Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare - Weekly Event Digest #20 - Valentine's Day Celebration!

weekly 20
  • A Valentine's Day Celebration begins, complete with login bonus and a special coin event!
  • Qan[T] Full Saber comes crashing in!
  • Lalah Sunee and Louise Halevy swing into the battle!
  • Tallgeese Endless Waltz and Gundam Deathscythe are a random rate-up!
  • A special Valentine's Standard Capsule begins! Doubled 4* Drop Rate!
  • The Gunpla Path to Mastery starts Tuesday!

Hey there Pilots! We've got quite a week ahead of us... an insane Limited Banner with Qan[T] Full Saber, a hopeful Pilot Banner (I've got my eyes on you, Lalah Sune), and some really awesome bonuses for players.  Not to mention, Arche Gundam is the Event suit this week, and it looks awesome.

There's just way too much to go over in this foreword, so why don't we just dig in and get to what we know.


arche event

Arche Gundam, you red beauty, I am happy to see you.  Personally I love the looks of this kit just from the appearance - some really edgy parts, a great red paint job, and a full spread of Parts with Shield, melee weapon, and long range weapon.  it's a Gundam 00 Event, so you know that we're going to have one of those lists that's crammed with low-rarity Parts, because we just keep getting Gundam 00 Events. 

That's not even a bad thing, though, because Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, Susanowo, and Nadleeh continue to give us extended mileage... So coupled with Qan[T] and Gaia, it's going to be really easy to make enough of a multiplier for free and paying players to get a significant leg up during the Event.

Here's those event bonuses:

00 Qan[T] Full Saber (all parts incl. GN Sword IV [Rifle Mode], GN Sword IV [Katar], GN IV [Saber Mode], GN Gun Blade [Blade Mode], GN Sword IV Full Saber), Lalah Sune (Pilot): 600% UP

Gundam Exia (all parts incl. GN Shield [Exia], GN Sword, GN Sword Rifle Mode), Gundam Dynames (all parts incl. GN Sniper Rifle), Setsuna F. Seiei (Pilot): 30% UP

Arche Gundam (all parts incl. GN Shield [Arche Gundam], GN Buster Sword [Arche], GN Buster Sword Rifle Mode [Arche]), Gaia Gundam (all parts incl. Mobile Shield [Gaia], Vajra Beam Saber [Gaia], High-Energy Beam Rifle [Gaia]), Susanowo (all parts incl. Shiranui/Unryu), Gundam Kyrios (all parts incl. GN Shield [Kyrios], GN Beam Submachine Gun), Gundam Nadleeh (all parts incl. GN Shield [Nadleeh], GN Beam Saber [Nadleeh], GN Beam Rifle [Nadleeh]), Louise Halevy (Pilot), Mister Bushido (Pilot), Patrick Colasour (Pilot): 15% UP

GN-X (all parts incl. GN Shield [GN-X], GN Beam Saber [GN-X], GN Beam Rifle [GN-X], GN Beam Rifle [GN-X/Long Barrel]), GN-XIII (all parts incl. GN Shield [GN-XIII], GN Beam Saber [GN-XIII], GN Lance, GN Beam Rifle [GN-XIII], GN Lance [Rifle Mode], GN Beam Rifle [GN-XIII/Long Barrel], GN Bazooka [GN-XIII]), GN Archer (all parts), Sergei Smirnov (Pilot): 10% UP

 Just like all of the other Gundam 00 Events, we've got an ever-growing list of supplemental bonuses.  Again, these are all on a per-part basis, so you can equip whatever duplicates to your squad supports you want and have them all add their appropriate bonuses.  So if you hit hard on Qan[T], be sure to pile them on!  Now if we can just get Ali Al-Saachez...

Scubasage will break down the ins-and-outs of Arche on Thursday, so be on the lookout!



I have to admit that I'm always caught saying "I don't really have a favorite Gundam, so I'm very happy with all releases", and that's honestly true... thing is, I do really care about this one, and I am definitely going to be digging deep into it.  Qan[T] Full Saber is absolutely absurd, and is an extremely tantalizing Limited Banner to be launching for a sort-of-random-seeming Valentine's Celebration.  

What's interesting about this banner is that it states that there are 4* Level Max Parts in this Banner as well.  This means you'll see level 60 Parts dropping, I'm sure.  It doesn't make sense that it would refer to Traits or EX Skill levels due to the underlying mechanics behind upgrading them.

What needs to be especially pointed out, though, is that Qan[T] Full Saber features a total of five weapons.  This means that QFS has a grand total of ten Parts to be seen, so the actual rate of seeing one is definitely more weighted in the player's favor.

About these weapons, though... It looks like there's one for just about any build with a Gun (Rifle Mode), Saber (Saber Mode), Blade (Blade Mode), and the two that are a little more speculative in Katar mode and the GN Sword IV Full Saber.  I don't see a specific mention of the Twin Edge, so it's possible that Katar could actually be that.  As far as the GN Sword IV Full Saber, I have less of an idea... It could be something new, for all we know, or a Blade type weapon as well. 

Just as a disclaimer of sorts, yes I am aware of what the Full Saber is, just unsure of how it could translate into the game within the confines of the mechanics and Part types we currently have, as of the time of writing this article.

AetherRose is going to give us the rundown of this insane kit after it drops in his Should You Pull article,  so be ready!



Lalah Sune, Char's very own pupil, is our 4* Pilot this week!  I'm mainly excited for this because Lalah presents us with our best shot at finally getting a 4* Supporter, and we need this dream to stay alive.  She piloted the Mobile Armor Elmeth, and was technically utilized in combat in a support-like role.  Give her the Zeon and Support Type Tag and we're good to go - she doesn't even need incredible stats, but a lean toward Shot Power would be fantastic.

Louise Halevy, the super-unfortunate civilian-turned-pilot from Gundam 00 is rounding us out with our 3* Pilot this week.  She piloted the devastating Regnant, and went a little off the deep end after losing everyone she knows and loves, as well as her hand.  I'm expecting more of a shooter focus for her License, with maybe around an 800 attack stat.


vday coin

It looks like we're going to be given a type of Coin that replaces Bonus Coins for this week's Gacha Banner.  We don't historically receive Coins by making any pulls on Limited or Sokai Banners, so this is another interesting addition.  With Bonus Coins, you get a single Coin per 10x draw, and cannot receive them for any combination of single draws.  These Coins are used to either purchase Skip Tickets, Capsule Tickets, or Awakening Circuits, but if you have 15 of them, you can turn them in for a guaranteed 4* Banner Part.

HOWEVER; the Valentine's Day Coin Exchange will feature [2020] Valentine's Day Coins per 10x Banner draw, which can be traded in for Gold Capital Coupons, Box Extension Tickets, Awakening Circuit δ, and more at the “[2020] Valentine’s Day Coin Exchange”.  To be honest, I'm going to get my selection of "pink circuits", then eat up all the Box Expansion Tickets I'm allowed to get.  This is going to be high value for anyone planning to make draws from the Qan[T] Banner, for sure.  Don't forget about them!


gunpla mastery

This is an interesting surprise - The Path to Gunpla Master will feature 5 missions that offer materials to tune a Part up from 4W* to 5* with rewards obtained by clearing their respective challenges.

Like the Ono Missions before it, The Path to Gunpla Master has a listed open time of ten full years.  Only your main unit can sortie in these missions, meaning you cannot use Relief or Ally Gunplas to assist you.

Keep in mind, rewards will be distributed as Challenge Rewards only.

This is a great thing for newer players to get an upgrade for very little investment, and it states nothing indicating that current players will be unable to complete these missions.  It's recommended for players that have "made it to Chapter 3", so it appears that it'll have a difficulty on the lower side of things. 


3* guaranteed daily

Man, that is quite the mouthful to say.  Realistically, though... from everything I can see in the Official Game Notices... This is going to be a hugely valuable Banner that has no listed end date.  The implication that I can gather is that this banner currently appears to be a permanent addition coming to the game, with the usual disclaimer that the Capsules, contents, and duration are subject to change without notice. I'm not specifically saying that this will be permanent, just that currently it isn't specified that it isn't permanent. A guy can dream right? 

Thing is, this Banner is going to offer you a single pull every day for 90 Haro Chips, and guarantees at least a 3* Part, with a doubled rate for a 4* Part.  2* Parts will not appear in these banner pulls, and you cannot purchase additional draws per day.  Also, you cannot open the previous day's Capsule draw.  

These Capsules are scheduled to reset at 7:00 PM (PST) every day, rather than the usual 3:00 PM (PST) reset.

This is some really seriously awesome value.  You'll see a 10% rate for a 4* Part with no 2* Parts, all for 90 Haro Chips daily, which is a super small investment.  Definitely consider it.



Here we have yet another Rate-Up Banner that doesn't add any current bonuses... BUT!  At least this Rate-UP has Tallgeese Endless Waltz with those seriously insane Arms.  To be fair, TG has High-Mobility Tags, so it's a decent kit with the appropriate Tags for this week's Arena.  Deathscythe isn't very exciting though.

Only pull on these if you want them.  Business as usual.


vday login

Whew!  There's been a ton of info this week, but we're at the end.  We've got a pretty spicy Login Bonus this week that offers a total of four EN Recovery Strong items, as well as 500 Haro Chips at the end of the week.  They're really handing out of lot of recovery items lately, and I couldn't be happier for it, plus the Chips are a great addition.


  • Day 1: 1x EN Recovery Strong
  • Day 2: 500,000 Capital
  • Day 3: 1x EN Recovery Strong
  • Day 4: 10x Upgrade Nippers DX (ALL)
  • Day 5: 2x EN Recovery Strong
  • Day 6: 10x Upgrade Memory DX (AI)
  • Day 7: 500 Haro Chips

Keep in mind that if you miss a login during the week, you won't be able to collect the final Haro Chip reward, so just be aware.

That's all we've got this week!  Be sure to check out the GBGW: Newtype Labs Discord Server if you want early updates on news, as well as a super chill community to hang out with and talk about all things Gundam, and even some things not.

There's only a few more days left to enter our Monthly Gunpla Design Contest, so swing in if you're interested!


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