Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - The Leader of the Sleeves' Prototype Parts Review

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  • The Leader of the Sleeves' Prototype brings us the Rebawoo
  • The Rebawoo is from Gundam Unicorn
  • The Leader of the Sleeves' Prototype parts reviewed!

Rebawoo Parts Review

Hello once again Pilots! This week, we have the Rebawoo. The Bawoo is probably my favourite non-Gundam suit, and while the Rebawoo isn't exactly the same, it's close enough to have me jumping for joy. So, is it any good? Let's find out.

Head - F

Not a great start. This has average Melee ATK, extremely low Shot ATK, Zeon and Commander Word Tags, and a trait that boosts projectile speed by 14% when Technique Attribute. This trait is made more or less useless by the fact that the Head's Shot ATK is so low. Pass.

Torso - D

Decent Armor, average defenses, average ATK stats, Zeon and Commander Word Tags, and a Beam Vulcan EX Skill. Like the Susanowo Torso, this EX Skill looks like it should be an alternative to the XB1 Torso, but it really isn't.

Arms - C

High Melee ATK, average Shot ATK, low defenses, Zeon and Commander Word Tags, and a filler EX Skill. This Skill is basically identical to the Zeta Arms, so it has some niche as an area attack, but it's not very good. I'd grab one copy if you need a set of Melee Arms at 2300 that don't come with a Shield attached, but otherwise would skip.

Legs - D

Average stats all around, Zeon and For Computer Word Tags, and a filler EX Skill. Pass.

Back - B-

Same stats and word tags as the Legs, except for swapped RES stats, and a trait that boosts Melee Power by 25% while you have the Zeon Tag active. Zeon is not a particularly good tag and we already have had the Zeon tag Arena, so it's unlikely to show up again anytime soon, which hurts how viable this Back is. I'd still pick it up and max it out, but it isn't on the level of the Arche Back or the Age Titus Back.

Beam Rifle (Rebawoo) - C

Above average defenses, low Shot ATK, Zeon and Commander Word tags, and a trait that reduces Initial CD by 12% while Commander is active. This is yet another Melee focused Initial CD part, except particularly bad because it requires a Shot ATK focused word tag active. Outside of a potential Commander Arena, this is going to see basically zero use. It's very strong for a Commander Arena in the future though, so definitely max this out if you're a Melee user.

Shield - D

Some defensive stats, yup, Zeon and Commander Word Tags, and a Pierce based filler EX Skill. Pass unless you just need any 3* shield or to get a Commander shield.

Well, the Rebawoo isn't particularly good overall, but it has some well, not gems, but decent pieces? It still looks amazing anyways. I'll see you all next week.


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