Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Spacefaring Pirate Parts Review

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  • Spacefairing Pirate brings us the Crossbone X1
  • Crossbone X1 is from the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam manga
  • Crossbone X1 parts reviewed!

Crossbone X1 Parts Review

Hello once again Pilots!

Boy was I surprised to find out that the Crossbone was going to be an event suit. The Crossbone is immensely popular as a mobile suit even though it never got its own anime adaptation. We have some decent parts this time around, and the aesthetics of this suit are top notch, so let's get into it.

Head - B

Average stats, dismally low Shot ATK, Vulcans, and Protag and Close Combat word tags. The word tags are very, very nice for a Melee suit and the only thing that stands out about this part, but like all Vulcan heads, you don't need duplicates of this.

Torso - A

Above average armor, high Melee ATK, average Shot ATK, average defenses, this part comes with Protag and Close Combat and a B power magazine Beam Shot EX Skill. This part is actually really, really solid. 558 Melee ATK with Protag and Close Combat is no joke, that's better than the majority of 4* parts in the game, and the Magazine skill alongside average Shot ATK allows for Shooters to get good mileage out of this too. Highly recommended to pick this up, and get duplicates to max out the EX Skill for your Shooters.

Arms - C+

Average defenses, no Shot ATK, and above average Melee ATK, these come with Protag and Close Combat once again, and a trait that gives you a 12% chance of penetrating super armor. Last time we saw this trait on an event suit, we had no indication of what super armor was. We still don't. But luckily this part is decent enough without the trait for Melee suits, since it boasts pretty good ATK and has two great Melee word tags. I'd pick one copy up and then if you happen to have spare coins, grab the duplicates since it can't hurt to level the trait.

Legs - C

Average stats, Protag and For Space word tags, and a Pierce based EX Skill. What makes this part stand out is that the EX Skill also increases Melee ATK by 14%. Whether it's worth using or not is entirely dependent on your setup, but it's not a bad part, just not great.

Back - C

Well, they technically broke the trend of having the legs and back have identical stats but swapped RES, because this time they really do have identical stats. Protag and For Space word tags and rounding this part off is a trait that reduces Vernier consumption by 15%. This part is serviceable, and like the arms, something to spend spare coins on to level a trait that, while low impact, can't actually hurt to level.

Beam Zanba - A+

High armor, low defenses, average Melee ATK, the Protag and For Space word tags, and a trait that boosts EX Skill power by 25% when using a Technique Attribute suit. So, for Melee suits this isn't anything special, but man is this great for Shooters, especially T attribute Shooters. If you're working on one of those like I am, definitely grab this and max out the trait, it's worth it.

Zanbuster - B

High armor, low defenses, low Shot ATK, Protag and For Space word tags, and a part trait that speeds up the reload speed of this weapon. For Shooters this is obviously a dud, but where this shines is for Melee units. This is a T Attribute gun with Protag, which is basically exactly what you want for the old best in slot Melee build before 1.2. Now, with Arena being so much more focused on time than pure damage, the value of this would drop a bit, but still, an easy to get T protag gun is nothing to scoff at. Pick one up, you never know when you'll need it. Duplicates can be ignored, we aren't using this gun to shoot with.

ABC Cloak - A

Average defenses, no ATK, Protag and Close Combat and a trait that reduces enemy shooting power by 25% when using a Technique Attribute suit. This part is fantastic. It comes with amazing word tags, is the right attribute, and while the trait isn't as good as the Gundam Shield trait or the Shield Booster trait, it's still very strong, and can see use on those builds that try to reduce enemy shooting power down to almost nothing. Pick this up and get duplicates if you can. Plus it looks absolutely amazing, though some colors make it look very pixelized and low rez.

Well, there we have it, all the Crossbone X1 parts reviewed. There's a lot of goodies here this time around, and with this being a card event, you'll want to farm a ton anyways for the extra awakening circuits that come from blueprints, so you should have a good amount of coins this event. I'd consider spending Haro on EN refills or using some EN refills you have lying around, this event is absolutely stuffed full of goodies to pick up.


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