Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – Version 1.2 Reveal, Nu Gundam Returns, and More!

  • Nu Gundam returns this December for a limited time! Get ready!
  • Version 1.2 was announced with a slew of “quality of life” adjustments – we’ve got the details!
  • Black Friday Sale – Discounted Haro Chips just in time for Sokai!

Happy hump day, Pilots!  It’s the day after the newest update, and a LOT of things have been revealed about some upcoming events and features!  Not only are we going to be having a version 1.2 update, but Nu Gundam is making a comeback! 

We’ll be seeing some really great quality of life adjustments, as well as a Black Friday sale on Haro Chips, just in time for the expected Sokai Festival.  I’m really excited for that Sokai Event, and a sale just makes it more tempting to try and go deep on something, personally. 

One other thing I’d like to mention, is that a group of us including AetherRose and myself have brought up a public server where we try to centralize information and help the community stay informed, while giving them a fun and friendly environment to hang out in.

You can find the server by clicking here, and you’ll need to check the Rules channel there to find the command that opens the server for you.  We’ve got some events and other cool stuff in the works, so drop on by!



This is extremely great news; as the first Limited Banner, this particular set of Parts have been absent for a long time, and debuted before the Sokai Festival formula that we see today.  A lot of people were wondering if this would even return at all!  With these Parts on the comeback, it spells great things for new players, and even ones who have Nu Gundam Parts – this suit is probably still the best selection of Shooter Parts, no contest. 

The tags, traits, and stats are all around fantastic, and some may say a little overpowered, and seems to be the only Parts as a whole collection that fully synergize together in every way.  It really is amazing (not to mention the 3.3k shot attack on the head, the fact that the tags are focused around Ace Exclusive, and the traits are just extremely good)  Will the Limited Amuro Ray be making a comeback as well?  We’ll see!  

Gushing about the Nu Parts aside; this Banner will return 12/3/2019 7:00 PM (PST) – 12/10 7:00 PM (PST) in celebration of Char’s Counterattack returning to theaters.  This is going to be a hot, hot banner to pull on, so don’t miss out!



I’m honestly a little surprised to see this sort of a sale from a company that mainly focuses on the overseas market, but this a welcome turn with great timing (duh, it’s profitable to do that lol).  Up to 50% off on Haro Chips definitely can be valuable, especially knowing Nu is going to come back right after the sale ends, and Sokai Festival should run at least somewhat concurrently. 

The wording makes me think that they’re going to offer a few different discounts/packages like 15% and 25% off and such, up to the cap of 50% discount on something.  Likely the largest discounts will be with larger Haro purchases, but we’ll see.

The sale rus 11/27/2019 0:00 AM (PST) – 12/03 0:00 AM (PST), so be on the lookout!


This is what everyone really wants to read about, right?  This next update looks to be a huge improvement in several areas that the community has definitely been talking about.  Admittedly, we don’t have an image to break all this up, so here’s some of this instead:

char haha

Aaaanyway.  We don’t know just when the update is going to be live, how long maintenance is going to be, when maintenance even starts, or anything else like those details.  Bandai has stated that we’re going to hear more about that in an upcoming notice, and likely will have some stuff on their official website later.  However, we do have a slew of changes that are extremely exciting.

  • Adding Story Mission Chapter 8
  • Adding Free Mission Chapter 8 (Normal/Hard)
  • Changing how Combat Power is calculated

The Combat Power calculation will be changed to focus more on Part Parameters.  By reducing the contribution to Combat Power by EX Skills and Part Traits and increasing that of Parameters (Armor, Melee ATK etc.), Parts with high Parameters will have a greater effect on your Gunpla’s Combat Power.

*Your Gunplas’ Combat Powers will not be reduced as a result of this change.

*Part Parameters themselves are not being adjusted.

  • Adjusting Arena Battle Assessment and battle mechanics

Adjusting the way the Battle Assessment is calculated such that you can aim for a higher score by defeating your opponent quickly and without taking any damage.

Also introducing a system where Gunpla Armor is increased in the Arena to allow for tougher and more satisfying battles.

  • Adding “Semi-Auto” function

This will be a different version of Auto Mode where the player AI will not use EX Skills or Limit Bursts, allowing the player to decide when best to use them (during the Boss phase, for example).

  • Raising the Player Lv cap to 150
  • Adjusting Daily Achievement rewards

The reward for “Complete all Daily Achievements” will be increased from 20 Haro Chips to 50.

  • Skip Ticket revision

Skip Tickets will be able to be used in Event Missions which award Event Points.

Clearing Missions with Skip Tickets will count toward Achievement completion progress.

  • Adding “Box Expansion Ticket”

This will be an item which can increase the size of your boxes by 10 frames.

They can be used on your Parts Box, Items Box, and Gear Box.

  • Improving Friend functionality

The Friends screen will be displayed much faster.

You will also be able to sort your Friend Lists by new.

  • Adding an auto-favorite feature

4 and 5 Parts will automatically be favorited (given the lock icon) when you obtain them.

  • Improving the Upgrade screen

Adding a tab to display identical Parts when upgrading.

  • Improving the Filter function

Adding filters for duplicate Parts, new weapons, and an “Other” filter for items.

  • Adding a filter for Multiplier Parts

This will allow you to see Event Coin / Event Point Multiplier rates on the Build screen.

“Please note that these updates are still being adjusted for balance and may be different when implemented, or be pushed back to a later update.

We will release another Notice with the final details at the time of implementation.”

Hopefully none of these change too much before release, because these new improvements are just the best.  Skip tickets will allow achievement progress… new Chapter 8 for Story and Free Missions with more Haro Chips from daily mission clears with thirty more levels to the capFantastic!  Even trying to allow for a more diverse and entertaining Arena environment that may not be so focused around insane overkills could be a very welcome thing.

Something to note is that the last version update (v1.1) came in alongside the Freedom/Justice Sokai Festival, so it would stand to reason that this update could come in around a similar timeframe.  That’s just my personal speculation, because we’re probably going to only get information about it around that time haha.

We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as more info drops, so keep checking back!


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