Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Obsidian Wings Parts Review

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  • Obsidian Wings brings us the Strike Noir Gundam
  • The Strike Noir is from Gundam Seed Stargazer
  • Strike Noir Gundam parts reviewed!

Strike Noir Gundam Parts Review

Hello Pilots!

This week, we have another Seed event, another Strike variant, and another set of parts for me to review. We have seven parts this week, between the five body parts, the melee weapon, and the pilot. Let's take a look, shall we?

Head - F

Ouch...we're not starting well here. This head has low defenses, average Melee ATK, high Shot ATK, the word tags Gundam Type and For Space, and the typical Vulcan EX Skill, which is one of, if not outright, the worst EX skill in the game. The Gundam Type tag is nice in theory, as it is the best defensive tag that exists, but this Head has really low defenses that hold it back from being good in that role. The only thing that shines here is the 2300 Shot ATK on a 3* Head...but unlike last week's Launcher Strike, that had decent word tags for Shooters, this doesn't. The final nail in the coffin for this part is the existance of the Artemis, which is given out to players for free and does literally everything this Head does, but better. Better defenses, better Melee ATK, better Shot ATK, better word tags, and the same EX Skill. Outside of aesthetics, the only reason I could see anyone using this part is if they grab a 5* version from the event and use that while they work on getting their Artemis Head to 5*.

Torso - C

Not a particularly great part, but much better than the Head was, at least. Above average defenses, average ATK values, Gundam Type and For Space word tags, and a trait that boosts EX Skill damage by a flat 20 while using Dual Sabers. The trait is negligible value and not really worth discussing. This part could see some use in a defensive suit focused around the Gundam Type word tag though. Not something I would really invest in, even for a defensive suit, but it is an option if you have nothing better.

Arms - D

Another stinker of a part, sadly. Above average defenses, very low ATK values, Gundam Type and For Tundra word tags, and a trait that boosts Melee Crit by 17% when using a Speed Attribute. Like the Torso, these arms could see use on a defensive focused Gundam Type suit, but even then, it's a really rough sell. Their Melee ATK is just way too low at a measly 558 to even take advantage of the trait. Speaking of, 17% Crit chance translates to, on average, an increase in damage of 1.7%, as Crits are only 10% extra damage compared to regular hits. Likewise, EX Skills cannot crit, so it's just your ordinary attacks that benefit. That makes these kinds of traits very marginal. I wouldn't invest in these.

Legs - F

Strike Noir, it's not looking good for you. Average defenses, average ATK values, Gundam Type and For Tundra, with a filler EX Skill, and not a particularly good one at that. This is only slightly better than the Head in that the Armor value is average instead of low, but like the Head, this is basically 100% outclassed by just using the Artemis Legs instead.

Back - B

And I had such high hopes for these wings, as they look gorgeous. Still, this is pretty good for an event part. Identical stats to the legs, swapping the two RES stats around, Gundam Type and For Tundra word tags, and an EX Skill that is the saving grace for this part. The Dual Linear Guns are a Physical Shot magazine skill with B+ Power. This is relevant because by their very nature, magazine skills have no initial CD, so they are available right from the start, and it is the only B+ magazine skill that exists, making it the strongest one currently available. Arena hasn't opened, so we can't test exactly how good magazine skills will be in the new Battle Assessment, but they could end up being very, very strong, and this is the best one around. Grab these and invest in them, as even if they aren't good enough to compete with Overkill skills in terms of Arena, they'll still do very well in other content.

Melee Weapon - C

Low ATK, above average defenses, Gundam Type and For Space word tags, and a trait that gives a 12% chance to penetrate Super Armor. Super Armor is not something that is clearly defined in any sense, and 12% is not very much so we'll just ignore the trait for now, as we do with marginal traits like the Torso trait. This part isn't very good for Melee suits, but where it CAN see use is on Shot ATK suits. There are no Melee Weapons that give Shot ATK, so the slot is regulated to being used exclusively for traits, word tags, and defensive stats. Well, this part happens to have good defenses, and a defensive word tag too. That's the major reason to run it, if you don't need the slot for something better, just as a stat stick to prop up your defenses, really. I wouldn't invest, but having a copy or two lying around to slap onto some Shot suits for some defenses isn't the worst idea.

Pilot - A

Here we go, the shining star of the event! Sven Cal Bayang is an Out-fighter with above average Melee ATK, average defenses, the High Mobility and For Space word tags, and a fantastic trait of lowering Initial Skill CD by 12% when using a Speed Attribute suit. This is the budget Shinn Asuka. He has high enough Melee ATK to make using him worthwhile and his trait is amazing. Currently, In-Fighters are favored over Out-fighters because of parts like the Barbatos 4th Form Arms, but if Out-Fighters ever get a similar part, they could see legitimate use over In-Fighters, and if that part ever comes, you'll want to have Sven maxed out and ready to rumble, especially after the Arena changes from this week's 1.2 update. Definitely invest here.

Overall this suit is pretty, pretty bad. But luckily, the most important part, the wings, are great, and the Pilot is fantastic too. That's all the time I have today, but tune in next week when I review...well, whatever next week's event suit is!


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