Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - Player Showcase #1

  • This week we interview whocares1 (in-game name: Okun) about his instant-EX build
  • Included ally code to add this ally to your friend list!
  • Check the bottom of the interview for how you can submit your build!

Hey there pilots! Welcome to the first Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare Player Showcase. Before we begin, I want to thank everyone for their submissions! We had an overwhelming response which did make the choice tuff. We are planning on having this be a weekly thing so if your submission was not selected, do not fret, you still have a chance to be featured!

You can submit your builds to [email protected] or by finding me (Ozule) on the unofficial Gundam Battle: Gundam Warfare discord, and direct message me your submissions.

Now without further ado, I give you this week’s Player showcase.


This build is super focused on getting your matches over in a heartbeat. It melts the competition like butter, and before you know it, YOU WIN.

I got a chance to speak with the pilot of this build, Whocares1 (Okun in-game) about the build and some of their current thoughts of the game and its future.



Well to start off, why don't you tell us a little bit about the build, in your own words.


It's a melee focused build intended to melt a 3v3 team instantly with EX skills. Currently a 120 CD EX skill is available to use within 1 second of starting the fight


That is insane! Matches must not last long at all for you then. I have to ask, as it just “RNGesus” blessing you with the parts that inspired this build? Or did you come into Gundam Battle: Gundam Warfare looking to max for a competitive edge?


I admit I got very lucky with a lot of my pulls (I'm f2p except for one of those 7.99 deals from September), but I like keeping an eye on the meta of whatever game I’m playing, and I like experimenting with builds and setups, albeit pretty casually. I noticed Initial CD reduction as a possibility once I pulled the Vajra Beam Saber (which otherwise isn't a noteworthy part) but the effect stacked with Exia still wasn't great.

It wasn't until Scubasage mentioned how DODS rifle is really interesting that things came together.


Yeah the DODS Rifle ended up being really amazing, and almost slipped under the radar. Are there any current parts that are missing from the build you either have not gotten your hands on to try, or is there anything currently in the game you think would improve the build? It's already rather impressive.


If I had Mika, I could swap the Red Astray Legs for my GP01 legs, different arms, and use a more powerful melee weapon, but I’d be giving up bisect. At this point I'm really happy with how it performs. The head is a bit of a wasted slot but it wouldn't affect the build's gimmick anyway.


True. And I can understand about not wanting to give up bisect; the build all-in-all is very well put together. You mentioned you like to keep an eye on the Meta of whatever game you are currently playing; is this the first "gacha" arena fighter you have played? And if not, do you think your time with other games helped in getting this monster created?


I guess it's the first gacha I’ve invested time into. Actually, most gacha's don't seem to have a very deep level of build customization, which is what appealed to me in this game (besides the gunpla). I've played a few magic/hearthstone-like card games and had a Ragnarok Online phase like many others where I made gimmicky builds. I think in MTG terms I’m called a Johnny.


I could see that, especially after looking over this build. I have played against a few Johnny’s in MTG in my time.  So with everything Bandai has been adding, is there anything you are excited to hopefully see come to the game? Suits, Features, Modes?


There's a ton of modes I'd like to see... but I'm trying to keep my expectations grounded haha. As for suits a lot of my favorites are already there, but I'm looking out for Psycho Zaku, Ez8, 78AL Atlas, full armor, and of course Turn A. Lupus Rex too


I can only imagine what atlas would look like in game HAHA. I too am looking forward to a Psycho Zaku and Lupus Rex in the game. Well last question. Do you have any advice for other players out there looking to put together unique or monstrous builds together?


Just take a look at what other people are making, and take ideas from here and there. Collaboration and showcasing is what makes this game unique I think.


We do too and it's why we thought this player showcase idea was a great one. Well on behalf of all of us here at Gamepress I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about this ultra fast damage-dealing monster and the game! May your sorties continue to be victorious!


Thanks for having me!


Well there you have it. This build is an absolute monster, clearly focused on reducing the initial cooldown of major EX skills, making your opponent lose any chance to wonder what just happened! Victory in three plays!

combo play
Overview of parts and stats

With the Vajra Beam Saber giving an initial EX skill charge of 6%, as well as the sleeper hit DODS Rifle adding an additional 12%, that is an overall EX skill charge of 18%. To top it off we also have the Exia chest providing an additional 6% Ex Skill cooldown reduction (which has been proven to reduce the initial cool down as well). All together this comes to a 24% cooldown reduction to Bisect, Trans AM Raid, and Shield Throw.

With the two 120 CD Power A that means 29 sec of their 30 sec initial cooldown is shaved off. (24% of 120s = 28.8s reduced; round to 29, apply against 30s initial cooldown) That’s right, you read that correctly: they are available after 1 second. You start the match with Bisect and Trans AM Raid ready to fire, so in 3v3 you don’t even need a team! First you fire off Trans AM, getting a 30% Melee Attack Boost as well as kill the current target, move on to the next and fire off Bisect stacking, another 20% Melee Attack Boost.

By then, the last member of the opposing team should be hitting the eject button and getting out of there, as you are rocking a 50% melee attack on top of the 17% from the Barbatos arms to make a 67% melee attack boost. Your final opponent is gone, no matter what you do. With this build, Shield Throw is the final option that ends your last target in a flash.

All-in-all, even adding additional attack power is not going to be absolutely necessary unless you’re going for an even larger overkill in arena. This build destroys everything it comes against in no time flat, so you can see why we had to choose this to start the Player Showcase. Whocares1 (Okun) did offer up his friend code (ELR0MDTE3) as well, in case you wanted to have this fiend help melt some of your tougher challenges. (Maybe you still need help in the Ono missions…?


We saw a huge response to this, and it really got us excited. We are going to be having the Player Showcase every Wednesday, SO YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!! All the submissions we got were super-unique and focused, and WE WANT MORE!!! You are absolutely free to resubmit your build if it was not chosen, an updated version of your previously-submitted build, or even a new build.

You can submit your builds to [email protected] (email found in my profile as well) or by finding me on the Unofficial Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare discord as Ozule (shoot me a message). You can also sound off in the comments below! All we need is a brief description of the builds overall theme or focus, as well as a picture of the build’s stats like the one featured in this article above.



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