Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare: New Events, More Compensations and Ver1.1 Major Updates

Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare: New Events, More Compensations and Ver1.1 Major Updates

- New "Situation" variants for the weekly Event Missions with daily 30 Haro Coins and 60 Event Coins

- New permanent Event Missions "Challenge from Ono" featuring Story Mission bosses for 530 Haro Coins and a Title per Mission

- Compensations for players who did not receive Gunpla Parts from Capsules during early August's high server load issues

- Upcoming Version 1.1 with major updates

New "Situation" Mission for the Weekly Event Banner

New "Situation" variants for the weekly Event Missions

With the arrival of Bulwark Sword Event banner, a new "Situation" variant has arrived to Event Mission that refreshes daily. It has only one Mission with a unique sortie condition where each Gunpla must equip at least six of Sword Strike Gundam's Parts, meaning the player must buy each Event Part that is available at Shop's Coin Exchange with a total cost of 10x6 Event Coins. After equipping all six Parts, players can equip their own LR weapon and AI Pilot.

Sortie Condition: Equip all the Sword Strike Gundam's Parts

The recent Situation Missions were at a fixed 15,000CPWR difficulty, and with a decent LR weapon & AI Pilot this Mission is surprisingly easy and should be no challenge for most players. For absolute beginners however, the lack of Relief Gunplas may be hard to deal with and is recommended to buy 2~3 copies of each Sword Strike's Parts to clear the Mission with teammates, or alternatively Upgrade the Parts with Nippers to strengthen the Gunplas.

Edited to add: Thanks to Scubasage on Reddit - we learned that you can actually sortie with just your main having the 6 parts from the Sword Strike banner and your ally gunplas can have best available gear. So this certainly should make it easier for free to play players to accomplish these sword strike situational events.

The main rewards for playing the daily Situation Mission is to clear the bonus Challenges and the Event Achievement with a total of 30 Haro Coins and 60 Event Coins per day. While its daily amount of rewards isn't much, its daily refreshes makes a worthwhile investment of spending 15EN per day.

While it is unknown whether they'll keep this "Situation" variant Mission through the next incarnations of weekly Event banners, here's hoping that they will maintain or even improve upon this friendlier F2P game environment.

New Permanent Event Mission: "A Challenge From Ono"

A Challenge From Ono

This new permanent Event Banner reunites the player with Story Missions' memorable boss fights. Each Mission features the last boss of a Story Chapter with increasing difficulty by starting with 100,000CPWR and rising in increments of 50,000. While every Mission is formidably difficult even for the veterans, they can be played with a thankful amount of 5EN to enter each Mission and with a guaranteed clears in bonus Challenges.

The total rewards for clearing each "Challenge from Ono" Missions are of 530 Haro Coins and a Title per Mission.

Event Achievement providing 500HC and a Title

All the Missions starts immediately with a boss encounter and other enemies spawning simultaneously. However unlike the MG enemies, "Challenge from Ono" enemies are always HG-sized and provides an excellent training ground to prepare for the eventual arrival of Arena's 3v3 battles.

The recommended strategy is to prioritize the player's survival as the enemies' attacks are incredibly powerful, often killing the player with a single attack. Either build a Shooter-type Gunpla with range-DPS with teammates distracting the enemies, or a Supporter-type Gunpla with Recovery/Buff/Debuff for assistance. Players should constantly move around to evade enemies' attacks while staying far away to avoid an unlucky stray bullet. Alternatively, build a Defender-type Gunpla with aggro EX Skills "Hate Up" from MK-II (AEUG)'s Legs and "Light up" from Mobile Worker's Torso to distract the enemies while the player's teammates does the DPS.

Compensation for eligible Players active between July 30th ~ August 9th

Eligible players are those who opened the Capsules below and were unable to receive the drawn Gunpla Parts between 7/30 ~ 8/9 1:29 AM (PDT):

・Capsules opened with Haro Chips
・Capsules opened with Standard Capsule Tickets
・The free first-time Capsule
・One time free per day Capsules
・Friend Points Capsules

Eligible players will receive the following items as compensations with possible delays before they're delivered:

・Capsules opened with Haro Chips: Haro Chips equal to the amount used
・Capsules opened with Standard Capsule Tickets: 10x Standard Capsule Ticket
・The free first-time Capsule: 10x Standard Capsule Ticket
・One time free per day Capsules: 10x Standard Capsule Ticket
・Friend Points Capsules (2,000 or less Friend Points used): 2,000 Friend Points
・Friend Points Capsules (more than 2,000 Friend Points used): 4,000 Friend Points

For the player who are new, this was during the first weeks of the game where the Arena was first introduced. An extensive high server load issues soon followed causing frequent disconnects and crashes. While the players did receive a large sum of Haro Coins as compensation, other losses experienced by specific players was never addressed until now.

Upcoming Ver1.1 on 09/24 (PDT)

The game version 1.1 will bring many new game contents after the maintenance that lasts for 6 hours [09/24 6:00 PM ~ 09/25 12:00 AM PDT]. Due to the long maintenance time, the current Event banner "Bulwark Sword" will be extended for another 6 hours and possibly more if the maintenance is to be extended.

The highlights of this update are: Story Mission Chapter 7, Free Mission Chapter 7, "Blueprint" and "Gear" features, New Mission Mode "Multi-Mission" and many Quality of Life improvements. However, the official news has commented that "Blueprint", "Gear" and "Multi-Mission" features will be activated in the game at a later time and not immediately after this update.

Story Chapter 7
Story Chapter 7
Blueprints can be used to obtain Gear/Items/Parts and more
Gear can be attached to Gunpla's inner frame with various effects

Misc. Updates and Bug Fixes

New Weapon Types and Quality of Life Improvements

・Addition of Weapon types “Dual Sabers” and “Gatling Gun”
・Fusing of the Standard Capsules and Standard Capsules 2, allowing for 1 free draw every 11 hours
・Display adjustment for when it is possible to draw a Free Capsule, as indicated on the Home screen when Haro jumps up and down and his eyes glow
・Item Box limit of x99 duplicates stacking for the same item will be increased to x999.
・Addition of the “Max Value” button at the full details screen of Parts in the Shop
・Making the players easier to understand active Word Tags within the Build screen with UI improvement

Bug Fixes

・The Follower List can exceed the 100 person limit in some cases
・During Battle, Auto Pilot may activate even when it has been turned off
・In your Parts/Items List, your Sort Settings may not be saved
・Emblems cannot be added to some Parts
・Some devices may display an error message after viewing the Terms of Use
・EN cannot be recovered from the upper part of the screen on some devices
・Buttons may stop responding when closing out of a window on some devices
・During Battle, using certain EX Skills may cause the Enemy Gunpla to stop moving
・Push notifications for EN Recovery may remain onscreen for some devices
・When building during the tutorial, Part names may not be displayed properly
・Parts in the Photo Studio may not display properly on the pose selection screen
・Other minor errors will also be corrected

These fixes are currently being fine-tuned, hence implementation times and contents are subject to change.


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