Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Knockout Blow Parts Review

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  • Knockout Blow brings us the Launcher Strike Gundam
  • The Launcher Strike is from Gundam Seed
  • Launcher Strike Gundam parts reviewed!

Launcher Strike Gundam Parts Review

Hello again Pilots!

This week's event brings us the Launcher Strike from Gundam Seed, completing the three different Strike forms. Like the Sword Strike Gundam before it, it seems geared towards defeating large enemies. Only five parts this week, the main body, with no weapons or shield or pilot. How does the Launcher pack stack up to the others? Well, I don't really cover that, but I do cover how it stacks up to all the parts in the game, so let's get into it!

Head - B

This Head has low defenses and high Shot ATK. It comes with a debuff that reduces all enemies' Beam Resist by 39%, and the Long-Range and High Firepower word tags. Honestly, it's not bad. It's nothing particularly stand out, but is comparable to the Artemis head, with a better EX skill and better tags for a Shot ATK Gunpla. I wouldn't invest in it much if you already have any number of good Shot ATK Heads, but if you're using the Artemis for raw Shot ATK stats, might want to grab this to replace it.

Torso - C

High defenses, average ATK, Long-Range and High Firepower word tags, and a trait that increases Debuff EX Skill effects by 15% when fighting a large enemy, meaning the 1/100 and 1/60 enemies that sometimes show up. This is an okay part, I wouldn't invest into this personally. Good tags for Shot ATK, ordinary stats, and the trait is okay when paired with the Head, but I don't expect Debuffs to surpass Buffs anytime soon. Boosting 10K by 30% is more value than lowering 5K by 30%, after all.

Arms - D

Average defenses, low Melee ATK, average Shot ATK, the Long-Range and High Firepower word tags, and a magazine filler EX Skill. I'm not a fan of magazine EX skills, as they tend to be very low damage. All in all, this part is pretty bad, with the only even slightly redeeming things being the word tags, but that Shot ATK is so low as to not really be worth it. I wouldn't invest in these.

Legs - B

The Legs have average stats all around, the Long-Range and For Desert word tags, and a trait that reduces EX Skill Cooldown against large enemies. Nothing about these Legs stands out, except the trait being good for the Multi-Missions, once those return. If you plan to do a lot of them and don't have a specific build in mind for it, these are pretty solid and worth investing into. If you don't plan to do a lot of Multi-Missions or already have a build ready for that with specific Legs, then skip these.

Back - D

Average stats everywhere, Long-Range and For Desert word tags, and a filler EX Skill. There's nothing exciting about this part other than using the giant gun on it for meme builds. I wouldn't invest into this.

And that's all we have for today folks. On the whole, not the spectacular suit the Sword Strike was, but it's not that bad either. Nothing amazing, but a couple of solid pieces to look at. Luckily this is a Card event, meaning farming for extra awakening circuits is possible, so don't worry about having nothing to do this event!


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