Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare: Version 2.0 Update Comprehensive Overview

Ver 2.0: 1st Anniversary

- ☆6 tune-up for Parts/AI Pilots & Sub-slot to each Part & AI Pilot

- Contents & QoL Updates: Story, High-Difficulty Missions, New F2P Mobile Suits, Expert Points, Recycling Revamp, Gift Box's Sell-All, More Beginner-Coin Mobile Suits, UI Adjustments

☆6 New Rarity Tier with Awakening Material ε


*6 Star
  • Unlocks another Mark slot.
  • ☆6 increases the Part Level cap from 80 to 99. Part Level 99 can only be reached with a maxed Main's Part-Trait/EX-Skill, otherwise Part Level 90 will be the limit for Lvl 1 EX-Skills/Part-Traits.
  • Unlocks a Sub-Slot where a secondary Gunpla/AI-Pilot Part can be equipped. This feature enables the Main Part and Sub-Part to switch between their Appearances, EX-Skills and Word Tags as long as they have matching Categories (Head / Torso / Arms / Back / Legs / SR Weapons[types] / LR Weapons[types] / Shields).
    Note that the Sub-Slot does not demand any requirements beyond the matching Categories.
EX Skill & Appearance
EX Skills and Visuals/Appearance of the Parts/AI-Pilots are tied together

Tune-Up Requirements

*6 Tune Up

Tune-Up to ☆6 requires:

  • 5,000,0000 Capital
  • x6 ☆5 Awakening Circuits
  • x3 ☆6 Awakening Circuits
  • x5 Attribute Awakening Circuits [T / S / P]
  • x5 + x5 Word Tag Awakening Circuits (Protag, Ace Excl.......For Computer: a total of 26 types)

These new Tune-Up materials will be obtainable from Events and Missions!

*6 materials

Sub-Slot Parameter Bonuses

sub slot bonusessub slot

The Gunpla/AI-Pilot Part slotted into a Sub-Slot can provide up to 35% of its Parameters as bonuses to the Main:

  • 0.5~5% from having Lvl 1~10 Part-Trait/EX-Skill
  • 10% each from having matching Word Tags
  • 10% for being the same part as Main

Here is another example:

*6 sub part parameter bonus example
  • Level 1 Part Trait = 0.5%
  • Matching Word Tags = None
  • Matching Part = None

In total 0.5% Parameter bonus from the Sub-Part was added to the Main.

Contents & QoL Updates

New Story Chapter & Free Missions

story 11
You can obtain the full set for the protagonist Gunpla of this story, Gundam Areus, by completing Story Mission 11.
Gundam Areus
Gundam Areus
sana's new gundam
Gundam Valkyria; Sana's new Mobile Suit with the obtain route not yet revealed
free mission 11
Free Mission 11

Other Updates

Expert Points

When you’ve completed a Mission with Parts/AI-Pilots Lv 80 or higher there will be a chance of obtaining Expert Points (EP). By fulfilling conditions for both total Expert Points acquired and Collection completion numbers as described by the image below, the effect of Gears will be increased.

expert points
  • The drop rate of Expert Points will be increased based on the number of Parts/AI-Pilots equipped on your main & ally Gunplas that are at least Lv 80
  • Multi-Mission will only tally your own Gunpla and Relief Gunplas will not count towards the drop rate of Expert Points
  • Expert Points have a maximum limit that scales with Player Level. When it collects beyond the limit they will be counted as 'Bonus' Expert Points and a Standard Capsule Ticket will be sent to your Gift Box after reaching certain thresholds
  • You can check your amount of EP and BEP in your Profile -> All Point Types.

Revamped Recycle

Recycling is getting an overhaul with Weapons & Shields being added and players having more control over the result.

Refined Recycling

From the Recycle overview screen, by checking items you will be able to remove them from the result:

  • 3 of the same Part ⇒ Can omit 3 
  • 2 of the same Part, 1 different ⇒ Can omit 2 
  • All different Parts ⇒ Can omit only 1

More Beginner Campaign Mobile Suits

In addition to the currently available 10 Mobile Suits, 10 more will be added:

  • Gundam Gusion Rebake (Beginner Campaign)
  • Gundam Deathscythe Hell (Endless Waltz/Beginner Campaign)
  • Gundam Barbatos (4th Form/Beginner Campaign)
  • Gundam Legilis (Beginner Campaign)
  • Psycho Zaku (Gundam Thunderbolt/Beginner Campaign)
  • Zeong (Beginner Campaign)
  • Shining Gundam (Beginner Campaign
  • Providence Gundam (Beginner Campaign)
  • Master Gundam (Beginner Campaign)
  • Lightning Gundam (Beginner Campaign)

Gunplas that may be exchanged with Beginner Coins include all body part types (Head/Body/Arms/Legs/Back) for a total of 5 parts (except Zeong which will not have a Back Part). Following this, 5 more Beginner Coins will be distributed to the current players after 14 days of logins.

A reminder that Beginner Campaign Gunplas tends to have different EX-Skills/Part-Traits and Parameters compared to their original Standard counterparts.

New High Difficulty Missions

These newly added high-difficulty missions will require unconventional strategies to win through and will be the players' main source for farming Awakening Circuit ε and AI Awakening Circuit ε which are necessary for ☆6 Tune-Ups. The launch date for these new high-difficulty missions will be announced in the in-game Notices and official social media accounts at a later time.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Sell UI's renewed UI that shows more information
  • FP Capsule receives 2 new Gunplas: Gundam Areus and Ball
FP capsule
  • Photo Contest feature in Photo Studio. Stay tuned to official news and Notices for more information
  • Gift Box receives a Sell-all feature just for ☆1~3 Parts/AI-Pilots
  • Having a full Armor gauge during battle will change its color to green to be more readily observable
  • Player Level limit increased from 190 to 200

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