots!

Scubasage back again with your weekly event review. This week we have chonky boi, so how good is he? Let's find out.

Head - F

With average Melee ATK, good Shot ATK, and low other stats, this Head comes with For Space and Heavy Armor word tags, alongside a trait that reduces shooting damage taken by 20 while using a Long-Shooter Job License. I want to like this head. I want to recommend this head, because 2304 Shot ATK on a blue head is absolutely massive. But I just can't. The word tags are bad, the trait is worthless, and in every other metric, this is just worse than the Artemis Head. Skip this.

Torso - F

Average stats all around, Heavy Armor and For Space word tags, and a trait that boosts Buff EX Skill time by 15% when Power Attribute. Like the head, I cannot recommend this over the Artemis, which really does everything this does but better. Skip.

Arms - F

Average stats all around except for dismally low Melee ATK, Heavy Armor and For Space word tags, and a trait that boosts Sp Shot Power by 25% while using a Bazooka. So we have bad tags, bad stats and a bad trait. Pass.

Legs - F

Average stats all around, Heavy Armor and High Firepower word tags, and a pretty typical saber combo EX Skill for the legs slot. I got really excited when I saw the description say it hurls the saber point first, but it's not a yeet, just a thrust, making this skill a filler. Pass.

Back - F

Identical stats and tags to the legs, just a different EX Skill. This filler skill is Pierce based and boosts your Beam RES by 59%, which is a large buff to a terrible stat. As a result, I consider these a pass as well.

GN Bazooka (Virtue) - A+

Above average Shot ATK, Heavy Armor and High Firepower word tags, and an interesting B/B EX Skill with a very short initial CD. The downside to this EX Skill is the long animation to actually fire. That being said, this is the highest Shot ATK 3* weapon in the game right now, and while it is still below the 3176 average for 4* parts, having access to an extra mark slot puts this above most of those weapons once you start using marks on it. I highly recommend grabbing this as a 5* part, and since there isn't very much else to get, maxing out the EX Skill anyways.

Tieria Erde - B+

Tieria has a solid 1144 Shot ATK, average other stats, Gundam Type and High Firepower word tags, and a trait that boosts your magazine size by 14%. Tieria is a solid all around shooter pilot. Grab him and max him out if you need a Long-Shooter pilot.

Well, that's the Virtue. I never really liked it in the show, and I'm not surprised to see it being trash for the most part. Still, there some things worth getting, so it's not a complete wash of an event.


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