Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - Player Showcase

  • A quick explanation of the rules for submission!
  • How do you submit your build? Find out below!


We need you; yes you! We have been seeing a community growing around this game (you can find the subreddit here at r/Gundam Battle, and there's a discord link on the subreddit) and with Big Zam around the corner and 3v3 Arena here, anyone can tell that more focused builds (not just big damage) will become more necessary. Unique builds providing support with mixing buffs and debuffs as well as healing, to “shot supports” that buy time and lay down fire… We asked ourselves “I wonder what everyone else has found?” …so we thought a player showcase would help answer that.


Now we are looking for builds that are UNIQUE. We are not excluding anything damage-wise, we just are looking for something other people just are not doing or may not have thought of. Something someone has not yet put together. It can be the way an EX works with the word tags, stacking certain Buffs with Traits and EX Skills. You get the picture. Got a build using the elusive Support job license that is working wonders on your team? How about a Melee monster that makes your team practically invincible? We want to see it!

With the massive array of parts already, and the slew on their way spilling out over the horizon, it is not hard to believe that something has been missed. This will be a way to not only show the community what you’re stacking up your sortie wins with but also get ideas from other people to help put even more victories under your belt.


The real major thing we need to see is your build, stats, Parts, and any applicable word tags. Best way to do that? We'll first get a screen shot of the builds specs like the one below:

This is my example guys... dont laugh too hard.

Then simply send me an email or a private message in discord with your screen shot and a super brief summary of how the build works, and why you made your choices with your Parts and setup. You can find me on the Unofficial Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare discord as Ozule, and you can use the email I have listed on my profile here to send me an email with your build details.

If your build is selected, I will be reaching out to you for a brief interview about the build to get a little more information as well as a few more screen shots to really get the overall setup of your build in entirety. Let’s face it, I will be asking for your best glamor shot of the build, so make it look nice!

What are you waiting for then? Do you have a Gunpla to answer the call? Let us know in the comments and on the discord!

Get your submissions in, pilots!


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