Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare -Supreme Commander of Arms Parts Review

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  • Supreme Commander of Arms brings us the Command Gundam.
  • Command Gundam is from the SD Gundam series.
  • Supreme Commander of Arms parts reviewed!

Command Gundam Parts Review

Hello Pilots! Another week has come, which means another event! This time we have our first ever SD event, the Command Gundam! Let's take a look at the parts, shall we?

Head - F

With below average defenses, average Melee ATK, and a decent 1999 Shot ATK, the Gundam Type and Long-Range word tags, and a trait that boosts Long Shot ATK by 14% while the Long-Range Tag is active. This head is pretty bad all things considered. The trait is very inconsistent, the stats are weak, and the tags, while not horrible, are not amazing either. I'd skip this.

Torso - D

Above average defenses, average ATK stats, Gundam Type and Long-Range, and a filler EX Skill, but a pretty decent one at that. I'd skip this unless you really want the EX Skill.

Arms - F

Below average Melee ATK at 1438, average other stats, Gundam Type and For Computers word tags, and a trait that boosts Shot Guidance by 14% when Technique Attribute. Shot Guidance is a trait that, from what we can tell, helps tighten the spread of ranged EX-Skills, but it seems like such a small boost, and the stats on this part are awful otherwise. I would skip.

Legs - B

Average stats across the board except for very high Shot ATK at 559, Gundam Type and High Firepower word tags, and a trait that reduces enemy Melee Power by 25% while using a Long-Shooter Job License. These are pretty solid. 559 Shot ATK is better than most 4* legs available, the word tags are decent, and the trait is just generally useful. They aren't spectacular at anything, but they are solid. I'd max these out.

Back - D-

I think someone told the devs about my jokes regarding Legs and Backs being identical, because this one is different! Average stats all around, Gundam Type and For Computers word tags, and a strong filler EX Skill. It's not good enough for Arena, but it is a strong attack regardless, so if you need something decent, grab this. Otherwise, I would skip it.

Command Knife - F

Low ATK at 1438, Gundam Type and For Computer word tags, and a filler EX Skill. This is bad, the ATK is just too low to justify using this except for Shooters as a defensive stat stick, but at this point we have enough good parts that we can do better in that slot. Skip.

Grenade Launcher - D

An above average 2598 Shot ATK, Gundam Type and High Firepower word tags, and a Pierce based filler EX Skill. This part isn't bad, per se, it's just that it basically matches with the Artemis Rifle. The only major difference between the two is if you want Gundam Type instead of Protag as a word tag. I'd skip this generally, but you might want a single copy just for that word tag swap if needed.

Heavy Autocannon - F

Identical stats to the Grenade Launcher, Gundam Type and For Computers word tags, and a trait that boosts shooting damage by a flat 20 against Large enemies, this gun is significantly worse. Just use the Artemis Rifle and skip this.

Well, that's the Command Gundam. Sadly, nothing special here, just one single part that's even worth looking at. Hopefully next week's event suit will be better.


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