Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - The Silver-Red Psycho Frame Parts Review

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  • The Silver-Red Psycho Frame brings us the Jagd Doga (Quess Custom)
  • The Jagd Doga is from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • Jagd Doga (Quess Custom) parts reviewed!

Jagd Doga (Quess Custom) Parts Review

Hello Pilots!

Another week, another event to give us more parts to spice up our builds with. Speaking of which, today I'll be reviewing the Jagd Doga (Quess Custom) parts from the Silver-Red Psycho Frame event. This week's event Gunpla comes with a full suite of parts, including weapons and a shield. I've also added a grade to the parts this time around, which should help people see at a glance how the parts stack up.

Head - B+

This Head sports above average Shot ATK, average Melee ATK and below average defenses for a 3* part. It comes with the For Space and Zeon word tags, neither of which are good. The trait is fairly solid if a little conditional, boosting your Shot Attack by 14% if your armor is above 60% and if you are in the mid-range distance. This trait is the saving grace of this part, but keeping yourself in the mid-range of your enemies is not easy in Arena, or in some of the harder missions like the Ono challenges. Still, if you don't have a solid Shot ATK head yet, this will probably perform better than the more basic 4* heads like the RX-78 or the Artemis. I'd invest in this if you don't have anything better on hand for a Shooter, and grab duplicates to max out the trait.

Torso - D

This Torso has average ATK stats, average defenses overall, specifically with below average Armor and above average Melee DEF, and the word tags For Space and Zeon. The trait boosts your Strong Melee power by 20% with a Technique Attribute Gunpla. As a whole, this part is average and lackluster, and nothing really stands out about it. I wouldn't invest in this.

Arms - D

These Arms have average stats all around, the For Space and Zeon word tags, and a pretty bad EX Skill. Funnels may be some of the coolest weapons to come out of the Gundam series, but they're sadly lacking in this game. They are A+ Pierce and D on damage, meaning low damage that ignores most defenses, but their base damage is too low to really shine. On top of that, they are very easy to avoid, unlike some other EX Skills. As a whole, this part has nothing worthwhile on it, other than aesthetics and if you just really like funnels. I wouldn't invest.

Legs - B

These Legs have average stats across the board except for really high Shot ATK. They come with the For Space and Long-Range tags. For Space is pretty bad, but Long Range is very good when combined with the high Shot ATK of this part, which is above most 4* legs. These are a good alternative to the old Hyaku Shiki legs, making them one of the best free-to-play Shot ATK parts for this slot. The EX Skill is a typical Beam Saber combo skill, what I would call a filler skill. Good enough to use if you have nothing better, not good enough to go out of your way for, or over the really good skills like Buffs or Overkill skills. I would definitely grab at least one copy of these for a Shot ATK build, but I wouldn't invest in duplicates for the EX Skill.

Back - C

This Back has similar stats to the Torso, being mostly average all around. It comes with the For Space and Long-Range word tags, as well as a trait that boosts Shot ATK by 14% if you are using a Gatling Gun and are in the mid-range distance from your target. Percentage based traits are always nice to have, but this one just isn't good enough. Gatling Guns are some of the weaker weapons available right now, and also some of the rarest, and then you have the same issue as the Head, where the harder the content you are doing, the harder it is to stay in the proper range for the trait to apply. Having Long-Range is nice, but especially after the Nadleeh back last week, which was an S class back for Shot ATK, this Shot ATK back is much more lackluster. I'd invest if you started the game this week and so couldn't pick up the Nadleeh back last week, otherwise I would skip this.

Beam Saber with Heat Knife - C-

This Melee Weapon is an interesting one. Abysmally low Melee ATK, the For Space and Zeon word tags, and a bad part trait that boosts your melee damage by a flat 20 when attacking with a Beam weapon or skill. The saving grace, if it can be called that, is the defensive stats on it, higher than the majority of other melee weapons. Defensive stats on weapons are good when the weapon is used on an off-ATK suit. So high defense Melee Weapons are good on Shot ATK suits, who wouldn't be using the Melee ATK anyways, and vice versa with Ranged Weapons and Melee ATK suits. This is one you might want to pick up a copy for a Shot ATK suit that doesn't need the slot for word tags, but definitely don't get duplicates, and don't invest for Melee ATK suits.

Mega Gatling Gun - C

This Ranged Weapon has above average Shot ATK and average everything else for a 3* part. It once again has the For Space and Zeon word tags, and a bad filler EX Skill. There isn't much to say about this weapon, to be honest. The only reason to use this over the Artemis Beam Rifle is if you are also using the Back from this suit, and even then you'd probably get more consistent damage out of the Artemis Rifle. Pick a copy up to use with the Back, if you plan to do so, otherwise do not invest.

Shield [Jagd Doga (Quess Custom)] - D

This shield has high Melee DEF, and then average or below average everything else. It comes with For Space and Zeon tags, as usual with this suit, and a Pierce based filler EX Skill. This shield also has the lowest combined stats of all 3* shields. Honestly, there is nothing worthwhile here. Do not invest in this part.

Well, there we have it. All the parts of the Jagd Doga (Quess Custom) reviewed. Overall, there is not much on here worth picking up, but given that we have Premium Event Capsule Medals in the shop, I'm not too worried about what to farm coins for. I'll see you all next week!

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