Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Guide: Starter Tips, Missions, Capsules and Shop

Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Guides
  • Starter Tips: Regions, Missions, Building an Optimized Gunpla Player, Lvl & Exp, Gifts & Achievements, Friends, and Reset Times
  • Capsules: Different Capsules, Misc Infos and Parts VS Pilots
  • Shop: Capital Shop, Expand Box, Coin Exchange and Blueprints

GBGW Guide Series

Starting the Game

This game has an extensive in-game glossary at Other(Settings) -> Support -> Controls Help and is highly recommended for beginners to read through this.

Three Regions [NA/Asia/JP], One Server

Three different regions are all connected into one server, sharing the same updates on contents, events and playerbase.On rare occasions however, some regions receives exclusive offers with real money. Regions are locked from which app-store the game was downloaded from, where the chosen region is reflected from the player's profile code's first letters: ‘E’=NA, ‘A’=Asia, ‘JP’=Japan. Note that Transfer Data function does not work across different regions.

Starter Tips

Building a Gunpla that can clear most early in-game contents

- Higher base rarity Parts scales better in Parameters.

- When building your Gunpla, priortise Upgrading specific Parts to quickly gain Melee/Shot ATK Parameters:
Arms/SR Weapon Gunpla Parts for Melee ATK.
Head/LR Weapon Gunpla Parts for Shot ATK.

- Aim to have 3 offensive EX Skills, and if possible choose the ones with corresponding category to your Gunpla's main ATK Parameters:
Beam/Physical Melee Category EX Skills if you have higher Melee ATK.
Beam/Physical Shot Category EX Skill if you have higher Shot ATK.

- Armor/DEF/RES, Part Traits, Attributes, Job-Licenses, Word Tags and Gears are not important at the beginning

- Participate in Builder's Training whenever possible to increase your Gunpla's performance.

Resource Management

- Haro Chips becomes much more precious later on. Spend them strategically according to your needs and wants.

- Gunpla Parts are more important early game compared to AI Pilots.

- Don't worry too much on Capital / Nippers, they can be farmed back relatively easily.

- Awakening Circuits of rarity ☆3 and ☆4 are difficult to obtain and should be spent on base rarity of ☆3~4 Parts as they have higher Parameters.

- EN Recovery Items are precious with their effectiveness directly scaling with the Player's max EN capacity; avoid using them with a low Player Level.

Navigation / UI

- There are a lot of hidden interfaces that can be opened with Tap & hold, especially on Icons / Gunplas / Squads.

- Online Entry that takes up the last slot on Gunpla List page is the Gunpla that the other online players can use as Relief. At it is not bound by simultaneous usage with other Gunplas, it is recommended to use your best. Parts equipped on this Relief Gunpla are indicated with an 'O' letter in Parts/Items.

For more detailed information/explanations, read through the GBGW Guide series or join our Discord Server to chat, discuss, and answer each others' questions.


Every individual Mission comes with 3 bonus Challenges that grants 10 Haro Coins per tick (Story Missions are the only exception, providing 30HC). It is recommended to attempt at clearing all the bonus Challenges for Event Missions as they are rotated out after the weekly period.

3 Challenges on each stage
Tap on the checkboxes to view their clear conditions

Harder Missions with higher recommended CPWR can be cleared relatively easily with a weak Squad as long as the player optimizes their Gunplas' DPS potential.

Against 1/100 MG and 1/60 PG enemies, shooting their Armor down to every 1/3 will cause 10 seconds of stun. It is also possible to Guard MG enemies’ most melee attacks to create brief openings for counterattacks. The most dangerous attacks by bosses are their EX Skills, which can potentially destroy your Gunpla instantly without evasive maneuvers.

Some stages' final Bosses appears after a "WARNING", spawning a HG sized Gunpla that is pulled from the community's Relief Gunpla database. These HG bosses retains all the customization done by their makers and will often be deceptively strong due to their random factors.

When losing or dying in Missions, the players' EN is conserved and players can safely retry from scratch (with the exceptions of some Missions).

Clear through Story Mission at least up to Chapter 3

Clearing Chapter 3 unlocks the Job License function with AI Pilots and myriads of other contents. With the exception of ☆1 Haro, any AI Pilots can choose one specialized role other than an All-Rounder. Visit the Tutorial Missions to practice through each Job Licenses’ specialities or check out the dedicated article on Part Traits & Job Licenses for more information on their differences.

Job Licenses can be chosen at the Gunpla-Build interface, underneath the CPWR indicator
Job Licenses can be chosen at the Gunpla-Build interface, underneath the CPWR indicator

The player can choose to continue through more of the Story Missions, granting quick accesses to Haro Chips and higher Player EXP per EN compared to other types of Missions. Clearing Story Missions beyond Chapter 3 provides few other additional contents/goods, most notably an entire set of Artemis Gundam Gunpla Parts after clearing Chapter 4-7 with the specs of a base ☆4 Gunpla Parts.

Clearing past Story Mission's Chapter 6 and also each of Free Missions’ Chapters on Normal difficulty will unlock corresponding chapters on Hard difficulty. While Story Mission’s battles cannot be replayed, their interactive story sections can be revisited at anytime.

Free Mission

Free Mission is mostly played for Challenges or farming for specific ☆1 Parts. ☆2 Code φ Parts are obtained exclusively from its Hard difficulty stages and has an exceptional performance of base ☆4 Gunpla Parts, similar to that of Artemis Gundam. The chance of getting said ☆2 Code φ Parts is incredibly rare and estimated to be around 1%, with other misc ☆1 Parts Parts and Items being much more accessible. Always double check the Free Mission's 'Drop Items' list as bulk of them drops different categories of ☆2 Code φ Parts.

Items Drop list
Missions' Items Drop list can be seen here

Daily Mission

Daily Mission is a place to farm Nippers and Capital, where higher difficulty drops more Nippers with their rarity decided on RNG. The specific types of Nippers acquired from Daily Mission rotates around daily:

Monday = Head, Body
Tuesday = Arms, Legs
Wednesday = Back, SR / Shield
Thursday = AI, LR / Shield
Friday = Head, Body, Arms
Saturday = Legs, Back, SR / Shield
Sunday = LR / Shield, AI, Capital(+ ALL Nippers)

Sunday is arguably the best day to farm as it provides a hefty sum of Capital as well as the ALL Nippers. The downside is that the ALL Nippers are fixed on ☆2 rarity.

Event Mission

The Event Mission and its respective Event Achievements cycles weekly and comes with both the new and recurring rewards. Progressing through weekly events requires the player to actively participate while understanding the most efficient methods to farm. Most Event Mission follows a particular pattern where it demands players to equip specific Parts to gain multipliers, ranging from Parts from Pick-Up Capsules, Parts chosen series' and previous week's F2P ☆3 Parts. Always double check in-game Notices to find more details to participate through the weekly events.

Join our Discord Server to chat, discuss, and answer each others' questions regarding the ongoing Events.


The Arena is a weekly 1v1 / 3v3 asynchronous tournament where each player attempts three battles a day. The players are rewarded in three different instances: every victory from each attempts, Daily Rank Rewards based on letter grades and Weekly Rank Rewards based on numerical final standing.

To achieve high Arena Rank, the Player must first aim to gain the highest amount of Arena Points per every battle. Arena Points are calculated through two variables: the Enemy's grade & end of the round's Battle Assessment. The current formula for Battle Assessment heavily favors killing the enemies ASAP while taking minimum amount of damage. Refer to our Arena Post-1.2 Guide for in-depth explanation.

The first attempt of weekly Arena is populated with pre-generated opponents by the game, making the mid-tier Arena rewards of B~A grades accessible even for beginners.

The Arena's play-count can be conserved by closing the app before transitioning to the Loading screen. This method is reliable for covering up chance mistakes in Arena

Skip Ticket

The players unlock the option to completely skip through any Mission’s 3D battle sequences by completing its three Challenges. It is particularly useful for quickly completing difficult missions that the Player cannot clear on Auto or for general convenience. Skip Tickets can be obtained abundantly from Capital Shop, Exchanges and Event rewards.

Skip Tickets have two downsides: they do not grant Friend Points for both the player and the owner of the Relief Gunpla, and do not grant bonus Battle Assessment multipliers for Event Mission operating on Event Points format.

Building an Optimized Gunpla

Parameters > EX Skills > Word Tags > Part Traits

This is the basic order of priortisation of Parts when building a decent Gunpla without paying too much attention on its optimization.

Later on with a better collection of Parts, it is possible for players to build peak performance Gunplas by revising the order of the prioritization:

Part Traits = EX skills > Word Tags = Parameters

By focusing on the special properties of Part Traits / EX Skills and supporting them with necessary specs, this order of prioritization aims for perfect builds catered towards the builder's wishes.

Parts with similar performances amongst the same base rarities often eclipses another with its performance, but minor differences still merits their viability in specific builds. It is important to know what to look for in the Part's performances to identify which Parts to use.

For example, ☆4 [Arms] category Gunpla Part with a high ATK would typically have lower defensive values, but is still highly sought after as [Arms] category Gunpla Parts provides the second-most Melee Attack values.

Some Parts are less optimized for their uses however, sacrificing its niche optimal performance in favor for flexibility such as having both a decently high Melee ATK and Ace Exclusive Word Tag.

EXP & Level

The EXP gained for both the Player & Parts are directly proportional to the Energy usage per stage, with the standard ratio of 1EN/10EXP. The only exception to this figure are Story Missions in regards to the Player EXP earnings.

Whenever the Player levels up, it overflows the EN meter with the amount depending on the player’s current maximum EN capacity, forcibly stopping the 1EN/5mins timer.

Following Friends/Players to view & use their Relief Gunplas

To search and follow specific players, click on the ID box / magnifier at top-right corner of the [Home]->[Smartphone]->[Friends] interface and enter their player code.

click on the magnifier at top-right corner of the [Home]->[Smartphone]->[Friends] interface and enter their player code

The player can also find and add random players' Relief Gunplas through Free/Daily/Event Missions and clicking on 'Follow' at the result screen.

By pressing down at other players' profile icons, it is possible to view their Relief Gunplas’ build and study how others make their strongest Gunplas. Alternatively, press View Player Card on Friends list to look through their displayed Photo display.

Gifts & Achievements

As the game always provides static Parts/Items for the players to store indefinitely, it is recommended to receive all the rewards to accurately manage your resources without the risk of expiration. Alternatively, the Gift Box can be used as a de-facto storage with its unlimited capacity, stockpiling a large number of unclaimed Parts/Items in Gift Box to save Box space. The only major downside is that the Gift Box only shows the latest 100 Gifts received, making it increasingly difficult to claim older rewards.

Progressive Achievements in this game do not lose progress after accepting the rewards with ts counter carrying over to the next connecting Achievement; satisfying “Clear 10 Event Missions” Achievement means only five more Event Mission attempts are needed to complete “Clear 15 Event Missions”.

Game Reset Times

Game’s daily reset is at 1pm PDT or 5am JST for Log-in stamps, Daily Achievements, Daily Missions and Arena. Weekly updates usually arrives at Tuesday 8pm PDT for new banner Pick-Ups and Events.


These are the primary Capsules in GBGW:

  • [Gunpla Parts Pick-Up Capsule]
  • [AI Pilots Pick-Up Capsule]
  • [Standard Pick-Up Capsule]
  • [Standard Gunpla Parts Capsule]
  • [Standard AI Pilots Capsule]
  • [Friend Points Capsule]

Capsules generally tends to have the same drop rate of 
☆4=5%; ☆3=25%; ☆2=70%

There are exceptions however, such as:
[Sokai Festival] Capsules of ☆4=7%
[Event Capsule] at ☆4=1%
and many more.

Do not be misled by the front pages of the Capsules as they always show the Max Values of displayed Parts and not their natural base values; currently there are no base ☆5 Parts. Go into the Drop Rate list and hold down on the Parts to ascertain their base values.

The Prime Pool exists in Gunpla Parts type Capsules to encourage x10 pulls where the 10th roll will always exclude any ☆2 Parts (☆3=83%, ☆4=17%). Due to its increased rate of ☆3/4 on the 10th roll, Capsules with Prime Pool has a higher chance of obtaining ☆4 is higher with x10 rolls.

Prime Pool Drop Rates
Prime Pool pull rates

Pick-Up Capsules

Gunpla Parts Pick-Up
Latest Parts from Gunpla Parts Pick-Up
Standard Pick up
Weekly rotating Pick-up Parts from Standard Pool

[Gunpla Parts Pick-Up] capsules includes latest Parts introduced in that week, featuring an increased rate for those brand new selection.

[Standard Pick-Up] capsules revisits Parts from [Standard Gunpla Parts] with an increased rate.

Pick-Up's increased rates
Pick-Up Capsules have increased rates on certain Parts
Standard's constant rates
Standard Gunpla Part's constant rates

After the weekly reset, the previously exclusive Parts from [Gunpla Parts Pick-Up] joins the [Standard Gunpla Parts] pool, while previously exclusive AI Pilots from [AI Pilots Pick-Up] joins the [Standard AI Pilots] Capsule.

Some [Pick-Up] prizes does not always joins the Standard prize pool and rotates out after a week such as the monthly [Sokai Festival] and Limited Capsules. Some of these prizes include: Nu Gundam ver.ka Gunpla Parts, Freedom Gundam Gunpla Parts, Wing Zero Custom EW Gunpla Parts etc.

Always double check the in-game Notices to plan ahead on where to spend the Haro Chips, but is generally commended to spend them on Sokai and Limited Capsules since many of their base ☆4 Parts' performances are the best in the game.

Other Misc. Infos

Free daily pulls

Free daily pullsOne Free Pull every 24hrs

Between the daily reset and the weekly updates, there is a period of 7hrs where it is recommended to do the free Capsule x1 pulls from [Standard Gunpla Parts] and [Standard AI Pilots] Capsules as they reset after the weekly banner updates.


[Friend Point Capsules] is a low rarity capsule that requires spending 200 FP (Friend Points) per roll. FP can be accumulated by clearing Free/Daily/Event Missions by either using others' Relief Gunplas or when they uses the Players’. The player gains +40 FP with mutually followed friends, +30 with one-sided follows, +20 with randoms, and lastly +100 when the others uses the Players' Relief Gunpla.

[Standard Gunpla Pick-Up], [Standard Gunpla] and [Standard AI-Pilots] has a 'Use Standard Capsule Ticket' option that can be used in alternative to Haro Chips to pull the Capsules. The tickets can be obtained through various Events and Coin Exchanges, but cannot be actively farmed without limit. It is recommended to accumulate these tickets to eventually use them on [Gunpla Standard Pick-Up] on obtaining the Player's favourite Gunpla Parts, or alternatively spending them on [Standard AI Pilots] to compensate the lack of Pilots.

When rolling [Pick-Up] & [Standard] Capsules, the colors reflected in the process corresponds to the rarity of the Parts obtained: the plastic pellets being poured for Gunpla Parts or the glow emitted within the Haro for AI Pilots.


Capital Shop

An hourly rotating Shop where players can buy Parts/Items with Capital. It is filled with ☆1 Parts & ☆2 Artemis Parts from FP Capsule, ☆1/☆2/☆3 Nippers, ☆1/☆2/☆3 Awakening Circuits and ☆4 Awakening Circuit Fragment, Parts Exchange Ticket Fragment, Chg. Gear Piece, BT Reuse Ticket and  x1/x5/x10 Skip Tickets.

Artemis Parts in Capital Shop

Expand Box

Spend 100 Haro Chips or a Box Ticket (obtained through special Events) to expand Parts/Item/Gear Box by +10 slots. The player’s default Box capacity is 400 Parts, 50 Items, and 100 Gears. When the player lacks any Box space, it’ll be sent to Gift Box to be claimed whenever desired.

Expand Parts Box

Coin Exchange

A place to trade in Platinum Coins, Event Coins and Arena Coins for various items such as Parts, Paints and Awakening Circuits. This place is the primary exchanging location of rewards during the weekly events' participation.

*4 Awakening Circuit

For any Exchanges made through Coins, it progresses through a corresponding Achievement that provides hefty sums of Haro Chips. Avoid bulk Exchanges to count up this Achievement faster (100 HC per 5 Exchanges, lasting until to the count of 100 Exchanges = a total of 2000 HC).


Blueprints have four sections: Gear, Items, Parts and Others.

Blueprint - GearItems in Blueprints

Note that Blueprint's material demands must be fulfilled individually; if there are two tick-boxes demanding different conditions, the player must have enough materials to satisfy both.


There are ☆1~3 of Gears affecting Parameters, Cost or other unique effects with each demanding exponentially more materials with higher rarity:

Blueprint Gear

Each Gear, depending on its Rarity and category, requires different materials to consume.

Gears can be accessed and equipped from Gunpla Build menu. Not equipping a Gear will count as an unequipped Part as indicated by a " ! " next to the Gunpla. Not all categories of Gears are yet to be released.

Gear in Gunpla Build


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