Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - Part Featurette #4

  • The highest melee attack weapon in the game!
  • A combined Part worth its weight in gold!
  • Legs that make a Mikazuki/DODS Rifle Defender into a monster!

Welcome back, Pilots, for our fourth installment to the weekly Part Featurette, where we cover three parts that are stand-out in some way.  This week we’ve got a bit of a mixed bag; the new Barbatos 6th Form melee weapon that is an absolute powerhouse, Victory arms with a severely weighted attack stat (one of three at this number), and the GP01 Legs that may be what a Mikazuki Augus/DODS Rifle Cooldown Reduction build needs to take it over the edge!  Let’s dive right in!



WOW, look at that melee attack sitting at a juicy 4,004.  That’s it; this baby takes the crown as the highest melee attack weapon in the game.  Only the Victory Beam Saber even comes close, and neither have any impressive Word Tags to put one in a greater position than the other.  Where the Victory Saber increases critical rate (which doesn’t offer a dramatic damage gain), the Wrench Mace comes packed with a competent EX Skill that slams the opponent fast, and increases Melee Defense. 

I know we try to avoid the discussion of “this has good stats, do good damage”, but this has the most stats of any other Part in the same slot, and for that, I’m heavily considering picking this up at the end of the month with Premium Materials.



Following in a similar vein, the most stand-out aspect of the Victory Arms is that they have a melee attack stat of 3177, which puts this on equal ground as Exia Arms, and Sanakapool Arms.  I know that there has been a lot of discussion regarding Sanakapool’s massive melee attack stats, and it’s come with some confusion regarding it’s comparison to other parts (being that people were unsure of Parts at higher stats).  Keep in mind, though, that the defense stat are this high due to the fact that this is a combined Part and also includes a Shield.

There’s a significant bit of difference with the EX Skill compared to Exia, even at a glance.  The values for Victory are B+ Pierce/D Power and Exia is D Pierce/B Power, and Victory’s EX actually lowers the enemy’s Beam Resist stat.  This makes for a lot of interesting combinations for things like a beam-based melee build that capitalizes on lowered defenses to maximize damage.



This is the bad boy that I was really excited to talk about this week.  Those that know me more closely in the community know that I have had a significant pet project brewing with Mikazuki Augus/DODS Rifle as the core of my main build.  The cooldown reduction that you see from combining this Pilot and Part are absurd, and enable a 16 second bisect kill in Arena on their own… But that’s not good enough.  Enter: GP01 [Zephyranthes] Legs!

From our entire individual testing, so far we can tell that Initial Cooldown Reduction and Cooldown Reduction, as well as Initial EX Skill Charge all reduce the initial EX Skill cooldown reduction together.  Even the base 6% cooldown reduction given by the GP01 Legs pushes this into a total reduction of 24% for activating a P Attribute.  (Mika lvl 1 6% + DODS lvl 10 12% + GP01 lvl 1 6% = 24%)

Why this 6% is significant is because initial cooldown reduction Traits reduce the initial cooldown by the specified percentage of the max cooldown timer.  This means that the percentage gains are significantly higher when combined with abilities like Bisect (Max cooldown 120s, Initial 30).  So a 24% reduction based from a 120s cooldown should enable Bisect to be immediately available upon starting the match (roughly a 28.8s reduction applied to 30s, with some expected rounding).  If you’re going down the path of this build, maybe it’s time to consider these Legs.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week!  Check back next Friday and we’ll have a new trio of Parts to discuss!  Don't forget to let us know what you want to see next!


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