Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - Part Spotlight - Sokai Special Part 1

sokai spotlight
  • The Part Featurette becomes the Part Spotlight - Too many things to limit!
  • Part 1 in a multi-part segment! More to come through the weekend!
  • All Sokais are LIVE! What's best for you?!
  • We detail the most stand-out parts from the Sokai banners that you have, or may want!


Hey there, all you snazzy Pilots!  I know we haven't had a Part Featurette come out in awhile, and I could sit here and rationalize to you the why's and why-nots of this, OR we could talk about some awesome Parts in GBGW that you may have or may need!

We're going to essentially take down each of the ELEVEN suits in the Sokai Revival and Step-Ups, as well as the current Sokai Banner and explain the most stand out parts that you are gonna want to look out for!

In the future, Part Spotlights will be the norm, and Featurettes will be kicked to the curb.  I felt that the format was too restrictive, but we can include all the good parts about it.  The trouble with talking about specific Parts is that there's no real efficient way to obtain them, and no way to guarantee that you're going to get any specific Part from any specific Banner.

BUT, people still want to know what's good and what isn't, whether they have it or not, because there's always that chance.  We'll be more welcoming to including all kinds of Parts in this, while still including things like currently-running Banners and Event parts.

It would be even better if people could or would chime in about what they want to see next, or if anything was missed that they'd like to hear talked about. 

It's important to note that most Sokai Parts have higher than average stats in most departments, such a good deal of Sokai Heads having an average of roughly 550 melee attack.  We'll try not to focus on that for every suit.

Part Two - Turn A Gundam and Turn X

Part Three - Qubeley, Zeta, Hi-nu HWS, and EZZ Gundam

**I am in no way telling anyone that they should or should not pay for premium currency in order to pull on Banners.  This is an informative overview of a Part's stand-out effectiveness or viability, and is based on observational data.**


justice and freedom


This suit is definitely a mixed bag, and at first the combination of Word Tags and Stats make it feel a little awkward.  However, there's definitely a few Parts here that stand out as monstrous in a melee build.  

At the time that this Sokai dropped, there were a few Parts included that had higher-than-average stats in the melee department (Head and Legs), but now that the game has progressed, those aren't that rare any more.

arm stat ex
Arm - Justice Gundam

ARMS - Justice Arms boast a whopping 3312 melee attack, and terrible tags for a melee suit, really.  But if you get ahold of these, you're going to want to keep ahold of them, considering that this Arm ranks number TWO in melee attack stats, second to Tallgeese EW, despite that this is packing Ace Exclusive as a Word Tag.  Super contradictory tags, but very good overall, especially considering the huge 1734 melee defense stat.  The EX is extremely underwhelming, however, and should only be used as an absolute last resort, as there are too many things clearly superior.

back stat ex
Back - Justice Gundam

BACK - One of the many melee Power A EX Skills in the game, and easily one of the best.  Justice back not only has Close Combat for a Word Tag (including Ace), but the melee attack buff given by the Skill has no texture change, and will stack with any other buff, awakening, or Power A secondary effect that does have a texture change.  This is the cream of the crop and it has been heavily utilized since the first time this Sokai swung around. Ace is an awkward Tag here, however, because you'll see this Part in melee suits 95% of the time.

shield stat trait
Laminated Anti-Beam Shield [Justice]

SHIELD - Definitely in the upper tier of Shields that come suited for defense, loaded with 2523 melee defense, 966 shot defense, and 1082 beam resist.  Absolutely monstrous defensive stats, and it comes as one of the only Ace Exclusive Word Tag Shields around.


Honestly the biggest problem both Freedom and Justice face is that they were the second Sokai Festival we had released, and since then their once-rare Parts are more plentiful.  However, this aesthetic joy of a suit still has some goodies that stand out among the rest.

Most of Freedom is some filler EX Skills like Shield Bash and the Beam Cannon tied to the Back.  The Shield and Saber both have higher-than-average Armor, but that's not really a stat that people are looking to build into quite yet.

leg stat ex
Legs - Freedom Gundam

LEGS - The biggest claim to fame for Freedom is the Legs, packing one of the only three Shot-based Power A Skills in the game, and it is a doozy. Xiphias Rail Cannon is a physical shot EX complete with dash animation and ability to overkill. It is your absolute go-to for a power shooter EX Skill, though the Legs themselves don't have the most impressive shot attack or Tags suited for a shooter, but they're definitely serviceable in that area.  Regardless, this is a huge prize.

chest stat trait
Chest - Freedom Gundam

CHEST - The Chest, on the other hand, is one of four Chest Parts in these Sokais packing the highest degree of Shot attack (966! The others are Kshatriya, Unicorn, Turn X). Notably, the Chest comes with a Gundam Type Word Tag that is actually the best defensive Word Tag available, happens to be entry requirement for the upcoming 1v1 Arena, and backs that with a whopping 2133 Armor.  The Protag Word Tag, however, is nothing to write home about here, along with the Trait, as you can see above (just not enough to matter).  

head stat ex
Head - Freedom Gundam

HEAD - A short aside about this Head, as it sports that sort-of-Sokai-average 553 melee attack... It's one of two Sokai Heads that includes both that attack number and a Protag Word Tag, so this stands out among others (the other Head being Turn A). Unfortunately, it also has Head Vulcans (Picus on SEED suits).


kshatriya unicorn


Kshatriya is one of those suits that doesn't pack a bunch of strong EX Skills that you're going to want to add to your arsenal. There's a good deal of filler EX Skills like Funnels, which are historically bad, and while some of the Parts are comical in appearance when kit-bashing... You'll find a few gems here.  

We're not going to be listing Kshatriya Funnels as stand-out either, despite them being the best of the bad.

leg stat trait
Leg - Kshatriya

LEGS - ALL JOKES ASIDE, this is one beastly stat stick you're going to want to use for a shooter if you've landed it.  Packing one of the highest shot attack allotments for any Part available (965), as well as relevant Tags to boost raw stats in Ace Exclusive (which takes it above Qubeley Legs), this is easily a staple Part in most builds.  Despite the enormous codpiece.

head stat trait
Head - Kshatriya

HEAD - Kshatriya Head, when released, was one of the strongest shooter Heads we had available, considering that we hadn't yet seen the revival of the Nu Gundam Banner, nor did we know if it was happening anytime soon.  With 3307 shot attack and "Long Shot Attack Raised 8%" at level 1 Part Trait, you can bet this packs a punch (though not as much as Nu). Long Shot Attack boosts affect shot attacks made from the longest available range for shooters, within target distance.

chest stat ex
Chest - Kshatriya

CHEST - A brief shout out to the chest, being one of 4 Chest Parts available throughout the Sokai Banners packing nearly 1k shot attack (and melee which is less common), at 965 (The others being Freedom, Unicorn, Turn X).  Unfortunately this is what I class as "filler EX Skill", as it's basically a glorified charge beam with terrible tracking, and not good damage.


Not only does this bad boy look great, it also has a great deal of awesome Parts that you'll want to utilize or collect.  Additionally, each Part available to Unicorn can "transform" when under the affects of an Awakening-like EX Skill (any skill that applies a texture change).  Overall, Unicorn can be built as a full kit with a strong focus toward balancing both melee and shot attack, but utilized in other builds can really put things over the edge.

This kit comes with some of the most notable Part selections in the game, as you would expect from Bandai's celebrated baby bot.  The Word Tags are fine for the kit, mostly focusing on Gundam Type, which helps in the upcoming Arena, but it lacks almost any offensive Tags.

shield stat trait
Shield [Unicorn Gundam]

SHIELD - Honestly, this Shield is extremely good.  Maybe even the best Shield in the game for adding that extra oomph of offense, while still maintaining fair defensive stats.  One of two Shields that have any attack stats, Unicorn definitely backs a punch with 965 Melee and 553 Shot attack.  Realistically, the Trait is nice, I guess, but it doesn't really add anything that you're going to notice when using EX Skills. 

arm stat ex
Arm - Unicorn Gundam

ARMS - Moving right from the Shield to Arms, this thing is a monster.  Not only does it have a melee Power A EX Skill in Beam Tonfa (with dash animation and overkill), it also raises your squad's shot attack with the buff applied, and packs an incredible spread of stats with 2922 melee attack, and 1356 shot attack.  This Arm has one of the highest shot attack values in game, and when combined with the Unicorn Shield adds 1,909 shot attack to your build from slots that normally wouldn't grant such an increase. This is definitely an excellent part for either melee or shot builds.

chest stat ex
Chest - Unicorn Gundam

CHEST - Hoo boy, the hits keep coming! Unicorn Chest packs an even 965 shot and melee attack as well as a very powerful Awakening skill in NT-D, which raises melee attack and speed by 20%, and melee defense by 10% at level 1.  The combination of the stats and Awakening alone on a slot that is mostly filled with useless or low-tier Parts is incredible, though NT-D will not stack with the effects from Beam Tonfa, as they both apply texture changes.

saber stat trait
Beam Saber [Unicorn Gundam]

BEAM SABER - Last on the list here for Unicorn is the coveted Beam Saber.  While it only has an above-average 3690 melee attack, that Part Trait is nothing to ignore.  There are only a specific selection of "Initial EX Skill charge boosted" effects in the game, and they don't always come tied to competent Parts with good stats and Tags.  This Saber does require Speed type to activate the Trait, but has great synergy with Sven Cal Bayang, and does have High Firepower to help.


nu ver ka


Lordy, lordy, lordy.  Looking back at the beginning of the game, there are a ton of people that didn't quite realize the absolute beast of a suit that Nu Gundam was and is.  Not only does it sport amazing stats, it has exactly the kind of Traits you need from staple Parts, and even comes with relevant and powerful Word Tags on most parts.

I realize that we haven't seen a Should You Pull article, or really a thorough overview of this particular Gundam, so I'll take a whack at a few of the Parts to let you know what's the most noteworthy.

head stat trait
Head - Nu Gundam [Ver.Ka]

HEAD - To this day, Nu Gundam Head is one of the best, only being directly overturned by the stats that Wing 0 EW offers.  Nu checks in at 3312 shot attack, Ace Exclusive, and a powerful Part Trait with an EX Skill power boost of 17% when attacking with Beam Skills (yes, this includes both melee and shot skills).  Additionally, the Head includes 1356 shot defense, which is definitely above average in the terms of other Parts in this slot.  Easily an incredible addition to your squad.

chest stat trait
Chest - Nu Gundam [Ver.Ka]

CHEST - Ah, the formerly overlooked and unsung hero of Nu.  With 553 shot and melee attack, you're looking at an average spread for offense with the chest, and above average defense, however... A 17% power boost when attacking with Beam weapons and EX Skills is nothing to scoff at.  Again, the Chest slot is heavily under-utilized with good Parts, and ends up getting a lot of chaff, so this is well above-average for any Beam-based shooter. AND it has Ace Exclusive; just so good.

rifle stat trait
Beam Rifle [Nu (Ver.Ka)]

BEAM RIFLE - I try to avoid simply going on about stats and stats and stats here, but sometimes a part is just really strong.  This is a perfect example - as there are only a few guns in the game that exceed 4100 shot attack.  Not only does this Rifle achieve that end, but it also comes with the Ace Exclusive Word Tag that doesn't get enough mainstream attention or inclusion when compared to Protag.  An added bonus nets you a reduction to enemy Strong Melee Power in the form of 17%. Nothing crazy, but it helps mitigate some damage.

zook stat trait
New Hyper Bazooka [Nu (Ver.Ka)]

NEW HYPER BAZOOKA - With the same exact stat layout as the Nu Beam Rifle, this Bazooka ends up being the most powerful of its kind.  While Atomic Bazooka has a unique feature in the AOE spread of damage, New Hyper Bazooka comes with Dual Cascade as an EX Skill, which is pretty strong and underrated overall, as well as that Ace Exclusive Tag. Overall this can easy push you into higher stats than Atomic Zook can, so don't ignore it if you get it.

shield stat trait
Shield [Nu (Ver.Ka)]

SHIELD - The Nu Gundam Shield packs an enormous amount of shot defense at 2523, which is more than you can find in most (if not all) Shields out there.  Additionally it comes with Ace Exclusive, and there are so few Shields that have this Tag.  When you have a Rifle equipped along with the Shield, however, you'll net a 17% reduction to enemy shooting power, and there are many builds out there attempting to reach as much enemy shooting power as possible.

Something of note is that Nu Gundam, overall, has a ton of shot defense and a bunch of Parts with Ace, and there is just not enough of them to go around, it feels (though recently we're seeing more love for it).


We're breaking this article into a few parts!  Part 2 will debut either later tonight or early tomorrow, and if we can't fit Turn X and Turn A into Part 2, then Part 3 will follow shortly after that!

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