Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - Weekly Event Digest #16

  • Penelope is the only release this week?  Our third Limited Banner!
  • My man Domon Kasshu is ready for a fight, alongside Ray Za Burrel!
  • Gundam AGE-2 Normal makes a swift debut as this week's Event!
  • The Return of the Rate-Up? Gundams AGE Titus and Legilis!

Hey there pilots!  It's Monday, so it's time for a quick update on what's going on!  We're going to be skipping Standard Capsules this week and instead we're getting Penelope as a Limited Release like Wing 0 and Nu Gundam [Ver. Ka].  These Limited Banners are usually very powerful, maybe even more-so than Sokai, so you should definitely look into this Banner if you like that sort of thing..

AGE-2 Normal is kicking off the week fast, and I'm happy to see more AGE content, but the lack of 4* representation there is sort of a let-down.  Hopefully it's going to be a good one, though.

Domon Kasshu is coming in! This has me extremely hype, having grown up with Gundam Wing and G Gundam as my afternon cartoon fix, and I've definitely got some thoughts on him.  He appears alongside Ray Za Burrel, whom I'm surprised to see as a 3*, but here it is!


Keep in mind, we have MAINTENANCE this week to add Multi-Missions to the game as a permanent fixture.  The Maintenance period is 01/14/2020 5:00pm PST - 01/15/2020 1:00am PST; that's an 8 hour timeframe so expect the game to be down for a bit.

Along with the upcoming Banners, Event, and Multi-Mission update, we've got some quality of life enhancements heading to the game that people are really excited for:

・EN Bonus Refinement
Players at the level cap will be able to refresh their EN as though leveling up by collecting experience equal to the amount needed for the last level they gained.

・Blueprint Expansion
An “Event Blueprints” section will be added to the in-game Shop.
*All Blueprints, including those from Events, are currently sorted in the regular Blueprints section.

・QoL Improvement
Links to access the official social media pages will be added into the game.


event img

I was really hoping that Gundam AGE-2 Normal was going to be a banner release, but I guess I can't complain too awfully much, because we're getting a Hyper DODS Rifle!  With how well the DODS Rifle performed, I know I'm looking at this pretty hard despite that it could be an entirely different setup that the previous.  Just because it's a better version doesn't mean it'll do the same thing, haha.

This is one super sweet Gundam, and the overall edge-filled aesthetic just rocks. I'm going to be pretty happy to kit-bash with this if the parts are decent, and I'm always excited to see new stuff, either way.  Scubasage is going to let you know what's good with AGE-2 on Thursday with the Event Part Review.

With the single-unit Limited Banner, we're not going to see a 600/400% multiplier, and instead every Part of Penelope will grant a 600% bonus individually, and there are no 400% Parts included.  If the Limited Banner has rates at 7%, it's going to be fairly easy to hit a good multiplier with only a scant bit of luck thrown in for measure.

Here's those bonuses for the rest:

Penelope (all parts), Domon Kasshu (Pilot): 600% UP

Gundam Legilis (all parts incl. Shield [Legilis], Legilis Rifle]): 30% UP

Gundam AGE-2 Normal (all parts incl. Hyper DODS Rifle, Shield [Age-2]), Gundam AGE Normal (all parts incl DODS Rifle, Shield [Age-1]), Gundam AGE Titus (all parts), Kabakali (all parts incl. Beam Shotgun, Beam Ring), Ray Za Burrel (Pilot), Flit Asuno (Pilot): 15% UP

Gafran (all parts): 10%

Seems pretty small, but thankfully we've gotten AGE Normal and AGE Titus included in the 15% to give us some decent Parts to build around for support units.  Each week, if you even count on only utilizing 15% bonuses, you can manage the entirety of farming for the important stuff without any real issues (you don't really need every 5* Part from every Event).

Luckily we've got a bit of a hand in a Legilis and Titus Rate-Up Banner that you can dump Standard Capsule Tickets through and hopefully get lucky.

Speaking of...


With the end of Bandai's holiday break comes the return of Rate-Ups.  These are handy, depending on what's featured, because it allows the use of Standard Capsule Tickets with a slight boost to the featured Parts appearing.  Positioned alongside Events, it can really help players stack some slightly-higher bonuses from Parts that they may nab from it.

If you don't need the Parts, you can skip with ease, but you have to admit that it's good when we're only having things added to the game and not taken away all the time.


limited img

I was not expecting another Limited Release Gunpla so soon after Wing 0 ended, but here we are, and here it is; Penelope arrives in all its hulking, monstrous glory.  I really hope they scaled this down a little bit or the Parts are going to look really weird when you start bashing them together with others, and the Event image kind of shows a little down-scaling, but it could have been for the image only.

I'm pretty sure we're going to get another spread of shooter Parts in this Limited Banner, and maybe even some more Ace Exclusive support, but watch me be entirely wrong.  With no weapons, though, and considering the armaments available to the Penelope, I'm sure it's going to be all about the beams.

Penelope has four Mega Particle Cannons in its arms; two in the shield units, and two in the shoulders.  What I expect is something like EZZ Arms with the double-mounted shields actually being a Combined Part, and giving us some crazy Power A shot attack involving all four cannons at once (yeah that'll be the day).  The Arms could just as easily have an EX Skill based on the beam sabers hidden in the shield units.

Something I've been thinking about though is that while Penelope uses funnels, they're actually funnel missiles which explode on contact.  This makes me think that while we could see some funnels as an EX Skill, they're not going to be thee traditional "bad funnels" we've seen as Skills so far.  Likely a normal cooldown attack with explosive blasts that home in or something.  That's definitely better than regular funnels.

AetherRose will give you the low-down after the Banner drops following Maintenance.


pilot img

YAAAAAAAAAAS!  Domon Kasshu is here!  His fist is burning red like the EAST!  Sorry; I know I'm a little overly excited here, but this is Domon-freaking-Kasshu, one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite Gundam series.  It's not that G Gundam is an unreal work of art or anything, but it was fun and endearing and I really enjoyed it through-and-through.

I'm really expecting Domon to be rocking some insane stats, like say... 1602 melee attack, Power Attribute, In/Out-Fighter, Mobile Fighter and Close Combat Word Tags. If he has all of this, plus something like All Power Boost under a certain condition as a Trait, he is going to be a wild monster of a Pilot.  I doubt that they're going to give me something so specific to what I'm carrying on about here, but a guy can dream.

Watch him be something like a Defender, or the Supporter I've been screaming about for the last ten-or-so weeks.  Either way, I'm pumped, and I'm gonna roll for him just for the fact that it's Domon because why not.

Ray Za Burrel is the shocking 3* Pilot this week, having been the one to pilot the Legend Gundam, which Providence had been developed into.  I would've honestly expected this dude to be a rocking 4*, but at 3* they could still give him something like 1000 shot attack, and make him a Long Shooter.  I'm not expecting this dude to really bring home the bacon, but I'm hoping they at least do him some justice.

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This event for a kit is recurring and will appear again in December with a new series of contestants.  Maybe one will be you?

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