Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Guide: Parts / Items and Combat

Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Guides

- Parts / Items: List, Upgrade/Sell, Tune-Up and Recycling

- Combat: CC Effects, EX Skills, Weapons and Misc Tips

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Parts / Items


Items and Gear are stored separately from Parts with individual Boxes. They can be accessed by selecting ‘Items’ or 'Gear' at the bottom-left tab from List or Sell. Use the powerful in-game filter/sort function to organize Parts/Items. While Parts and Gears cannot stack on duplicates, Items have a max x999 stack per Item.

Items stacking x999

Accepting more Parts, Items or Gear while being over their Box capacity will automatically send them to Gift Box to be claimed later.


There are three types of materials that can be used for Upgrade: Nippers(ALL), Nippers(category), and Parts. Prioritize in using Nippers(category) as they often take a bulk of Items Box space, and then proceed to use Nippers(ALL) when needed otherwise. The EXP needed for Parts-Leveling depends on its Growth, often in scale to the Parts' base Rarity. The ratio of EXP / Capital for using Nippers in Upgrade remains proportional through different Rarities of Nippers:

☆1 Nippers = 5000 Capital / 500 Part EXP
☆2 Nippers S = 15000 Capital / 1500 Part EXP
☆3 Nippers DX = 50000 Capital / 5000 Part EXP

There is a small chance for “GREAT SUCCESS” when doing an Upgrade on Part Lvl that provides 1.5 times more Part EXP. Since there is neither a bonus nor demerit in attempting bulk Upgrade, always try to Upgrade with [EXP required / 1.5] from the maximum level in case for GREAT SUCCESS.

When using Parts as Upgrade materials, the Capital needed is the same as Nippers but with a significantly less Part EXP gained. However, using duplicate Parts to Upgrade is currently the most viable method to raise its EX Skill / Part Trait Level:

Growth 1 = 8 duplicates
Growth 2 = 10 duplicates
Growth 3 = 12 duplicates

  • The amount of EX Skill / Part Trait EXP gained per duplicate Part will depend on its Growth; neither has bulk Upgrade bonuses nor "GREAT SUCCESS".
  • EX Skill / Part Trait Upgrading is available even at max Part Lvl
  • Part / EX Skill / Part Trait EXP & Lvl transfers over when used as a material
  • The duplicate’s Rarity does not affect the amount of EXP when used as EX Skill / Part Trait Upgrade materials.

There are special items however that completely bypasses in using duplicates for Upgrading EX Skills / Part Traits. They are currently the hardest items to obtain and the only alternative than to use the duplicates:

Trait Upgrade Pincers & Skill Upgrade Knife
Trait Upgrade Pincers & Skill Upgrade Knife

These can be either obtained via Events or Exchanged with Gunpla Build Coins that are obtainable from Platinum Coins and premium Courses.

Gunpla Build Course
Gunpla Build Course (premium service)


Selling Items and Gears only returns a feeble amount of Capital and should be avoided unless the player intends to free up Box space. For Parts that players do not wish to keep, Selling ☆2/☆3/☆4/☆5 Parts is an important source of Platinum Coins and Scraps that can be used at the Coin Exchange:

☆2 Part = 1 Platinum Coin
☆3 Part = 3 Platinum Coins
☆4 Part = 15 Platinum Coins
☆5 Part = 50 Platinum Coins

Scraps are obtained from selling Gunpla Parts and they are mostly used in Blueprints for crafting Gears and other goods:

☆1~5 Part = 1 Scrap (per Category)

Tune Up

Tune Ups provides an opportunity for lower base rarity Parts to reach higher limits, however the ☆1~2 Parts are still objectively outclassed by higher base rarity Parts. There are exceptions however, such as Artemis and Code φ Gunpla Parts having Max Values rivaling the base ☆4 Parts, or such as the ☆1 Parts received from Event Capsules having the same Max Values from their original base Parts:

Artemis' Arondight
Artemis' high specs
*1 Rarity Parts based from *2 Rarity Parts
These two have the same Max Values

The biggest advantage of Tuning-Up lower rarity parts is their ease of leveling, where their Growth on Part Lvl, EX Skills and Part Traits are typically low and having frequent accesses to duplicates.


Recycling is a feature for very late game when players are left with having multiple undesirable ☆1~5 Parts. It demands three Gunpla Parts with the same name and Attribute and must only be either Head/Torso/Arms/Legs/Back Parts. The resulting Part is the same name and Attribute as the materials used for Recycling with a randomized Gunpla Part type. Some additional control in the randomization can be applied by using three Parts with the same Part category to exclude that specific Part type from the randomization pool:

☆4 Gouf [Head] + ☆4 Gouf [Head] + ☆4 Gouf [Head]
= ☆4 Gouf [Chest/Arms/Legs/Back]

Rising Tune Up testing
Recycling with Rising; Tuned Up from natural ☆3 Parts

The Rarity of the Recycled Part will be the lowest of the recycled materials, hence theoretically Recycling three ☆5 Parts should output a single ☆5 Part.


Different CC (Crowd Control) Effects

The in-game definitions of stuns or staggers are described with specific definitions in different tiers:

  • Short stun = recovers very quickly (0.1s ish). Most attacks will apply short stuns.
  • Long stun = takes a while to recover (0.6s ish), identifiable when the Gunpla hunches backwards. Rarer and more potent than short stuns.
  • Guard-break or Guarded = occurs when enemies with super armor (MG/PG, Guarded Gunplas) are hit with Knockdown / Knockup moves, or when your melee attacks were Guarded by the enemies. Very long time to recover (1.2s ish) and leaves plenty of room for counterattacks.
  • Knockdown = unit is knocked down to the ground and has to stand up to regain control
  • Knockup = a variation of Knockdown where the Gunpla is flung upwards. It is more potent than Knockdowns as the airborne time considerably extends vulnerable period.

EX Skills

Melee / Shot-based EX Skills typically gains stun resistance (short & long) but they can be successfully interrupted when stunned right before their EX Skills' activation or when Knockdowned at any time. Buff / Debuff / Recovery EX Skills can also be interrupted when hit by any stuns or knockdowns before the effects are taken place. Buff / Recovery / Awakening categories of EX Skills have short invincibility-frames at their activation, with Awakening EX Skills having stun resistance similar to Melee-based EX Skills.

On AI Autoplay, EX Skills are often used unsparingly whenever they’re ready and within range, and prioritizes in using the EX Skills from left to right order. An interesting build exploiting this behaviour is to have two clip-based shot EX Skills, where the AI will often relentlessly shuffle between the two EX Skills for incredible DPS potential.

Both melee & range Cinematic EX Skills provides full invincibility to the player's Gunpla, but that is not the same case when the enemies are using them. The enemies' Cinematic melee EX Skills only gains stun resistance during the initial dash and are still vulnerable to damage. Therefore, attacks with Knockdowns are effective counters to the enemies' melee Cinematic EX Skills to cancel them entirely before the unique animations.

Here is a list of other common tactics to counter the enemies' cinematic melee EX Skills:

  • Using instant Knockdown EX Skills / Sp.Shots
  • Using obstacles to block enemy’s initial dash or to be used as cover against range-based cinematic EX Skills
  • Dodging the initial hit with the Step[quickdash]’s invincibility-frame
  • Dodging with the player’s own cinematic or normal EX Skills' invincibility-frame
  • Killing the enemies before their cinematic EX Skills are ready
  • Activating Defender Job License and then using Guard (pink-colored)
  • Going out of range (very difficult)

When the enemies uses cinematic range EX Skills however, they become fully invincible and are generally much harder to intercept due to their incredible tracking abilities. The player has to either hide behind obstacles, dodge with expert controls or counter them with the player's own cinematic EX Skill.


SR (Short Range) Weapon

Different SR Weapons

Each SR weapon’s normal melee attacks has varying attack speed, number of hits, damage, reach, splash and CC (left-to-right, top-to-bottom):

- Axe
Fast 3 hits, high total damage, short reach, small splash hit, last hit long stuns.

- Saber
Very fast 3 hits, very low total damage, medium reach, very small splash hit.

- Module (fist)
Very slow 5 hits, very high total damage, short reach, last two hits long stuns.

- Module (martial)
Fast 6 or 5 hits, high total damage, short reach, last two hits Knockups.

- Module (claw)
Very fast 5 hits, high total damage, short reach, wide splash hit.

- Dual Sabers
Very fast 5 hits, high total damage, short reach, small splash hit, last hit Knockups.

- Blade
Very slow 3 hits, very high total damage, long reach, very wide splash hit, has built-in stun resistance.

- Lance
Slow 3 hits, low total damage, medium reach, wide splash hit, last hit Knockups.

- Whip
Very fast 6 hits, high total damage, very long reach, AoE splash hit.

- Twin Blade
Fast 5 hits, low total damage, medium reach, small AoE splash hit, first two hits long-stuns.

Strong Melee

Strong Melee attacks can be performed with a double tap at the end of each normal melee combo, or after each Step as In-fighter / Out-fighter Job Licenses. Its main purpose is to quickly hit and run away from the enemies and sometimes to break through their Guards. The Gunpla gains a brief moment of stun resistance during the Strong Melee attack:

- Axe
Fast, low damage, single hit, Knockdowns.

- Saber
Very fast, low damage, single hit, long stuns.

- Module (fist)
Very fast, low damage, single hit, Knockups.

- Module (martial)
Slow, very low damage, single hit, Knockdowns.

Module (claw)
Slow, high damage, wide double hits, Knockdowns.

- Dual Sabers
Slow, very low damage, wide hit, Knockdowns.

- Blade
Very slow, high damage, wide AoE single hit, Knockdowns, moves forward greatly.

- Lance
Fast, very high damage, horizontally channeling single stab, Knockdowns, moves forward.

- Whip
Very fast, very low damage, very wide AoE single hit, long stuns.

- Twin Blade
Slow, high damage, wide triple hits, Knockdowns.

LR (Long Range) Weapon

Ranged weapons

This game has an invisible range detector that measures whether the Gunpla is at Melee/Close/Mid/Long/Out-of-Range distances from the enemy, with each category of range being divided into sections of distances. Each time when the targeting cursor changes its shape, it is an indication of the player navigating between said sections of distances. While the varying sections of distances remains a constant throughout all weapons, each range weapon has different effectiveness that fluctuates between Unsuitable/Suitable/Optimal Distances.

Different Distances
Graph shows varying sections of range away from the enemy Gunpla
Variation of Distances for range attacks
Differing effectiveness between Distances per LR weapon type

Each LR weapon has different Optimal Distance, magazine, damage, reload, velocity, CC and damage fluctuations (left-to-right, top-to-bottom):

- Rifle
Unsuitable at Close & Long Range, Optimal at Mid Range, 6 shots, very high damage, 3 seconds reload, fast velocity, small damage fluctuations.

- Machinegun
Optimal at Close, Suitable at Mid, Unsuitable at Long Range, 3 hits & 6 shots, high damage, 2 seconds reload, very slow velocity, short stuns every two hits, big damage fluctuations.

- Long Rifle
Unsuitable at Close, Suitable at Mid, Optimal at Long Range, 8 shots, high damage, 3 seconds reload, very fast velocity, long stuns, small damage fluctuations.

- Gatling Gun
Unsuitable at Close, Optimal at Mid, Suitable at Long Range, 5 hits & 8 shots, very high damage, 3 seconds reload, very slow velocity, short stuns every two hits, big damage fluctuations, big projectile spread.

- Bazooka
Suitable at Close & Mid, Out-of-Range at Long Range, 5 shots, low damage, 3 seconds reload, slow velocity, splash, long stuns, huge damage fluctuations.

The only modifier that can actively overwrite Unsuitable/Suitable/Optimal Distances is by choosing Middle/Long Shooter Job Licenses, which will overwrite the Mid/Long Range modifiers with Optimal Range.

Machinegun + Long Shooter = Suitable at Mid, Optimal at Close & Long Range.

However, the overwritten ‘Optimal’ range will not provide the same amount of damage as natural Optimal range, but instead provide a slightly more damage values than natural Suitable range. Long Shooter’s Limit Break also overwrites Out-of-Range with Optimal Distance, making Long Shooter an essential part of a sniper build.

Sp. Shots

Sp. Shots are only available for Middle & Long Shooters, and all Sp. Shots forces the Gunpla to be stationary. It is advisable to hold the fire button even with single hit Sp. Shots in order to remove unnecessary delays in-between each shots. Sp. Shots’ damage are affected by Unsuitable/Suitable/Optimal Distances.

- Rifle
Fires an ultra long range, straight line of continuous bombardment that cannot adjust its angles while firing, continuous long stuns, very high total damage.

- Machinegun
Continuously fires its rounds until untapped / ammunition runs dry, short stuns every two hits, fast burst damage.

- Long Rifle
Charges up to fire a high velocity round with Knockdown, high damage.

- Gatling Gun
Continuously fires its rounds until untapped / ammunition runs dry, short stuns every two hits, fast burst damage, high total damage, big projectile spread.

- Bazooka
Charges up to fire an explosive round with Knockdown, low damage.

Misc Tips for Combat

- All attacks that can reach knocked-down enemies will connect; typically Strong Melee, normal range and Sp.Shots (a lot of EX Skills cannot hit vertically).

- Stepping into enemy Gunplas causes long stuns that can be utilized offensively and defensively. Often used as combo-chainer with melee attacks.

- Some attacks can be used to abuse their CC effects to successfully lock-down an enemy, such as attacks that can cause Knockups.

- Un-equipping a range weapon will disable the Gunpla from shooting, while un-equipping a melee weapon will simply use a placebo Module (fist) with 0 Parameter values. Be warned that not having a range weapon can sometimes completely disable how the Gunpla functions with shooting-heavy Job Licenses.

- Enemies getting hit by the crossfire is registered as the same body as your locked-on target, meaning the damage calculated from Word Tags, Part Traits and Attributes are applied as soon as the attacks are fired regardless of who takes the hit.


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