Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Guide: Builder's Training and Marks

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- Builder's Training: conditions to fufill, limitations and strategy

- Marks: obtaining routes, rarities and strategies

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Builder's Training

Builder's Training UI

Builder's Training (B.T.) is where players must utilize their Gunpla Parts & Pilots collection to obtain Build Points (which then is used to exchange for Marks). Amassing Build Points ASAP is extremely important as it dictates your rate of obtaining Marks that drastically increases your Gunpla's Parameters. Builder's Training refreshes daily with each Training Regimen demanding randomized list of conditions, often producing problematic combinations for players to solve.

Players must build Training Gunplas to fit four conditions (Attribute, Word Tag, Job License, CPWR) where fulfilling each multiplies the final Build Points output, making it essential to stack the bonuses as many as possible.

Training Regimen conditions

There is an option to use Boost Training per Gunpla to increase the final output by two times, available to be used seven times per week. It is recommended to use this feature whenever you can reach the maximum multiplier for Build Points.

When building for Builder's Training, it is generally recommended to start by ticking off the Job License requirement with an AI Pilot, then picking up Gunpla Parts to clear off Attributes and Word Tag. If you don't have particular Parts with both the Attribute and Word Tag, split the two requirements between other Parts you can equip.

For example, with Training Regimen that requires Attribute [X], Word Tag [Y] and Job License [Z]:

AI Pilot (Job License Z [+ Attribute X and/or Word Tag Y if possible] )
-> then
Parts (Attribute X & Word Tag Y)
-> if you don't have 4~5 Gunpla Parts of this particular combination
Parts (Attribute X) + Parts (Word Tag Y)

After a particular set of Parts has been used for clearing off each Training Regimen, they can not be used again until the weekly reset at Monday 5am JST (same time as weekly Arena closure). This poses a puzzle challenge for the players to conserve and strategize which Parts to use first and last.

As the week progresses, most players will eventually be forced to either cut the CPWR condition at 100k milestone or skip one of the other condition. It is recommended to aim for 100k CPWR while fulfilling other three conditions for optimal gain of 200 Build Points.

300K + Attribute + Word Tag + Job License = 300
100K + Attribute + Word Tag + Job License = 200
100K + Missing one of the three conditions = 100
10K + Attribute + Word Tag + Job License   = 100

100K CPWR can be typically reached with most of the used Parts being ☆3 lvl40, and filling the gap using unused ☆4~5 Parts to reach the milestone. Remember that you also have the option to submit incomplete Gunplas to conserve the Parts collection for future uses.


Marks slots on Parts' info page

Marks are items that can be attached to Gunpla Parts to enhance their Parameters by direct %. They can be earned by exchanging 500 Build Points (earned through Builder's Training) to start a roulette that outputs Marks.

Marks roulette
The Roulette in question

Marks can only be attached to Gunpla Parts that shares the same title and Tune-Upped at least once from their base rarity (there are exceptions to this, most notably Artemis, Code Phi and Event Capsule rewards' Gunpla Parts). Attached Marks can not be removed or placed elsewhere, instead they can only be replaced by a higher rarity Mark where the previous one is Converted back to Build Points.

More Marks can be placed depending on the number of possible Tune-Ups:
☆1 -> ☆5 = Four Mark slots
☆2 -> ☆5 = Three Mark slots
☆3 -> ☆5 = Two Mark slots
☆4 -> ☆5 = One Mark slots

The roulette itself must require eight Gunpla Parts to spin, one in each category: Head, Body, Arms, Legs, Back, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon and Shield. Marks does not require Gunpla Parts to have corresponding category to equip, but only needs to share the same title. Do not be afraid to use your best Parts on the roulette as spinning the roulette does not impact the Parts whatsoever.

The placed Gunpla Parts' titles will determine the chance of obtaining the Mark with the same title, with each part representing 12.5% chance:
6x Artemis Gundam Gunpla Parts (12.5% * 6 = 75%)
2x Code Phi Gunpla Parts (12.5% * 2 = 25%)

When the roulette activates, there are three RNG factors involved in deciding the final output rarity of the Mark:
1. The baseline rarity. You will get this rarity most of the time.
2. The chance rarity. If you get lucky with a (seemingly) 1/8 chance, you'll receive a Mark with a higher rarity than baseline.
3. The chance rarity's boosted rarity. The chance rarity's maximum boost is also decided at random that often reaches up to ☆5.
Note that all three of these RNG factors vary between ☆1~☆5, meaning there is a chance for baseline rarity to be ☆5 where you'll receive a ☆5 Mark no matter what.

The Mark's rarity decides the amount of % in boosting the Parameters, increasing in 5% per increment:
☆1 = 20%
☆2 = 25%
☆3 = 30%
☆4 = 35%
☆5 = 40%

Note that combo Gunpla Parts that comes with two categories (typically Arms + Shield) only get half the % boost by Marks. This means the Marks' boosted Parameters on Combo Parts will mostly be less than individual Parts:
Combo Parts with a total of 2000 Parameters     VS     Two individual Parts with a total of 1000 Parameters
2000 + (2000 * [40/2]%) = 2400     VS     [1000 + (1000 * 40%) ] + [1000 + (1000 * 40%) ] = 2800

Stacking of Marks operates additively and calculates the bonus from base Parameters:
Total base Parameters of 2000 with one ☆2 Mark and one ☆5 Mark
= 2000 + (2000 * 25%) + (2000 * 40%) = 3300

Sadly, this mechanic of how Marks adds bonuses has doomed the base ☆1 and ☆2 Gunpla Parts, due to their base Parameters being too low to fully reap the benefits. Even on Max Value + Marks, they can not compete against base ☆3 and ☆4 Gunpla Parts. The biggest winners from the Mark system are most of ☆3/4 Parts with similar endgame Max Values + Marks.

As Marks have unlimited storage space and can be stored indefinitely, players can Convert the Marks back to Build Points whenever they desire.

Marks Storage space
All Marks in possession of the player can be viewed here

The conversion rate for Converting Marks is exactly the same as the partial refunds received from replacing the Marks on Gunpla Parts:
☆1 = 50
☆2 = 150
☆3 = 500
☆4 = 1500
☆5 = 5000
Converting ☆4~5 Marks strategically is a gamble to earn back a hefty sum of Build Points. However, this entirely depends on whether you can earn back the initial amount of Build Points spent and therefore is a very risky venture.


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