Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare - Tournaments Live, Surprise Maintenance, and Rising Arrow Event

  • Surprise maintenance resulted in compensation rewards (1000 Haro, 5x EN Recovery, 10x Skip Ticket)
  • New tournament mode (1v1) now live. Battle 3 times daily for rewards.
  • Rising Arrow Event offers multipliers for having Exia and Dynamesto gear equipped
  • Purple circuits (upgrade items/pilots from 4 star to 5 star) available as rewards for Rising Arrow Event for the first time in-game

Gunpla Pilots!

There have been some exciting developments in Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare and we're here to give you the rundown.

At 10 PM PST (yesterday) a few new events for GBGW became available for users. Those who had cleared up to chapter 3 in story mode can now access 1v1 tournament modes and everyone now has access to the new Rising Arrow event mode (similar to the daily missions). There's a new tab under achievements for event missions, and we've got you covered on what you need to know.

All of the specifics of this info come from the in-game notices, which are unfortunately buried under "notices" from the main page or can be accessed on the event screen via the bell icon in the upper right corner (when looking at Rising Arrow and deciding which mission to choose). These notices contain tons of valuable info and are pretty overlooked by players in the Discord and Reddit communities, so be sure you're familiar with them.

Surprise Maintenance and Lag

After the update released, load times were very slow for GBGW and we quickly received a notification in-game letting us know higher-than-normal traffic was the cause. At around 11:00 PST, the server booted everyone from the game and the programmer's dove in for emergency maintenance. This maintenance period was resolved after two hours and a statement was issued in the in-game notifications apologizing for the emergency maintenance and offering the following to any player who began playing prior to 8/6 at 11:00 PM PST -

  • 1000 Haro Coins
  • 5x EN Recovery Strong (100%)
  • 10x Skip Ticket

It was good to see that the error was resolved immediately and that the compensation for those who weren't even playing was given out (and that it was a decent amount of Haro and EN recovery items). 

Be sure to collect your reward in your mailbox soon if you haven't logged in, as the rewards go away 8/14 at 1:00 AM PDT.


The new update opened the doors for tournament play. You can now face off against AI opponents (not real opponents) in the tournament based on gunpla built by other players. Here are the most important things to remember.

  • You only get 3 battles per day to earn rank, so choose opponents with high CPWR (that you can beat based on your own level and CPWR) to get the most bang for your buck. 
  • You can earn rewards daily (issued at 1 PM PST) for battling in the tournament. So be sure to battle each day.
  • At 1 PM PST, the conditions reset and you can enter 3 battles again. Your rank will continue to rise -- theoretically matching you with harder opponents. 
  • You can earn up to 9 tournament coins a day (3 for each win) to be used in the coin exchange store.

The good news and bad news at this point is you don't have a whole lot of control over whether your opponents are high or low CPWR, which means your arena points earned are really going to fluctuate based on what opponents you roll -- which means when you look at the leaderboard -- most of those people at the top just rolled stronger opponents and were able to crush them swiftly.

It's unclear at the moment if how fast you beat an opponent, how much damage you take, etc have any bearing on arena points, but it doesn't seem likely based purely on observations and information I've gotten from others. This is purely speculation based on limited data, however, so take it with a grain of salt.

Rising Arrow Event

The Rising Arrow event functions similarly to a daily mission, with three levels of difficulty (Normal, Hard, Very Hard) but the CPWR of Very Hard isn't as high as a daily mission (in fact it's practically 1/5th) which should mean free to play and paying players alike can compete. 

But there's an important bit of advice buried in the notice (which has since been added to the banner image for Rising Arrow).

If you have ONE piece of the new Exia gear EQUIPPED (must be on your main Gunpla -- not your two support gunplay or a relief gunpla), you get a 7x multiplier on coins. If you have ONE piece of the new Dynamesto gear EQUIPPED (again must be on your main Gunpla), you get a 5x multiplier on coins.

So with no current Exia or Dynamesto gear - your coins look like this:

  • Normal Mission: 3 Bullseye Coins
  • Hard Mission: 6 Bullseye Coins
  • Very Hard Mission: 9 Bullseye Coins

With Dynamesto piece equipped on main -

  • Normal Mission: 15 Bullseye Coins
  • Hard Mission: 30 Bullseye Coins
  • Very Hard Mission: 45 Bullseye Coins

With Exia piece equipped on main - 

  • Normal Mission: 21 Bullseye Coins
  • Hard Mission: 42 Bullseye Coins
  • Very Hard Mission: 64 Bullseye Coins

That being the case, getting up to the 1000 Bullseyes coins for that best prize in the coin trade-in (a purple upgrade circuit which was so far not available in the game and is needed to get any piece of gear or pilot from rank 4 to rank 5) is certainly possible. 

So if you aren't spending money and have been saving the Haro coins, might be worthwhile to try for a piece of either set in the current sale before grinding out the Rising Arrow event.

All in all, it should be interesting to see how things continue to play out. While what we're seeing is pretty standard Gacha behavior from this game, I can't help but say it's entertaining and fun to play.


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